: Quick question about top lane
Oh....yea that makes perfect sense. At first I thought it would be a good idea condemn when Teemo Qs, but basically right after condemn, even if he gets stunned, it's pure auto attack.... I guess Swain or Nasus, yea :p Thanks for replies
Rioter Comments
: There is no official definition of the role "support". Every other role is somewhat selfexplanatory (jungle is in jungle, mid laners in mid lane, etc.), but Riot has stated NOWHERE what support HAS TO do. The name of the role just makes you think you're supposed to help and support your team; there's no OFFICIAL information on what you should/have to do as a support. So, he's breaking NO RULES, as far as I'm aware. If Riot wants support to be a played in a certain way, they better make it clear somewhere.
I think they suggest very clearly what the support has to do because in all ranked queues the support is being assigned on the bottom lane... aka support the ADC mainly, and then support team mates in general, aka when the game tends to move on the mid lane, for instance. Regarding the main topic, I fully disagree with Riot DIRECTLY and DELIBERATELY interfering with game style and/or game play, as it eludes the general assumption of "having fun". However, INTENTIONALLY breaking the queue by choosing a certain role and then suddenly deciding to play a different one, disturbing the normal positioning on the field (2 top, 2 mid, 2 jungle), should be punishable. And I even have an example: I told my team mates that I logged in to play a single game with Shyvana, so naturally I asked if I can go jungle. Xin instalocks and says he's going jungle, and if I have a problem with that, I should go fck myself. After focusing for a few seconds because I'm not rude to people, I locked Shyvana and said I go support. We can use my case for debate if you guys want. I made the judgement that, while I can't deny Xin the right to play jungler, I have the same fair right to play Shyvana if this is exactly what I am comfortable with at a given time. Also, Riot never stated that I don't have the right to play Shyvana (and obviously they never will do such a thing :p). What is debatable: I fully agree that Shyvana's kit and mechanics are not perfect as a support, obviously, but (after pissing off a few team mates- "report troll"), the game went quite okay and fun. I didn't have the best kd at the end, of course, but we won the game, and I did NOT intentionally lower my team's win chances in any way.
: You know you can be banned for sharing as well? How do you know he didnt script/use a third-party software on your account? He may lie to you. Unfortunately, I doubt there is any hope for you.
> [{quoted}](name=Stahlvormund,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=AkzpkcEz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-08T15:40:33.734+0000) > > You know you can be banned for sharing as well? That's not true in all cases. There are a few particular instances especially during master and challenger tier scheduled 5 vs 5 fights, when they allow your account to be played by another person, but ONLY if you announce this and ask for permission before, and ONLY if you agree to take FULL responsibility for whatever action is being performed on your account while being used by someone else. Of course I'm not willing to take this discussion any further for obvious reasons, but there are particular cases which need special attention. However, account sharing is bannable, obviously for security reasons. Also note that this is NOT a Riot statement, it's merely a statement that I have heard about during a friendly discussion. You still have the obligation not to share your account info.
Megumìn (EUW)
: u are silver xD
because he hardly plays ranked?
Wise Alien (EUNE)
: you're not the only one who experiences this shiit. This has been happening to me from season 4. you rise, you lose promos and get 2-4 loses in a row, then you go on a journey to elo hell. But to be honest part of this is mental, for me at least. another part of the problem is something else though. when you start to lose, you get matched with 3 to 4 other players who have somewhat a losing strike like you, thus you have 3-5 people who are mentally more stressed and you make mistakes more, have more throws and etc. how long this continues? I don't know, but it changes back to normal where you get more wins than loses aka more good teams than bad teams. But, in the end mentality is proly 70-80% of the story. With cooperation you can more than 50% of your games, now how much more you can win, depends on your personal skill.
I've been telling you people for like a million times!!! If you lose 2 ranked in a row you have higher chances of being matched with someone else who also lost!!! Stop playing ranked for at least 2 hours!!!! This way you're gonna calm down, getting back your normal focus, plus that you will completely dodge the losing streak players!!! Jesus......
: Yeah, I have seen enough. When I posted the above question, it was still early in the morning, and I didn't realise that this is a challenger account that received the punishment. There is NO WAY a challenger player can have [scores like this](http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/EUW1/27359788) over so many games, with such a small number of games resulting in a positive, or even balanced KDA. There also is no way a challenger player would, over every. single. game. played as Zyra, flat out refuse to update Frostfang, given the massive gold efficiency and power of Frost Queens Claim. I will watch the game you posted, but I can already imagine what I am about to see, and what the people reviewing your case saw. Punishment **DEFINITELY** deserved.
