assembIer (EUNE)
: 100% win rate 14lp per win HELP!!!
serves you right, smurf you don't deserve high rank anyway
: Pls make IBG ( Iceborn gauntlet) melee only
I'm surprised it hasn't been done yet. IBG is abused for way too long.
: Season 9 ruined EUW too
That game is basically unplayable if you don't have 5 ppl premade. Solo q is a terror. Utter terror. I can't count how many times I heard "gg ff15 go next" after first blood. Moreover game is focused on early, overly buffed assassin junglers do the trick. Most games are decided by first 5-10 minutes. Even in diamond people just don't care and it's hard to blame them. Out of my last 20 games let's say -13 were onesided faceroll -4 clear advantage of either team -2 good games with no clear victor till last teamfight, lasting over 35 minutes -1 comeback People like to throw insults like "boosted" and all but man it's not that. One mistake in early will cost you lane. Frag for Eve, Rengar, Kha, Kayn - no lane is safe. When I started playing this game back in early season II, I had many games lasting over 40 minutes and I miss that. Now it all ends too fast. Drakes are insane, so are runes. Is this a game for kids with ADHD and attention span of a fly? Just think about it. How many times you had a chance to buy full build on ranked (not counting supports and times you were overly fed, just normal KDA). They stripped this game of all parts I liked when I started playing. I swear to god, ARAM is the only thing that makes me play it. If they ever remove it I'm gone.
: i think i had a brainfart about lethality
Why can't they just remove lethality and bring back madred's? Oh, right. AD spellcasters... But wait, Talon worked just right before lethality was in game, he just had to hit whole combo. Now people playing Kha and rengar are killing everyone with 1 skill that is empowered AA. Wow, that's some nice change to the game, really it's for the better.
: Yuumi literally is a permanent Kayle ult to the guy she is attached to definitly doesnt break the game
I'd be totally fine with Yuumi if she couldn't sit so long on others. For example if she could sit for 5 seconds with 20 sec cd at least it would be fine. That little parasite is overkill.
: But all of those you named have utility... Brand and Zyra have zoning, AoE and a hard cc, but Brand is more focused on zoning and Zyra is more focused on hard cc. Pyke can't kill anyone 1v1 early game unless you're that bad because of his long cooldowns and commitment, also, he has the most unique ultimate I've seen in a while. The support role was in a dire situation, no one wanted to play it exactly because it was all tanks and utility, now the role is just more diverse and fun. Supporting means helping, not CCing or healing.
Zoning. Yeah, right. But you know what, any mage with long range and hard cc could zone. I don't call that supporting, like I said "just another mage placing wards". If League was meant to be diverse why they deleted old, diverse runes? Why do we have roles at all? I just hope next meta will change this game for better...
rooRoooo (EUW)
I get you. I'm support main too and it tilted me that """supports""" like Brand, Zyra, Pyke are working while they should not. For me supports were tank/utility and that's all. I tried out Brand few times and while it's funny to deal so much dmg while placing wards I think it's not supporting anymore. You can't really help your adc/team apart from oneshoting enemies. That's not playing support, it's just another mage who places wards. Riot should really rework DoT and Liandry's Torment. It's problematic, because new adc are so mobile they don't need that much protection anymore. Look at Kog'maw, without support he'd die easily. Now Xayah, she can save herself. The way supports changed is because of how adcs are created.
: still people permabanning zed/yasuo
I mostly ban yasuo so any of my teammates don't pick him. There is 99% chance teammate yass will feed.
abixbg (EUNE)
: Why not playing normal!??!?! Why you ruing the games of people that actually want to play seriously with 3 or more friends!??!? I really hope you get banned for that!!!!!
Because playing serious as 3-4 ppl premade would be toxic. Communication is vital in this game and such premades would have it too easy. If I was in charge I'd remove duos from rankeds, just solo q.
Pastor Pyke (EUNE)
: Riot actually does ban trolls , i've tested that i had account on turkey server and i wanted to test how the system works out the account i used to try this had level 3 honor and no past punishments ever and i played 3 games and i died a lot to raptors and turret dived intentionally to feed and i died like 20 to 50 times in 1 game (**so i was trolling**) and it took me 3 games to get **14 days ban **for intentionally feeding and trolling so the system actually does work. ps: **I did it on ranked games.**
I... I don't really know how I should react to that. I should be mad at you for destroying ranked games but you did it for the sake of testing ban system. Thank you I guess.
Yraco (EUW)
: I don't really think Riot care about it though, and it makes sense as to why. He doesn't say much in League so now the only people that actually hear what he's saying are the ones that want to go to his stream and listen to him. People aren't affected by what you say about them if they never find out.
He is worse than just an regular flammer in chat. His fanbase are mostly kids/teenagers and they learn from him. This is why he should be forbidden to stream.
