: Why dont you make a DnD version of League?
King of laris.. you are super annoying.. you literally post 10 times a week and nothing has sense. I know this comment is gonna be deleted no matter if you report it or not, but please, take my advice get a life, get a job, get a girl or a guy whatever.. Just distance yourself from Boards and League
: if this is the most unbalanced, shitty gam on the planet why are you playing it? also death threats are illegal
because literally 95% of community is complaining how shitty and bad this game is and still playing it. I guess we are addicted
Squishems (EUW)
: TFT - facing same player twice in a row in rotation
I dont know how it works eaither, but there was 4 of us and i faced the same guy twice in a row (other 2 guys can beat me without me killing a single unit of theirs) which led me to 3rd place and kicking that guy out. He spectated till the end and flamed all the way
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CJXander (EUNE)
: Promo slayer just slain my promos
Lol im laughing so hard rn
: there are a few things going in there 1st i'll assume that you mean you have a positive K/DA ratio (which you don't in half of your games) from what i've seen on op.gg either way you have around a 50% win rate and around the same rate of when your k/da is positive also around 50% 2nd as an example i took your udyr game where you went 10/2/6 the enemies that you were against are around the same rank as you have around the same mmr and none of them that were even close to that yes there was one that had 10 more defeats than wins but that's not the point when he had around 180 games played so far 3rd the reason you're getting around the same LP when you lose or win is because you are playing around the same tier of mmr than your opponents that's how it's decided 4th as there is the new iron rank the ranks have been staggered a bit so since you were plat 5 33 lp last season that would mean you would be around gold 1 now (which you are) which is the average mmr for the rank when you account that there is a division below you (so below gold 1 you have 4-1 iron 4-1 bronze 4-1 silver and 4-2 gold for a total of 15 divisions below you which is the same as below plat 5 last season bronze 5-1 silver 5-1 and gold 5-1 which is also 15 see how there is the same amount) the point is you get the same ammount of LP for win and loss whenever you are around the same mmr as your opponents that's how the system works "Kick all you want, don't matter."-pyke XD
There was some broken shit about LP gains recently, best bet is to contact this useless League support and see if that was your case. Otherwise your MMR is just not good enough, you must keep winning
Pega (EUW)
: i am currently having this problem, i even got leaver buster because of it... lol :) then i waited 45 min. because and this is true... i dced and they just made a /remake and i even got reported for that as well... :') now that is a fun game am i right ?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Yeah this game is so fun. I got my penalty aswell, while "support specialists" are trying to figure out what the problem is.. They dont have an answer. WE ALL MUST RIOT
: Disconeccting in game and launcher also
Welcome to the club. Support is trying to help me for over a week new, each time is like they know what is the problem, follow the steps they provide but nothing.. Its the worst support is the world man for real ! Its like they know nothing
: literally the same thing kept happening to me, support told me it was my ISP, which is weird because every single other game works really well on my internet and i have been playing league for 2 years now on the same ISP and same router and suddenly things started going wrong -_-
Oh man , this support "specialists" are trying to help me for over a week for the same problem... Why cant they hire a mastermind to fix this, im sure they have billions...
: Disconnecting in-game, in launcher etc.
GOD SAKE IM SO PISSED ! Its been a week since they are trying to help me but nothing works out !! I think they dont even know that this happens to majority of players , it looks like they dont care ! I have lost 2 of my promos games, on top of that i received a leaver !? Why cant a mastermind from their team figure this out? Even like 90% of boards is about this same problem.. Someone told me to try to reinstall using Hextech Tool, which is did, but now problem is even worse, my FPS is literally 30 , its unplayable .. Like 2 hours ago i played on 140 FPS..
: Losing connection IN-GAME (SOLVED)
Hey, could you add me in League? Im currently trying to re install because of that problem ! Its been a week since Rito support is trying to help me, but literally nothing they said is working for me..
Che Woo (EUW)
: !IMPORTANT! - Client repair while disconnected due to a system crash
Exactly ! Happens to me aswell, i have lost atleast 5 games so far, and one of them was in my First 10 promo games..I have sent a ticket but its been a week so far that they are trying to help me, but nothing is working, I have same problems as you do, on top of that, i get random DC'es during games even tho my ping is perfectly fine !!
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Valuxx (EUW)
: Can you please, all for once, optimize your client Riot ?
Truth is, noone of them actually care. Everyone is complaining, fix your game please ! Sometimes nothing on my client is clickable, and the shop is buggy as hell.
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: Nono, 1-2 games is enough to demote you from Bronze 1 to Bronze 2. But it takes like 10 losses in a row or more to get demoted from Bronze 4 to Iron 1, or Silver 4 to Bronze 1. Get it?
> [{quoted}](name=Kurotsu,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=RbxJ7iy1,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-22T01:08:51.996+0000) > > Nono, 1-2 games is enough to demote you from Bronze 1 to Bronze 2. > But it takes like 10 losses in a row or more to get demoted from Bronze 4 to Iron 1, or Silver 4 to Bronze 1. Get it? No, that is not true. I was Platinum 2 at 0 point for 9 losses in a row, and i didn't drop division, while my friend droped from Gold to Silver with less losses then that, so basiclly it all depens on your MMR.
Ranchy (EUW)
: What North American cities are the Riot Servers located in?
Indigo47 (EUW)
: Best Top lane carry champions?
My friend been using Darius alot, wiining around 80% of his games, no matter the match up. Hes nothing special with him, hes just average, but winning everything in Plat 2 elo.. So i guess keep practicing him and you'll climb
: Problems with missions
How do i check how many games i seen
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