: So. Let's discuss Senna.
She seems absolutely fine to me. Never had such a great time with a new release in a long time.
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: Because this is a forum. Also I didn't sarcasm about anyone. But you have a problem with me. So yes you're toxic. Also I didn't think you while I created this topic. So I'm not toxic. You didn't give me a data and sensible argument. I still didn't a data, a statistic, an evidence. If you agree Orianna needs some nerfs, that means she is op. You still don't understand some situations. If a champion does very well job, that means she is over the border.
Oh my god, I don't even remember exactly how I got here to an EUW chart from EUNE, but this post is so cancerous xD If I ever see this Bull~whatever name, I'll do anything to avoid it. Wise would be if everyone did so. He can't argue, he can't write, nor he can make standing counterargument xDDDD
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