: I have no idea why people find him entertaining, but to each their own I guess.
He's the perfect example of great player but bad human. For all toxicity he caused he should be perm banned from league. As his streams show he didn't change much, just uses chat less.
: I guess you can't assume anything less, with a match making designed for tetris.
True. That system is total fail. There are OVER 9000 things you do in order to achieve victory like placing wards, killing, getting assists, not dying, splitpushing, taking drakes, getting drakes and barons, lasthitting, building items with auras for teamfight, roaming and maaaaaaany others. Why does system take only win/lose into account? It's bullshit. We have grades for playing now. Couldn't they give you the amount of LP depending on your grade? For example, you get 20 lp for win and -20 for lose. -if you win with s+ you get 150% of LP so 30 points for you -if you lose with s+ you get -50% of LP so only -10 I bet there are multiple ways to adjust game's grade and implement that. Because if I'm getting carried, those LP aren't really deserved. When I do all I can but can't do much due to various reasons and still lose I'm getting bitter and it's really sad. That win/lose rank encourages people to pick hypercarries and play "solo". It's a team game. Points should be given by how much you helped your team.
: Fun fact, as silver just done placement I am playing with only gold, and they play like %%%%ing garbage.., no game goes without someone providing excellent target pratice and funneling gold to the enemy team. What silver was in season 8, gold is in season 9.., a total and utter gathering of muppets with zero sense of how to play the game.
Dude I play this game since early season II. I'm in diamond now but ppl here play like silver/gold played few years ago. All good players shifted to dota or I don't know what.
v4lge (EUW)
: well it does indicate its successful. The game is good, but the community is trash. In fact, its should get a trophy '' game with the worst community to date''. its just easier to ban flamers than to ban inters, due to their automatic detection system. But then, they should also let loose with the banhammer, ban anyone with 0/10 score spamming ''i dont care its not my acc or smurf/playing for fun'' etc. And if someone gets 5+ reports a game, means there is sth wrong with him. But also with the loose banhammer, i would make it that getting perma takes longer. Maybe get a 2 week ban, month ban, 3 months and then perma. Or implement a system, where you get your solo/duo ranked lock. 20 games locked for example, so he has to play them normals with people who are like him.
The main problem with trolls is they don't usually troll "all the time". They play 10 games normally then they get tilted and just say "FK IT IMMA TROLL IDC ANYMORE".
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >If I was in charge of "who gets banned" I'd probably be playing that game alone xD this is a clear indication that you have no idea how to make a good game :D just look at league, the boards filled with kids bashing riot for their "incompetence" and yet the game still have tens of millions playing it even after 10 years
I know I wouldn't make good game and I'm okay with that. On the other hand popularity doesn't indicate quality. For a proof check out "popular" on youtube ;d
: Is Currrent AP Twisted Fate too weak or balanced?
TF is really hard to balance. His one of those unique champions that must be nerfed a little below meta to not be abused in pro-play but also have to be good enough to not be "trash". His early game is weak, yes. That's the main problem, because currently game favors early game. His roaming potential is extremely good considering his ultimate, but TF on lane is kinda trash. In higher elo people dodge his Q easily most of the times as it's slow af and even if it hits it won't deal much without a set of proper items. I really wish he was stronger, because I love his kit, but I understand why he has to have so much weak sides too.
v4lge (EUW)
: And the flamed inter reported them for flaming and they get banned :D ITs awesome this system. Not that there is a FCKIN MUTE BUTTON. Wish there were no inters button :D
That's the point of RIOT. You can never flame. They love bad players more than players who behave badly and by bad behavior they understand being mean in chat. I don't support that but what can we do? It's their game, we are only playing it. If I was in charge of "who gets banned" I'd probably be playing that game alone xD For example I'd perm ban from ranked people who leave 2 games in a week. I'd ban everyone who bought Darius, Rengar and Kha. I'd ban people who copy korean builds and suck using it. I'd ban each and every smurf. I wouldn't allow duo in rankeds, only solo queue. I'd remove possibility of reporting anyone in aram as it's troll mode and I like it that way. The thing is, when I play rankeds I put on a big, fake smile on my face and act cool even if someone is an idiot with enormous ego and I advise you to do the same.
MmdJ4ck (EUW)
: I can't play with them
Not always. You just remember those bad only. Always remember enemy team has exactly same chance of getting afk/troll that you have. Actually, enemy team has higher chance of trolls and afks than you, because in YOUR team YOU will never troll/go afk, so you MAY have 4 bad players in your team and enemy team MAY have 5. Odds are on your side, mate.
