: Rename ADC as ADT or ADF for low elo
basically bot laners on low div iron,bronze,silver they dont perform good cause they dont know how to position,kite,farm good and getting focused in every teamfight even they are 0/7 it's the role that is hard not the players bad :)
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: Most likely just a visual bug.
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: Free Skin Contest nr 26
As an ADC main i strugle vs these TOP:{{champion:54}} this thing is just armor in a champion cant be kited easy and he have that ultimate that you get focused and died quick JUN:{{champion:107}} ! and you died again basicly if you see rengar and you are adc main rush GA first item MID:{{champion:105}} can he just get deleted no cooldowns and ofcourse his ultimate.... fells bad man ADC: {{champion:51}} my main champion but if i play against her i get demolished at lane face that range man (stop pick {{champion:67}} against her you will lost this game no metter what SUPP:{{champion:223}} Ok who actualy made this TANKY-PROTECTOR CHAMPION try 2 play JINX AND TAHM EASYEST LATE GAME {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}

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