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Unit01 (EUNE)
: FeelsBadMan
Nevermind boyz, Got it XD
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Raikey (EUNE)
: looking for active EUNE club
Add me and I'll add you in to club I'm a normal games fan too
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: How far have you come with your ''Champion Mastery''?
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pellemaster (EUNE)
: 5v5 teams
Are they gone tho? Create a team and go into dynamic q with your teammates
XBlade312 (EUNE)
: This Q time dude.
FILL for fast Q
: Looking for people to play games with eune dia if interested
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: Crowd Control.
Isn't Sols stun longest hard cc in game? it's kinda 2 seconds if im not mistaken, of course there is Ashe arrow but that's like - meh
: This whole Draven themed Event is the most anticlimactic thing I have ever witnessed.
it can be funny but will start be annoying very soon, you would not get annoyed of URF, or if you would you just play normal mod, now it's like you HAVE to play this draven themed mode if you just want play normals, and this heads annoying for you
: Cant access those pictures.
strange, works fine for me
: why should they release them on 2.April . wouldnt it be cool to play with them on the 1.April ? Could u tell me how u think they come out tommorrow?
Maybe they will be like annie skin, collectable only from hextech cases
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: Matchmaking system screwing people up!
Fair enough, don't what's the problem with this matchmaking
Kendox (EUNE)
: Carry its impossible
the difference between low and high elo, is not individual plays mostly, if compare bronze/silver with plat/diamond of course there might be a lot of individual skill difference, but mostly what is making high elo players better, is **ability to recongnize goals of game**, what they have to do in that particular game, jungler knows which lane to gank and when, when he needs to invade and when to aware of invasion, players know when to teamfight and when to avoid it, when to split push or take fights, go for baron or inhibs... And a lot of other things like that makes Diamond players > lower divisions, although diamond player may lose in 1 v 1 match to gold player which can machanically outplay him. So what about Platinum elo players, that's the worst nightmare, in this elo, half of players understand the aspects which i mentioned above, and know what and when to do, so you can say that those players are good players and they are ready to go to diamond, and the other half just have no freaking clue what's going on, you might have nasus in your team which thinks that he just must stay in lane till he gets 1000 stacks, or you might ping to go for inhibs after ace, but 3 of your teammates will go for baron and **a lot and a lot** of stuff like that. Personally, every player that got to plat. is OK in personal skill, well he might struggle a bit on few champions that lets say he didn't played much, like me, i didn't played on like 75% of champions, even tho climbed to diamond 2 seasons in a row S4 and S5, but that doesn't mean i will not play on some new champ that i feel to play on. I might not use him on 100% of his power for sure, but still will be OK. So in laning phase all players are ok, but in plat as i mentioned, everything comes to teamfights and game goals, where people make mistakes, and that's why you loose. How to avoid that? No how. Keep playing till you get better team. Most of People climb to diamond even with <50% winrate so don't get tilted, losestreaks happen, and winstreaks happen. not a big deal
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Riryz (EUW)
: you know whats even more fun to do? ganking a lane a couple of times and then seeing the enemy type in all chat "camp me more plz" and you know he's about to tilt sso you keep ganking them so they start flaming their team. if im the jungler and i see someone like that im pitching my tent becasue im camping the hell out of that lane.
oohhh man, if you just knew how much free lp i got by making enemy mid/top laner go afk like on minute 15 after 0-7 . Fun part is when you make them like 0-5, and your solo laner soloes him by himself, he's like "now this total noob zed wrecks me cos i got camped and my jungler is 0" and followup "open mid".
: Hextech Crafting essence cost + some ideas (my feedback)
i will agree only with one thing, i have all champion and after unlocking champion shard from hextech you honestly want to vomit ... so yea, please rito..
jagijarus (EUW)
: Key fragments ( and hopefully changes to drop rates)
OK. Let me explain one thing to make it clear. The Phrase drop chance after every win, means basically that you have like 50% to get a key fragment drop after a game is won. Another concept is in the following. As more games you win and don't get drop, as higher the percentage chance is that you will get a drop on your next win, so the system is created so, lets say, by system player must get key fragment drop in 20% of his victory games, right, but that doesn't mean that he will get guaranteed key once in 5 wins, nope, he might get one, then get nothing 10 wins in a row and then get 2 keys in a row, you got the idea. Adding to this some hidden facts like playing with premades buffs your chances to get a fragment, also i might be mistaken, but getting S on champion you play will also add a little more % to your drop chance. On my personal example, i got 5 key fragments in a row, FIVE, and after i got like 12-13 wins with nothing, and only after that i got another fragment, so opened 2 of 4 cases of first week so far, which is OK in my opinion, i think system is ok, you just need to forget that like you play for chests or loot or whatever, keep playing your game like you would do it if this system wouldn't even been introduced to game, and look at it like a nice little bonus. I know some people interested what other players got from their chests, so from free one i got kindred skin - Foxfire Kindred if i'm not mistaken, and from 2 chests that i earned and opened by playing and wining games, i got skin loot from both, Muai Thai Lee Sin and Cottontail Fizz , so that's some kind of lucky i guess, i have lee skin already so gona hope to get one more skin loot and disenchant it with lee skin and upgrate my fizz skin, or if i will get better skin from third one, might activate that (if it will be some legendary or legacy skin)


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