: Ranked ARAM PLS
I love the idea. Dude that's GOLD. I love to play all champions (even tho I play mostly support) and arams are such a great invention. I want to see ranked arams soooooo bad. Bans would be necessary tho. About champion pool abuse, let's make aram ranked forbidden for people who have less than 50% of champions released and it's all cool :3
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: Is Aatrox balanced ?
He is not balanced just as CC system isn't fair. All stuns and silences should disable spells BUT some spells are disabled and some are not. They must fix that first.
: I think she's broken when she sits on a 10/0 Jax, so that he is literally unkillable. In an even team, she is fair.
You know that Yuumi isn't the problem in such situation? 10/0 Jax is. The point is she is too easy to play.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vialpando,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=slyaIlTO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-01T08:31:17.738+0000) > > Wait dude. Passive on frozen heart is unique, it means that attack speed slow does NOT stack. All pyke gained from 2 FH is > +200 armor > +40% cooldown reduction > +800 mana He is talking about TFT
My bad. There should be another board for abomination that TFT is.
: double frozen heart on pyke should not be a thing !!!!!!
Wait dude. Passive on frozen heart is unique, it means that attack speed slow does NOT stack. All pyke gained from 2 FH is +200 armor +40% cooldown reduction +800 mana
: Yuumi should be encouraged to move between targets rather than just sitting on the most fed champion
While I agree with you to some degree there would be problems with that. First of all, Yuumi is a support so she should stick to her adc all the time. She has extremely low hp and whole concept of her is that she's little parasite who leeches off carries. From my point of view she should chose only one target like Kalista and if she chooses to jump off she should wait more to jump on again. Her cd's are ridiculously low for the amount of heal, poke and mobility she has. I don't think she's op, I don't think she's broken. I just think her kit is annoying to play against and she's the easiest support to play in the League. She has to be more challenging for a player who picks her.
: Adc's that outburst assassins lategame are a mistake.
So what if there is no late game? Most games I play in d3 end in less than 30 minutes. ADC needs full build to outburst AD assassins meanwhile AD assassin with duskblade only can finish any carry in less than a second. What you missed is that adc has to farm quite a lot to be effective while AD assassin is great from start till the end.
Riryz (EUW)
: Legacy cursor
huh there are over 9000 things riot should work on but people seem to care about cursor only
: Nothing changes in Gold
Honestly I don't see much change between silver and diamond. I still get afks, trolls, generally unskilled players, lots of boosters and toxicity. I hoped that players in diamond cared - but they don't.
: Ad and ap assasins are honestly no different... in fact personally I hate ap assasins way more, ad assasins you just get armguard and tabi and they are useless. They both do the same job and in the same way, and they’ve both got the same levels of frustration.
That's where you're wrong, kiddo. AP assassins have powerful skills. AD assassins have powerful skills and AA while their skills are on cd. Lethality works much better than % armor/mr pen vs targets who have already low defs (like carries for example). Truth is in late game AP assassins and AD are equal, but AD assassins get powerful way sooner. They destroy early game.
: Lethality is just a different way of doing flat pen, which already existed... so no real change there. And assasins are (unfortunately) important to game health. By having a champion who excels at single target elimination like an assasin you balance out carries like adcs who deal a lot of damage and need to be targeted and eliminated quickly. If assasins where removed adcs would become much more uncontestable and we’d go into a very bad adc meta... and for assasins to work you need stuff like flat pen.... aka lethality So it’s prob not that much of an unpopular opinion, I’d imagine anyone who isn’t an assasin main would agree... but assasins do play a big role in the ecosystem of league so they definitely aren’t a mistake, just a pain in the ass (they are the wasps of league, important to the ecosystem but we all wish they wherent so we could kill them off).
You completely missed my point. I'm not talking about ALL assassins, just ad assassins like Rengar, Kha, Talon and the worst of them - Zed. We have assassins like Diana or Fizz who are fine.
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Kaluchii (EUW)
: which part is it that you dont like?
Passive: Changed from defensive one to offensive one. Great. We need more offensive champions because huh who needs to tank some dmg when you can JUST DEAL MORE. Q: Well, quite reasonable if they want to change GP's Q to skillshot just like they did with Veigar's Q. Maybe they'll get rid of Annie's Q when they're at it too. Who knows what good ideas they might have next. W: Is it really changed? If you don't count passive then it's still the same. E: Sooo it's like Braum's shield but deals dmg and isn't CC proof? The best part about it (pre-remake) was it dealt a lot of dmg but made you unable to move/change direction during casting E. Now I feel like this skill is way too packed and has just too much power in it. Giving a champion one skill that is offensive and defensive at once is at least silly. R: Liked old one better because it was hard to hit but greatly rewarding. In the video they talked about how they wanted him to resemble his "older" self but this is not that champion. They butchered his passive, took out his guaranteed cryt. He still has spear and shield, yes, but this is not Pantheon anymore.
