: Why is riot not nerfing engage supports ?
Plays Kai'Sa. Whines about supports being OP.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: If you had a League of Legends Death Note
Would I use it? Yes. Sounds like an offer one can't refuse, rather than a heavy responsibility :P
DeejayF (EUW)
: Why is Malphite an Assassin now?
The game has so much damage he might as well build full AP. Why? With tank Malphite, you press R and do your combo. Then you either get bursted by a KaiSa or get kited into uselessness. With AP Malphite, you press R and do your combo. You will take 1-3 enemies with you before you die. The latter one makes you more useful.
: can we just nerf some tanks AP and AD ratios?
If said champions are full AP, are they tanks anymore?
axilirate (EUW)
: Funny curse words you use with or without your friends.
Words that can't be said on TV (let alone on a forum filled with young people).
: League of boosted smurfs!
Coming from a level 24 player.
: Is meta item builds bannable?
Emm.. I assume you mean off-meta. And out of your examples, half of them are flat out trolling. One or two of them might be decent. Why champions have random AP ratios? Baron buff.
: Why not an S rank ?
206 CS. At 37 minutes. 12 wards placed. At 37 minutes.
: Eune Vs Eu West
EUW. Most European pros play on EUW.
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: Teemo is the best most pure character in league of legends
: New Boots for assassins ?
Yes, as the game really needs even more damage.
: now what tilts you the most
anything that tilts you. Bad jokes aside, I rarely tilt. One thing is slightly annoying though: Getting an unwinnable team comps in ARAM. But as it can happen to both teams, the "tilt" isn't high either.
: Old Collection for champions was better
What I dislike the most is the size of the champions. If I want to look at my collection, I don't need to see the pixels between ~~MFs boo~~ Ashe's bow. I want to see as many champions at the same time as possible.
: The damage out on a champ that is predominately a tank, that is higher than average adc? You don't think that is out of place? the CC on her does NOT stop her ult. It still deals damage and heals her for ridiculous amount thanks to Death's Dance which has insane 33% heal from EVERY tentacle that hits on every champ. This means she can easily heal 1-1.5K hitpoints with every tentacle strike especially on her ult. She becomes almost invulnerable to damage while it lasts and output insane damage. It's not that one of those things is broken on a champ and should be removed. It's the fact that she can Tank better than 90% of other tanks, Heals herself better than any support can ever heal any champ and deals damage that is higher than adc. .. She simply has almost no weaknesses apart from the same one you can tell about any other champ - hard CC. Even so she can easily wait out CC with the amount of HP she scales to. Somehow i do not find it balanced or designed to be balanced well
Illaoi is a bruiser, not a tank. The average ADCs are quite bad. Besides, is it the champions fault when people can't dodge simple skillshots? I don't. Neither it does against Malphite's R. Playing against an Illaoi is like playing against Malphite: Don't stay in a area the size of a Cho's Q with your whole team. Yes, DD increases her healing. Ignite, Exhaust, Executioner's Calling, Morello and MOVING AWAY from her R reduces that. Position yourself. It isn't that difficult to move away from her ult. Wow, a champion can take a beating. While she can't protect her back line at all. Illaoi has pretty much no CC. She has a lot of weaknesses. Slows, hard CC, poke and positioning. Overall, a l2p issue.
: Do we really think it's ok?
If Illaoi didn't deal damage, what would she bring to her team? Yep. Absolutely nothing.
: Tank vs AP and AD the difference
MR items are bad or situational. They have meh passives (apart from you playing with Mundo) or play against champions with DoTs. The resistances they provide aren't even that high either. Armor items have nice passives, they can reduce crit damage, they give tons of CDR and there are more of them.
DutchPro (EUW)
: Delaying having your core items as ADC is basically trolling... You should only build this item if the enemy has insane healers that dont need to wait to late game. Only for champs like Mundo and Aatrox I will delay my core items for it, but if I see a Yuumi im not gonna build that shit until I at least have 2-3 core items completed. There are many mid laners that build Morello in any case because of its magic pen.. Just because it's more expensive doesn't mean it's a bad pick. I rather have my lb build a morello 2nd item than my adc build anti heal 2nd item. Adc relies too much on its core items, while morello is often a core item
{{item:3285}} , {{item:3020}} , {{item:3165}} , {{item:3089}} = 3200 + 1100 + 3000 + 3600 = 10900 Zeal item, {{item:3006}} , {{item:3031}}, another Zeal item = 2600 + 1100 + 3400 + 2600 = 9700 Executioner's Calling = 800 When an APC uses his rotation, the APC can't apply it anymore. Whereas ADCs can still keep on AAing. But hey, ADCs "delaying their core items is trolling PepeHands"
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Every adc have a core build that is at least two items and boots... and most of the time game ends at this moment 😅 Also dear AP: {{item:3165}} Also why ADC and not any AD? Assassin, Jungle, Bruiser?
ADC's grievous wound is the cheapest out of all the items. It builds into a good item. It doesn't require a full item to work, unlike Morello. ADCs apply it a lot easier than assassins do. That's why. But I guess the ADC needs the money for his fifth Zeal.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Dear ADC players
Apart from Garen, Alistar and Pyke, I do agree. ADCs should learn to go for Grievous wounds.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: How long did it take you to buy all champions
Began to play in season 4. Still don't own all the champions. Because I don't want them.
Díào ge (EUW)
: Baiting people to flame must be bannable too
How exactly does one "bait into flaming" without flaming oneself? Can you give examples?
: Is it a good idea to flash for kills?
Yes, if the enemy is worth gold, you can deny him farm or it leads to objectives.
