Laybock (EUW)
: Looking for coach / analyst
I tryed to add you on my euw account but you declined, add me on skype it's Vicko.Gracin
: Looking for mentor/or an advisor of some sort for jungle!
Add me on Skype, it's Vicko.Gracin, i can help you probably.
AEX Xesc (EUW)
: Ambitious Goldplayers needed for creating a ranked Team
Hi, i would be intrested in coaching you, if you want to add me on Skype, it's Vicko.Gracin.
: LF an Analyst/Coach, for a newly formed, but highly talented team.
Hello, i'm intrested in the position, but i do have some more questions about it first, could you add me on skype? It's Vicko.Gracin.
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GE Wolf (EUW)
: Gold III Player LF A top Lane Coach
Hi, while I'm lower elo then you I still can help you improve pleanty, add me on Skype if you are intrested, it's Vicko.Gracin
: Team looking for a Diamond 1 or higher jungler, and a coach - Read post if you're intrested
Hi, im not a high elo player but I do have a lot of esports experience and some coaching experience mostly with low elo players and plat teams. I'm able to work for free for a few sessions a week. If you need more information feel free to contact me on Skype (Vicko.Gracin)
Hi, im intrested in a coaching position, add me on skype Vicko.Gracin
: Looking for coach
Hi there, I am intrested and have pleanty of experience, contact me on Skype Vicko.Gracin.
brawIer93 (EUW)
: Looking for a Support and Coach for 5's team
Hello, I am intrested and have some coaching experience, as my account is on the EuNE add me on Skype if you have any questions. The Skype name is Vicko Gracin
Plussmaci (EUW)
: Hey! Really nice thing what you do! Unfortunately i am on EUW, but is there a way you could help me improve my skills? I`m in bronze league and there is a reason for that.... Trying to improve my last hitting 70% of the time i outfarm my opponent but my big issue is getting the kill. I`m really clumsy on closing it out. I think my laning phase is not that bad (i can improve it by more practice). Also in ranked i always tell my jungler to focus on other lanes, cant really follow up on ganks... Can you spectate my matches or give me some hints from eune? Thanks in advance!
No problem, add me on skype and we can see what your problems are and how to fix them. Its Vicko.Gracin.
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VickoGuz (EUNE)
: Gold Coach looking for people to coach (for free)
You can add me on Skype, its Vicko.Gracin
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: Penguin eSports LF Top laner & Coach
Hello, i'm also intrested in the coaching position. Well, I'm a 23 year old from Croatia. I have studied at the Center for Physical Studies with a focus on coaching small groups of pre teen and teens. I changed my college after year 2 to Center of Electronics Studies due to the economical situation in my country. I have worked with small amateur teams and individuals for a few years mostly in apnea freediving. We have no international success as of yet. I have been a avid E-Sports fan since Statecraft 2 beta, I have played SC2 and was placed in high diamond on European servers in the first season but due to carpal tunnel syndrome I had to stop playing Starcraft. I played LoL since season 1 never placing higher then low gold partly due to the fact that i have about 50% movement in my left wrist and a bit more in my right. What I'm offering is a semi-professional approach to basic teambuilding strategy, improvement of communication, standardization of traning regiments and meaningful analization of in game problems. I have been trying to inject myself into E-sports for years now, and since there is no chance of me being a player I find a coaching position to be the next best thing. If you wish me to answer any questions the best place to contact me is on my Skype,Vicko.Gracin, im online for the whole day.
Sawy (EUW)
: I would like to have a chat with you - but i'm on EuW and to lazy to make an acc for EuNe - is there any option for you to add me on EuW and/or some other forum such as Skype etc?
Sure, add me on skype, Vicko.Gracin
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