Kaluchii (EUW)
: Pantheon Gameplay Rework Preview - Reaction
Maxolini (EUW)
: Btw this patch 9.14 introduced so many performance problems !!
What kind of graphic cards do you have guys? Because I don't have such problems at all.
Lari (EUNE)
: Plat has more people going afk than silver
Blame smurfs. They boost friends/sell boosted accounts. I see a lot of people who play better than avg plats with ~35 lvls. It's a serious issue.
: RatIrl smurfing in eune gold with duo lulu and boosting gold players
Smurfs should be banned. We all know that feel when enemy team's jungler has ~35 lvl and over 80% winrate. This is extremely toxic type of players.
: You think Aatrox is the only one broken from start? {{champion:24}} Press E and jump on the adc,right click him to death and his team. This was guy was able to get pentakills on the fountian when he was first released. {{champion:92}} 1 knockup,1 stun,boss mode ult with aoe execute,low cd dash with shield. Synergizes with literaly every new item/rune I can give more examples,but that's not what needs to be said. What needs to be said that there are indeed frustrating champions like old Aatrox,but there were people who loved them. Aatrox did not have the "popular money maker armor" like other champions {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:64}} so he was deleted from the game. He was not unique,because many champions had built in revives? {{champion:26}} {{champion:34}} were the only ones with what you could call a revive back then. 2 champions, are 2 champions enough to make you say "many"? And unlike them, Aatrox was not some %%%%% who stood back and watched,he was given a revive so you could go balls deep on the enemy team. I didn't play the old Aatrox alot mainly because I was too focused on otp'ing another champ. But let me tell you he was the only champion I felt thrilling to play as a diver. If you inspect his kit for longer than 10 seconds, you could see he was desinged to right into the heart of battle and have a chance to overcome it. That is why he had built in lifesteal so he can outlast the damage he was taking. And if you could stack your passive properly you would watch your own team clean up the fight because the enemy used what they had on you as you would slowly revive. Aatrox did what he was saying: Now we TURN THE TIDES! (That comeback you do right when you are cornered and heal back all the damage they dealt as 1v2) Hesitation is DEATH (You would lose because you were too afraid to go in) Violence is elegance (Watching your teammates pick off the runners while you revived)
I never said he was the only champion which had broken mechanics upon release. As a matter of fact - many champions come out way stronger than they should be (and this is why they get nerfed in next patch after they come out. Newsflash.) I still think that having insane lifesteal combined with revive and mobility is way too much. As you said - he was made to crash right in the center of enemy team, squash a carry and come back after being nuked. That IS THE PROBLEM. Champion designed to do that should be able to take carry out and die, not more. Old Aatrox was a jack of all trades, he just had too much of everything. I wish he was just put aside and treated like old Karma from now on. His kit was too packed to be balanced.
: Can Riot not break the game every goddamn patch?
At this point they could just disable rankeds for a week after any patch. It would be really helpful. People would check out changes in game instead of "plain text" and they could see bugs for themselves instead of losing ELO.
: Aatrox drew his last breath today
I'm happy there is no "old" Aatrox anymore. He was broken from the start and no patch really fixed the issue. Insane lifesteal combined with revive? Come on, you all knew it was too much. Moreover - when Aatrox came out, there already were many champions with healing/revive on passive. He was not unique, he was not needed. It's like WW, Riven and Anivia had a threesome and this is how Aatrox was born. If those nerfs make him unplayable I will be happy about it.
There is a massive load of critical bugs with champions too. Runes got crazy. Don't play rankeds guys.
: [9.14] - Manaflow band does not work. Never got a single stack.
Played two games with Nami today. First time manaflow didn't work at all, next game it allowed me to stack 50 mana and that was all.
: Qiyana Q no Damage
Played ranked today with Qiyana and she said the same. Q doesn't deal dmg at all.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: She had 20 AP from the stat runes. At 20 minutes, she had 24AP from Gathering Storm. 150AP from items. That is 194 AP. Infernal gives 10% bonus. That brings the total up to 213 AP. The difference of 244 and 213 is most likely explained by the Eyeball collection rune. After that, she bought two Needlessly Large Rods. That equals 132 AP with an Infernal. 244+132=376. Around the value you gave. So you reported her for nothing? What a gentleman you are.
Just a little correction, she had around 360 AP with just ONE Needlessly Large Rod, she bought the second one just a moment before match ended so I have no idea how much AP she had back then.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Some screenshots would be nice. Did they have Infernals? EDIT: She did have Gathering storm.
They had one infernal. I don't have any screenshots, but I reported her in game, after match, just in case. EDIT: I had no idea this mastery was so powerful, given that that match was shorter than 30 minutes
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