: Riot already said no, too much work for something that might not even be fun for most league players
Like TFT?
: which champion will be the most broken shit if they had 550 range.
Jax or Yi. The only thing keeping them at a reasonable balance level is their melee range.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Difference between blue and red side?
Overall, I prefer to play from the blue side. The point of view makes it feel more "natural". But then again, when playing ranked, I prefer red side. The bot lane has a great wall to ult over with Support Fiddle :P Edit: The sides are actually quite symmetrical, but mirrored. (I'm not 100% sure if the Dragon and Baron pits are exactly the same size and location). This leads to different objective control and safer lanes. Red side bot and blue side top are safer, as two wards tend to be enough to completely avoid ganks.
: otherwise her W is kinda useless . no one falls for the clone
Well, the same can be said about Shaco and LB.
: Neeko Auto attacks feels so unsatisfying
To be honest, I don't even know why she needed the empowered AAs to begin with. She has good wave clear built to her kit.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I rarely feed the Poros. Those backstabbing fluffy creatures flee from the brush if fed, telling your enemy you are there :P
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I've been forgetting to use the Poro-Snax more and more lately
I rarely feed the Poros. Those backstabbing fluffy creatures flee from the brush if fed, telling your enemy you are there :P
GLurch (EUW)
: The test didn't work for the first hour or so it was released. It works by now, so you can try again if you want to. Or at least that's how it was for me. If it still doesn't work, you can also try deleting your cookies and everything and trying again. https://tilttypes.riotgames.com
Indeed. Still not working. Only sends back to the previous page. Win 7. Google Chrome.
Seeko94 (EUNE)
: Neeko
Because that breaks the basic rule of League: Every monster in the jungle is PvE.
: What is your tilt type (POLL)?
Didn't get any after doing the test multiple times. Was only sent back to the previous page. But then again, I don't need tests to know what kind of a tilter I am, as I don't tilt.
: people are giving riot games a lot of flak
If Rito cared, they would disable Nunu until the invisible W is fixed. "Which was fixed the next Friday". Rito has ruined the essence of ARAM with their percentage based "balance". Rito removes TT. Rito refuses to reduce the amount of damage in the game. The client is sluggish. Eternals. But hey, at least the visual team is doing well! A 31st Luxanna skin with Prestige, KD/A and Pepega editions will make up everything for sure!
: rengar is not balanced
{{item:3047}} , {{item:3157}} , {{item:3026}} , {{summoner:3}} .
jevara55 (EUNE)
: New champion suggestion
I have a proper name for that champ: HowAboutNo
: so, how are you reacting to his upcoming rework? are you welcoming it or are you kind of worried about it?
Tbh, I don't care. Rito has taken away Urgot. Random percentage-based changes of ARAM has ruined the mode. Rito will remove Twisted Treeline. I'm not a friend of TFT. If I dislike the rework, I either become a Karthus support main, suddenly forget how to play and reach Iron IV or completely stop playing.
: who is your favourite champion?
{{champion:9}} . He has been my favorite champ for over three years.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Most disappointing skins you've bought?
Dank Candy Fiddlesticks. It isn't the skin's fault though. The skin is actually quite nice, but it isn't Surprise Party / Union Jack / Fiddle Me Timbers.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: I mean, washing the dishes would probably be more enjoyable than duoing with that guy {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
A good point and well made. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} I rarely use these ^ D:
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: What do you need egirls for?
To wash the dish.. To duo-Q with :P
: What are some champions that you think are "unfair"?
I am happy no one hasn't mentioned our peg-legged friend yet :)
: Does Evelyn really need buffs
Even though the buff mainly helps against bruisers and tanks (well, "tanks"), it was completely unnecessary. I'd rather see Rengar than Eve buffs :P
: OP/Broken Ability Combinations
It depends on the champion. An ability that might be bad on Yorick might be epic with Eve. I mean.. Imagine the joy of having a TF stun + Vladimir Q on Eve.
: Azir could do with some buffs
"still naturally do no dmg until I hit 3 items." That is called scaling. Not every champion spikes at 1 or 2 items. Azir doesn't need buffs, especially before the Worlds.
: What potential for abuse does skin trading have?
Habbo is still available D:? Last time I used it was 15 years ago :P On-topic: If all skins were treated equally (Any skin could be traded with any skin), it might lead into players trying to swap skins until they reach a skin they want. Like a player starts with Woad Ashe. --> means a trade. Woad Ashe --> Surprise Party Fiddlesticks (What kind of a monster wants to trade it) --> Whatever --> Whatever --> Whatever --> DJ Sona. It would decrease the sales of Rito. Why should I buy a skin, if I have one from the loot system that I don't want? IF skins bought with RP were only available for trading, I'm quite sure not many would be trading. (As why would people buy skins they don't like with real money?)
: What are some champions that you think are "unfair"?
I have a few, most of which sound bronze-y, but I do try my best to explain. * Master Yi. If your team doesn't have easy-to-apply hard CC, you might as well FF if he gets ahead. * Kassadin. His mobility is too insane late-game. * Garen. His passive rewards him for not playing the game, and his current ult punishes people for doing well. * Vayne. Completely negates a majority of any tank's tankyness. * Zoe. A champion designed to one-shot stunned (well, "asleep") enemies is just flat out bad design. How silly of me. Forgot Eve :P
: Best Team Duo Comp Combo
* Cait-Morgana * Heimer-Fiddle * Karthus-Fiddle
: how is sylas e balanced?
At least he has mana costs. Unlike the other balanced champ with dashes, stuns and shields.
: I'm looking for a main champion who can go mid and top
{{champion:30}} . He can be played in any role. (Although not ideal as a support.)
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