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: Well thank you. About game knowledge Yes. That sums it up nicely. Patches are happening in really fast past for normal folks. And to everyone who will jump on me I play only Vi if I can. She is easy to play not so mechanically hard. Problem is not only you but your team mates. I know they will not know the match up or everything that is happening they are as human as I am. But the fact is because the players are getting more and more pushed into the corner they will lean more to hyper carries or assassins or champions that are just tilting. Because everyone want to win and the best way to win is to abuse a flowed system. I would like to see more items that counters certain mechanics like stop watch is perfect example against Zed. But why is there no item that lowers the dash range for Yasuo, or things of that sort. If you want to bring game balance you need to treat the system like weak and strong points, and I'm not talking about weak early - strong late game. Just think of it like so Frozen heart give you 15% attack speed slow, why can't we make an items that knock people up or push them back or make you immune to cc but you do 50% dmg. My suggestion is make the UnFun champions to be high risk high reward. And try to make the game less about Counter picking, but more of okay this item give me a 2nd chance. Honestly if I see Zoe in game I question myself why QSS cost 1300 gold like that is mega expensive and the cd is 90 sec. Well now when I think about it Ingenious Hunter can work against her with a QSS I don't know, but 5 take downs is kinda a lot. My experience is people get really pissed when thinks are uncontrollable. That being pissed go to rage when that lack of control is translated to them having lack to do something about it. I myself had seen people die in all lane before 2 min 30 sec. That sucks and there is nothing I can do to make that from not happening. And that is what people call Instant tilt.
No, there is too many cockblocks for assassins as is. Yes, they are decent in low elo (under plat 1 i would say) , but they are nonexistent in high-level play just because a Zed or Katarina has to burn their flash, go in, risk their life knowing they are dead if they screw up. While your support doesn't have to do anything but AFK follow the fed guy , press all the actives and CC's when the enemy goes in, flash mastery 7 and write "GG EZ". You think assassins are tilting? Maybe for ADC's or some squishier fighters. Not even half as much as Rammus is for Vayne, or Galio is for Orianna, or Morgana is for Rammus. And for assassins, the answer is Lulu. She, Braum, Janna, Kayle, Kindred ... are the pure cancer to play against if your job is to kill people fast. Also, assassins have no ranged DPS that can take out your whole team if you let them just stand and auto attack. If a 4 item ADC survives longer than 7-8 seconds, your team is dead one by one. If a 4 item assassin does their job well, they kill 1-2 targets with an ult rotation , then they are out of abilities for a few seconds.
: Face your fears - and talk about them!
Another tip when playing AP vs a fed Vayne: Unless she gets BotRK, she can't CC you with E by herself if you buy banshee's.


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