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I forgot that one, she is a real hell 2 play against.
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i was thinking of him, but since a lot of people plays him ad/tank his shrooms doesnt do that much damage which makes him less annoying. Also there is a lot of counterplay to teemo. Nowadays i dont care if i play against a teemo cause i find him pretty easy to play against. What is the reason you hate him?
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: Ahh here he is the riot fangirl, who thinks that nothing is wrong with the game. I believe adc's are indeed on their lowest point, i main support and what i noticed is that u cant leave ur adc alone for 1 sec. They will get one shotted, by tanks, midlaners, junglers, sometimes even by supports. Peeling for ur adc is now more important than ever. Picking supps that exctually have great cc, shield, heals, is a must.
I really dont see the problem, its just a stupid trend.. people saying "Adc in 2k17 lul". Yea the assasin may have got a bit stronger, but if u just play more careful you are fine. 90% of the games its the adcs that have the most dealt damage just because its the carry role. If you are a somewhat good player you should be able to carry 60% of my games my adc or the enemy adc carried the game. and i still think that adc is a very strong lane, you cant barely do anything against a good fed adc. Once they get lifesteal they will lifesteal on you while you r trying to kill them, and if they get a defensive item they are unkillable. And as you said, champions with shields and heals are getting popular which facilitates a lot. I really dont think riot can do sometihng about this, if they buff the adcs it will get unfair. If they nerf assasins/tanks adc will be 2 strong.
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