For my own curiosity: can you please post this guy's match history somewhere where I can see it? I'm from EUNE, I can't see his history. Also I understand that most of you didn't even realize at first glance that this is a challenger player. I did :p That's why I would like to see it, if it's possible. Thanks
: > [{quoted}](name=UnitedStations,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7rUEOzIu,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-10-28T13:17:34.704+0000) > > Just like Glurch said, the attack damage carry's name is BOT, not ADC. This happens because you are free to play whatever champion you want/like. A troll is established at the end of the game, not before its start. You can't simply force people what champions they should play, even more, harassing people by calling them trolls will most likely get you reported, especially in a ranked match. > Actually Lux is quite frequently played on bottom lane (mainly as support), due to her very long range. If that guy really wants to play Lux, then there's nothing you can do to stop him. > [{quoted}](name=Doomley,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7rUEOzIu,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-10-26T03:30:40.193+0000) > > Since it is ranked, this kind of behavior is not allowed. You don't go to ranked to "just have fun". Normals are for that. Playing something that has actually potential to work (like adc mid) is fine. But something like lux adc is not acceptable unless the whole team agrees that it is fine. ¨ read
Where exactly in the Summoner's Code it is stated that you do not have the right to play whichever champion you feel comfortable with? Also where in the Summoner's Code it is stated that this kind of behavior is not allowed? I specifically mentioned that Lux is frequently played bot as support because I myself frequently play like this. However, where in the Summoner's Code does it state that Lux played ADC is against the rules, meaning it is a punishable offense?
: Perma banned?
That's cool. So, since I went earlier in the morning at the bakery for some shopping, of course I payed for it, which means since I used money, I had the right to shoot the desk clerk, right? If you pay for a service, you have no further obligations, you don't have to abide laws and rules, you can turn society into chaos, because you have no obligations, only rights. Jeez, if I would have known that by now......
: Why punish if someone is willing to go troll....
Just like Glurch said, the attack damage carry's name is BOT, not ADC. This happens because you are free to play whatever champion you want/like. A troll is established at the end of the game, not before its start. You can't simply force people what champions they should play, even more, harassing people by calling them trolls will most likely get you reported, especially in a ranked match. Actually Lux is quite frequently played on bottom lane (mainly as support), due to her very long range. If that guy really wants to play Lux, then there's nothing you can do to stop him.
: or name changed back to normal and have less toxic behavior which will lead to less reports and bans etc
You have no way of proving a direct link between the Summoner's name and less toxic behavior. These ideas are just in your head. You won't get a refund, if you want to change your Summoner's name you have to pay for it just like the rest of us.
: Actually it does have something to do with my username. If not how do you explain the INCREASE of flamers since my name change? Like I said in the OP people expect you to always win lane in gold when you have a champion related username, with a level 7 mastery and a good skin for that champion. If you fail in lane and he gets a little fed someone will say something like "are you really a kayle main" which will lead to further toxic behaviour..
You didn't finish the sentence: "which will lead to further toxic behavior which should be ignored and reported"
TeknoTel (EUW)
: ***
Or you can simply type nothing in chat. Much healthier.
: Should i quit, should i get banned?
As someone mentioned below: you have a higher chance of losing the game if you concentrate on your team mates instead on your own play. Shifting your focus from yourself to others literally means that your focus is no longer on you, you tend to concentrate less, make bad choices, take a full enemy strike when under normal circumstances you could have easily dodged it and so on. From my experience: 1. Do NOT ignore the enemy jungler, especially when he's farming in your jungle. Junglers have a much much higher chance of being spotted half hp than normal laners. A laner with low hp will simply "B" to avoid surprises, a jungler is rarely able to do that if he didn't finish his farming, he will most likely stay and expose himself. 2. Do NOT underestimate you own capabilities. A game is perfectly winnable 4 vs 5, but that happens only when you do what I told you before: focus on yourself and let others care about themselves. I was playing a game like 2 weeks ago, and I actually managed to carry the whole game with Malzahar while 2 of my team mates completely sucked. I did that for 2 reasons: A: I focused on me and ignored the others, and B: the enemy team had a very low understanding of the mechanics of Malzahar, basically had no idea about Malzahar's skills, therefore they couldn't counter me effectively. You can't focus like that while calling others "dumb fucks stupid mid jungler idiot gg rpeort Janna lagger i go afk". 3. If you're the "tilting" kind of guy and you lose a ranked game, STOP PLAYING the second game. You will most likely lose the second one as well.
