Mr 44 (EUW)
: 10/10 = Bronze V
It's a dynamic queue now, so find some friends and climb easily to silver even to gold! Good luck :)
: I had a weird dream this night.
take a break from LOL :D
: How to fix MMR?
Well this is a problem everyone has.Play with your platinum or diamond friend or just create a new account :p
MiiladD (EUW)
: Blue Screen of i dont know what
open a ticket on Player Support Team.They might help.
maybe it's because of this patch.It happened to me too( or close enough to this ) and with the new patch it fixed...
check your firewall if it's blocking the game, click on fix at the LOL patcher, otherwise open a ticket on Player Support Team to help you further :)
Minstrel (EUNE)
: The PBE's job isn't to force balance. It's there to iron out the biggest bugs and test out the new content. It has very few members with varied skill, and balancing isn't possible nor required from the PBE. That's why champions are tweaked soon after their release. They are balanced depending on their state on the live servers.
true ! This is why PBE exists. And because it's for a limited number of players Riot give access mostly to youtubers and streamers
Dante JM (EUW)
: Problems with connection since yesterday 8 p.m.
Oh! I have seen this problem.Someone else here on Boards asked about this.That means it happens to many people :/ . Open a ticket on Player Support Team and tell them your problem.It's link :
: fails
Do you have a program of streaming on TwitchTv ?
Sýrian (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DrTrax,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=2h1ErUys,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-12-31T20:02:58.806+0000) > > Why do you care about silver rewards anyway? I would rather have no ranked border/icon of shame. Be happy. trashtalker
Silver border and icon are better then Platinum ( I believe )
DoDo 7 Apla (EUNE)
: I still haven't got the Silver awards
Open a ticket to Player Support Team and tell them your problem.It's link : They will help =)
: Well actually they can, or else they didn't send me a message haha ;)
All they see is that you use this program.So it doesn't matter if you use or not jungle timers.And think about the skins.If everyone used this program there wouldn't be a meaning to buy skins from the store and Riot would loose the only way to earn money and they wouldn't be able to update the game as we know it today
: What Support Is Mostly Worth Buying?
Definitely Tahm Kench and Nami
: i dont know what the hell is this
Check you firewall although I don't think this is your problem.Otherwise re-install the game :/
Bombardox (EUW)
: Feelsbadman life of support mains
I can so feel you man , you are definitely right SO UNFAIR !!!
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zebbe3001 (EUNE)
: So how Long does it take for riot to recover a account?
recovering an account needs a lot of investigation, so you are going to wait few days of weeks, I believe
Riryz (EUW)
: wont happen. sorry man.
Well Riot emploee told me that if many summoners ask for it they would think about it :)
Shawkins (EUNE)
this last one idea is so good,Riot should see it !!!
: Stolen Gmail
Have you secured your gmail with your phone or another email ? if you have try recovering it by this way.But you said that your gmail was first hacked and then your lol account ? How did he do that? this means he knows your lol account too.
: my friend needs help
Don't worry Player Support Team will help you definitely. They did it for my friend. But the more information you give the more they can help you get your friend's account back.
: Any last chance?(perma ban)
the only thing you can try is to apologize to Player Support's link :
swagger1111 (EUNE)
: U.R.F and The Leged of The Poro King
you are so right my friend <3 <3 <3
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