VQire (EUNE)
: New Client Problems
For any reader with same problem , I have just find the solution : 1)Right click the launcher icon 2) choose Solve compatibility issues 3) wait for it to end 4) choose option to run it with different settings (for me it was running it with settings from Windows XP service Pack 2 , although I have windows 7 ) for whatever reason it worked
: Hello, people pls help meee...i had that problem like riot warning yesterday...i dont fix it just donwload that client automt. i start game like all time...i played 2 games with any problem, after that i shut down my pc hard and fast and its maybe that problem couse after startin pc today few hours later i start lol was in cgamps select with any problem and when time out and start load game i got massage about network warning ...its very sad for me i need play...and i cant fix it alone...i dont understand it couse i cant start file with cfg. ending...can you give me more info or better plan ? im so %%%%in mad couse i got already bans and problem still here...plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Shutting down pc shouldn't be problem here. I had that problem too . First of all you have to check if you have internet connection(wi-fi or network cable) If you have network cable see if it is plugged in properly. If you have connection turn game off, log in to another account ( many people have smurf accounts if you have one too then good for you) and start custom game to see if it works. If yes log in back to your main acc and return to game , it should load normally ( unless you touch network cable). I hope it would be help you. (btw I don't know if smurf accounts are "legal" according to RITO so I advise to use it only for solving problems like this one )
: This new client is so bad... I dont know why but i have lags and didnt had them before it... I want old one. (and this one even dont look nice)
You are not the only one that already miss legacy client.
MinionShiv (EUNE)
: Rito posted it recently "We are aware of players experiencing crashing during game start. While we are working on a permanent fix please use the following workaround. Locate the game.cfg file in \Riot Games\League of Legends\Config, open the file and edit WindowMode=0 to WindowMode=1, and then save the game.cfg file. Have you tried it already ? Maybe this is the case here.
Yep. I've tried it . Problem is caused by something else .
Slam Ram (EUW)
: Dark Star Kindred Skin Concept
Overall idea is quite cool. In my opinion it would be even better if you add some space/nebula pattern similiar to aurelion's tail or cosmic dusk xayah's wing to the body of wolf . Keep it up you are doing great job .
: New client has option of searching/repairing problems have you tried it ?
I tried it before. It didn't solve the problem . I would try it again , but launcher no longer loads to the point allowing me to choose it.
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