: i don't only expect it, it's obvious because you can at least pick 2 priorities and also because people play more seriously in ranked because they want to win (most of the time). in my last 5 adc normal games, i had 3 people in my botlane who ruined the game for me.
you mean people who play normal games want to lose the game?
Emperor Wyz (EUNE)
: People not getting banned.
In 90% of the games played your performance was way below average. Rarely your personal score will be severely and directly affected by the overall performance of your fellow team mates. Which means you suck at this game. If you excessively type while having a bad game your performance will be severely impaired. Which means you will suck more. It's really that simple.
: STOP BOOSTING! upvote this petition if you want to end this mockery for good
I think that boosting is the main reason why account sharing is against the rules. Personally I think that trusting someone you don't know to boost you is highly retarded, HOWEVER, take this for an ethical issue: I am logged on my PC on my account. I play one game. After the game ends I stay logged on my account and I leave my desk to take a shower. My girlfriend comes around, she takes a seat at my desk, notices that I play League and she plays a game while logged on my account because she happens to like League as well. My account was never logged out and relogged from a different IP address, so there is no way of telling who is using that account. Is this account sharing? And if it is, why?
FMSonto (EUW)
: A personal letter to Riot Games
If you are not in control of your own finances, then who should be?
: yes my friends used to play in this account.I asked them about the ban but they didn't answer me :(
you are not allowed to share your account with anyone. In case you do, you are responsible for whatever those persons do while logged on your account. It's your fault basically.
Grοss Gore (EUNE)
: Permabanned cause of words doesn't seem fair/mute button too hard to press?!
If some people would actually use their brains from time to time they would discover that the law grants you certain rights and also certain restrictions. You don't actually need to mute anyone in game. In science it's called impulse, if a person is unable to control his/her impulses at the age of 18-19, they will never be able to control their impulses, it's called personality. If that personality was developed in a certain antisocial or borderline way before adulthood, there is nothing I can do to change it (I am a doctor, in case you were wondering, so I should be able to know what I am talking about). Just like Humpfefefel....... that name is really hard to spell, for real! (dude, you know what I mean, no offense)... just like he meant to say, if you would actually be a judge in a court room, would you release a person from death row because he had killed 4 persons? Even more, if such an event would happen (maybe in another world of course), would you actually have the nerve of asking for a stay to the death penalty because "hey that guy had killed 4 times, I only killed once, therefore this isn't fair for me to be in death row". Really?? Go play something else that may suit you better.
: Staying under turret should AFK insta
Kill him and simply take the turret. The system had made the correct decision, no matter how unfair it might look like. You can't punish people for simply staying under turret since many of times that position is actually baiting. Regardless if it's unfair or not, I disagree with the guy who said it's a loophole. You should know that better as a jungler. Sorry, you have no case, staying under turret is legit. However, staying under turret while intentionally feeding is not legit.
: First of all, I have seen people get perma-s reviewed and at times changed to suspensions for a period of time, even if that does not happen I would still be happy if it is reviewed a second time. Second, I did not provide the chat logs as I don't know how, and I'm not sure if I just copy the text in the post it won't be removed for some reason as this is the 1st time I'm actually posting on the boards.Of course I know what I typed, I'm not saying I'm a saint but compared to what I have seen remain unpunishable I think a 6-month or a year suspension would suffice for reforming the attitude I displayed the last 3 games. After all as said in another comment, I have met people who have flamed and wished death upon families remain unpunished for years, and so I do not think 3 games of report calling is worse than that.
Thanks for your reply. 1. One of NASA's multi million dollars supercomputers has a chance of failing of once every 800 billion times. Which actually makes it a very accurate computer. However, its chances of committing an error is not 0. Unfortunately NASA's super servers are way way much smarter than Riot's computers. The current Tribunal is not perfect, even the staff openly admitted that. However, I'm afraid that invoking much harder violations of the rules which went unaddressed by now doesn't excuse your own violations. You have no way to tell what will the system do regarding other people's bad behavior. Maybe they will get banned tomorrow or next week. Just because there is a known person who had killed a woman with 5 knife stabs is NOT a reason for you to murder a woman with one knife stab. You will still be held accountable. 2. Fortunately you don't get to decide what kind of punishment would suffice, especially since you are talking about your own case. 3. You received an email on the email account which is linked to your LOL account, email which contains all the violations that led to your permanent suspension. Copy/paste that email here, it will not be removed, I assure you. 4. I have a slight feeling that you are attempting to mock or patronize me by being a smart ass. I assure you it won't work. :p
: I got perma-d
First of all your case won't be discussed or reviewed in any way, your account is suspended and it will remain like this. Second: you didn't provide the chat log that got you banned. You simply forgot about it? Or you intentionally avoided it because you know what exactly you had typed during those games?
: Leaver Buster didn't punish me xd
Thanks for the answers, then it must have changed attitude. During S4 it did punish you. I am sure of it because I got put in a lower matchmaking due to thunderstorm, and back then Leaver Buster punished me at the first "offense". Cool news :p
Rioter Comments
Blanco40 (EUW)
: Permabanned ?
Looks like you jsut ahve to make another account. :p
: Greetings. Of course there is something that can be done. What you described is a very clear case of intentional feeding that the system should easily be able to detect. If someone reported that person, the appropriate reaction by the Feederbuster would be to give them an instant 14-day ban for intentional feeding. This is a violation that's punished quick and harsh.
Yea I see that, look at my last 2 games. Quit the crap, they don't do anything
Beban11 (EUNE)
: Can someone report me for this?
I heard that if you don't say it the dragon won't die in the jungle. Also it is reported that the cuddle crab will try to eat you alive if you attack him before you say it.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Why do you even bother?
: So i need to support someone?? Ahm,.,, so... {{summoner:11}} and {{item:3508}} are good for what??\
You really think that's going to work on me?
Zero Elo (EUW)
: you are still doing it, and i get it. now stop. > [{quoted}](name=Sherrinka,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=9nGFz7B7,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2016-09-30T23:36:14.886+0000) > I'm of course not immune to tilt, though I tend to get all snarky and sarcastic instead of straight-up raging.
I am immune to tilting. Probably the reason I get to keep my account while others don't.
: Hextech Crafting is a reward for positive behaviour. Therefore, you first need to show significant behavioural improvement in order to be eligible to earn rewards again.
Naturally the next question is "what is a sportsmanlike attitude?" >{{champion:37}} {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:11}} {{item:3508}}
: Can I make a complaint about someone who added me after a game to make racist comments?
As someone already said, if you file a complaint in a wrong section, you will be directed to the correct section. You just have to make that complaint clear, as in stating clearly and directly what kind of a complaint it is. Make screenshot of the negative experience that you had and mention something like "complaint against other player's offensive language". You will get directed to the proper authority that handles harsh language between players. Hope it helps. Edit: if such behavior appears in the post game window, that chat is 100% recorded until you close that window. If this is the case you don't even need to file a report, just report that player in the post game window. If it happens outside the pre-, game and post game frame, file a complaint with screenshots using the submit a ticket option.
If I remember correctly, at some point you actually have the nerve of telling someone something like "you are toxic, bro"? lol......really???
Estti379 (EUW)
: I get your point and I do totally agree^^ But I'm sure that the reason for it is actually really nothing extraordinary. Just a case of "simplicity vs format". For the format one, I don't think that riot would just take away the "1" in case there is only chatlogs from one game only and be happy with it. The reform card would then look something like this: >You got punished by the tribunal. Here are the chatlogs that were deemed toxic game: [chatlogs] Taking away the whole "game 1" would surely look better then, but it could then make it less intuitive for the player who gets the reform card. Are the chatlogs from one match only? Or are they from different games, all mixed together? Am I only being shown the lines that were toxic or everything that I said? So yeah, having only "game" looks bad, having nothing, might be even worse. Either way, something like this, who looks like it would be simple to code around, isn't always simple^^ Changing "game 1" to "game" or taking it away completely requires sometimes a bit more than just few lines of code. But the worst part is, it could create new bugs, which source, seeing the complexity and full length of the system/code, could be a real pain to repair. Or it is just that the programmers are lazy, and won't do anything about it unless it is necessary =P Anyway, seeing as reform cards is something that only 5% of the whole community will ever get, and just a even smaller portion will get cards with one game on it, it just isn't worth the time and effort put into it^^ Again, those changes aren't simple and they could cause more pain than good^^
Yea that totally makes sense. I have to admit that initially I was convinced that you were simply wrong, but I didn't take into account the "coding" thing. I only considered science and simple logical reasoning. I also agree now that you made it clear. Thanks for your reply, it was really useful.
Estti379 (EUW)
: Even when you get chatlogs with only one game in it, you still get the "game 1". So yeah, the "game 1" can be totally true even without the existence of "game 2"^^
If this is the case, then it makes no sense. Why would you assign a numeral to an object that has no continuation? This is even a matter of forensic investigation. If an investigator is examining a sheet of paper that it's not counted with a numeral (1), it is a strong evidence that the paper has no continuation, so turning that paper on the other side will reveal in all cases that that other side has no writing on it. I'm not arguing with you, I'm just saying that if you're right, it has no logic.
Estti379 (EUW)
: So, I must admit, if those really are your unedited chatlogs, then I must admit, it isn't really toxic enough to get someone to the next punishment tier. But still, usually you should have got other punishments beforehand. I mean, did you ever get a 10/25-chat restriction or a 14-day ban? (is you current ban actually the 14-day one?) It is actually possible to "skip" to 14-day or permanent bans directly if one player is extremely toxic in one game, but that is definitively not the fact on the chatlogs you showed us. This leaves only 3 more options: 1) The tribunal system messed up, overreacted, and punished someone who shouldn't have been punished. Writing a ticket to riot's support should be enough to deal with this issue and they should then revert the punishment. 2) You did intentionally feed in that game, but because people reported you for "verbal harassment" and not for "intentional feeding", the system picked the card that best suited the last reports that you got But yeah, if the Draven game you are talking about is the one I found in your history, then there is no way that it happened as I just described. 3) You actually were toxic, but after the game not during it. The pre- and post-game chatlogs are never shown on the reform cards. Yet, they are taken into account when punishing people. Here is a reform card that just shows that ^^ https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cem_EJAW4AAeiZl.jpg:large That player didn't say almost anything during the game, but went in a crazy tirade after the game (surely because he thought it wouldn't be recorded...). Anyway, how to deal with this then? Same thing as the first point. Write a ticket to riot's support and ask for more chatlogs who shown your toxic behaviour. There are good chances that they will do so.
You don't need to discuss 3 options, there is strong prove that he edited the chat log: the so called "entire" chat log begins with "game 1", clear sign that at least a game 2 had existed in the original log, also proof that he had cut that game from his version of the story.
: Game 1 Cut4Bronze: gl hf Cut4Bronze: ust focus adc Cut4Bronze: what did i do ? Cut4Bronze: well im sorry for that mistake Cut4Bronze: wow, are you all being serious ? Cut4Bronze: jusbecause of asmall mistake the you call me nooband report Cut4Bronze: why the hell are you reporting me cause of a mistake ? Cut4Bronze: ok Cut4Bronze: I don t even care anymore Cut4Bronze: why the fuck are you reporting me all ? Cut4Bronze: wow, obvious all premades….. gg reports Cut4Bronze: why do you all even tell the enemy team to report me ? Cut4Bronze: they dnt even know that im being “toxic” Cut4Bronze: being reported for being “toxic” and not “communicating” Cut4Bronze: I hope you are all happy Cut4Bronze: bunch of kids reporting em for noreason at all, ty so much riot
Post the chat log you had received in your email account. You have no way of proving that this is the entire uncut version of the chat log, because all you are showing is your own typed words. Edit: you started typing with "Game 1"... which simply shows that this is an edited chat log, which means you're just lying.
The Yukeh (EUW)
: Oh yes, early game is usually where Teemo does well - that and the hyper endgame. In between... Is usually when he gets trampled all over, which in turn causes most games to end before he can reach said engame.
You mean early game when Teemo is built full AD? Then probably that's a troll, like Knight said below. I personally don't scale teemo AD at all. Just att speed, magic pen and AP. I rarely encounter any trouble with Teemo scaled like that (except maybe very good Syndra or LeBlanc). However I don't think Teemo support is a 100% troll, unless obviously scaled wrong and feeding.
The Yukeh (EUW)
: There's a difference between "off meta" and "competitively unviable". If the enemy team picks Braum, Annie, Leona, Janna, Lulu, Alistar or Taric the enemy bot lane will absolutely shit all over your bot lane. Teemo will be gone out of the game before four minutes pass or his adc will be zoned from farm completely until the laning phase ends. Of course this depends on player skill and what rank you play in - but teemo simply cant fulfill the duties expected of a proper support (or any role in general) until the very far-off endgame. Braum can 1v1 Teemo throughout the initial 30-40 minutes of the game. That means IF your opponent picks Braum into Teemo support, your entire team will suffer those nightmarish odds of winning the match. Its considered trolling because it is such an immeasurably egoistic pick for a competitive team-based game mode. You risk throwing the game for four other players than yourself before the match even begins. That's the definition of a troll pick. Stick to Teemo support in normal games.
I've seen Teemo top/mid in platinum games and they were doing quite good even in early games.
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: At that point, why would we need to be identified as Rioters? :)
Because it would establish a direct link between you and how much free time you are willing to spare to better and strengthen the community. Believe it or not, there are some League players with a high level of education, at least those players will certainly be pleased to find that instead of having a cup of coffee in your home you decided you'll have that cup of coffee while trying to explain to an enraged kid that it's not right to verbally abuse other players. Basically it would show that....you're into the game and community for a fair amount of time.
UntiendX (EUNE)
: So basically got perma banned!
1. In all 3 games you trash-talked much more that you had played. 2. Stripping money and drugs from addicts for 2 weeks without providing a similar agonist acting substance as the addictive agent will put their lives in serious danger. Assuming the rehabilitation program you're working on isn't based on killing the addicts, it should be noted that your "joke" isn't just stupid, but also medically wrong.
: Immediate 14 days ban after 1v5 Pentakill
I see....so... apparently calling people retards is "very minor". So as a result, if people would call you retard would you feel just slightly offended?
Kilagram (EUW)
: I got perma banned for saying "Ez" ?
Both chat logs are incomplete, it's obvious from the visible scroll line in the left side of the pictures. Is it safe to assume that you scrolled at the exact chat lines that weren't so offensive or negative? Post the entire chat log or else you have no point/proof.
: Banning system complainment and suggestion
You could have easily taken the fat thing next to the blue buff with smite and a hp pot => level 2. Yet you choose to flame and feed intentionally. Well deserved suspension.
Cagniant (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tosha,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=O3U1nRFW,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-09-05T20:07:51.061+0000) > > "neutral internet conversation"? What parts of the internet have you been? o0 Practically everywhere. Have you ever play ANY another online game, BF as example? Noone cares about chat so much as there. From the one side it is good, because it helps to concentrate on the game, but from the other side it ruins freedom of speech. But what RIOTs are doing is just a nounsence. They aren't even trying to fix a reasons - broken DynamicQ, AFKers and etc - only the result (chat result). In Russia you can't play PokemonGO in church without being arrested. In RIOT you can't ask to report AFK without being restricted or banned.
That's too bad. I always thought a church is the perfect place for a smart kid to play pokemon go :p Gee I'm glad I'm not Russian...
: K.. 14 day banworthy shizzle i guess..
in 3 games I can't see a SINGLE USEFUL word. Please point ONE SINGLE USEFUL word, if you think the suspension wasn't deserved. You don't have to actually wish death to people to be abusive. Every word you have typed in 3 games is useless trash (no offense). Your suspension is fully deserved. Personal recommendation: play another game, cause perma is on the way in 2 weeks.
S0kaX (EUNE)
: You think you will be banned because you didn't gank a feeding lane? How old are you, 5?
Man, really? :p Let it go, of course he doesn't understand anything....
Die Kaiser (EUNE)
: PLEASE DON'T BAN ME RIOT!111!!!!1!!!1111!!!!
Imagine Kata's rage :)))))))))))))
: im sorry
I think you would have to have some.... issues as a Rioter to ban your account for that name. If I was a Rioter I would take it as a bad joke coming from a stupid kid. I would ask you to change your name again, and in case you don't comply, I would change it myself for you, but I would definitely not suspend your account. However, as dear Mr. JESPERR101 pointed 7 minutes ago, I have a slight tendency not to believe you, if you know what I mean xd
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