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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why does RIOT make lame excuses when removing items from the game?
I think their aim is to make every game feel different. For example every burst mage was building DFG so they removed it, added {{item:3285}} and then reworked the ap items so that evry mage has a more diverse build path. Same with adc-s. Some had too much similarity so they reworked them and also reworked the ad items.
: my and YOUR mains
Overall: I dont really know. I always try to be good with many different champions so I don't stay on one. Now it's probably {{champion:268}} , before that {{champion:161}} , {{champion:39}} , {{champion:25}} , {{champion:58}} , {{champion:266}} , and my very first main was {{champion:86}} Top: {{champion:62}} {{champion:85}} Jungle: {{champion:421}} Mid: {{champion:161}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:238}} Adc: {{champion:236}} {{champion:67}} Supp: {{champion:412}}
: btw Shen father killed zed or something like that but, shen didn't kill zed =)
Uhm.. zed killed shen's father not the other way around
meowsuo (EUW)
: Something weird is going on with Zed's champion page. I just found it on Reddit. Look for yourself.
Guys what if it is a hint to a new champion. There is thunder. Maybe Ao Shin??? After all this time maybe he is finally ready to be released???
: Eune Reconnect Problem
I have a similar problem. I was in the middle of a gama, Kalista tried connecting her spear with me and suddaenly I saw an "Attempting to reconnect" message on my screen. I though it was a bug with Kalista so I tried to reconnect but after several tries it just doesn't let me do it. Now I see that many ppl are having the same problem so I am at least happy that it is not bug affecting only me.
Varjokani (EUNE)
: I get matched up against diamonds/ plats
Is someone on your team in a high devision?
DecimuSS (EUNE)
: Delay that season end ,cmon Rito JUST DO IT !
: There's people (and boards) who say that if you don't climb further you probably are where you belong. To climb further, you need to improve. I mean, you talk about Plat/Diamond, I talk about Bronze/Silver^^. In principle it's the same. However, reading your post, I would agree to say you're on tilt.... Know why? Because you put pressure onto yourself **to win**. Every advisor says you should play **to improve** (and also to have fun, hey, **it's game**). Competitive games like this are won or lost with 30% skill, 30% attitude, and 40% teamplay. It is important to know that most likely you cannot close out a game all on your own. That also means that no matter how bad you play (according to your own perception), it has no more than those 30% impact on the entire team's performance. Think of a football team. It's not different. Trust your team that they know what they do (should be possible on Plat level). Let them carry you if you have a bad game. Just don't screw up or feed too much. I was ranked in into Silver4, dropped all the way down because I was crap and knew nothing. Now I know much more, got up to B3 promos, but fell down to B5 again.... It just is. I don't really care about my rank. What I care about is to give the best I can, play champs I like playing, having good mood in the team, help the team, track timers, get advantages, help the team focus on objectives. Sometimes goes well, sometimes doesn't. I see the current problem I have in my ranked games, which is that the team is not able to close out games.... and the team includes me as well. We often have a solid lead, but midgame we give it away and screw it up. So what? There will come a day when I manage to keep the team together in order to push to win. Just relax and get back to the fun part. The rank (= the result) comes from the effort you put into it - it is not the primary goal (sounds odd, but is true). Which includes having fun, as this improves you dramatically. If you go into a game, fearing to play bad or to lose, you almost have mentally surrendered already. Just play it, the rest comes automatically. Unless - you are where you belong, which might be true.
This is actually really helpful. I kept these tips in my mind as I climbed and I seem to have forgotten them. But what you said about letting your team carry you. I mean there isn't anything bad about it. I just feel bad when I perform poorly and my team have to carry my arse. I feel like a looser even though we're winning just because I was too weak to help more than I did.
: The worst thing to tell your teammates
I also hate it whem someone makes a mistake, just one mistake and there is always that one person who starts flaming. "omg stoo feeding noob" "reported" *dies one or two times* "STOP FEEDING GG WP REPORT" *types /ff in chat*
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Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Why is Riven allowed to play URF in Normals?
Well you wanted URF, Riot gave it to you and now you complain. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!
Roundar (EUW)
: You can get banned for saying a champion quote
You are forgetting the best quote! {{champion:238}} "The unseen bronze is the deadliest!" I think this is how it goes.
Death Ray (EUW)
: Game is ruined
Guys, stun and kite. It is not that hard. Make builds around it. Like botrk builds, liandry. Game is not ruined. The game is now better and more interesting. You can't just build this and that, and hope for a win. You need to think. "What is the best option for me now?", "How can I play around it?" . You can't jsut complain at every change you don't like. Come on. New things are always better. You just want to whine about something.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: A Fizz main will dump on a TF main 9 times out of 10.
Oops sry I made a mistake. I meant to say "Well that is even a better reason to NOT pick it" . The rest then make sence. :D
Pronicito (EUW)
: The end of season is near? I thought it just started. Do you know the exact date it will end?
Not quite sure. After 1 month? Or maybe 2 months? I personally have the dream to reach at least d5 at the end of season and I am scared that I won't have enough time. But i am currently p1 with 60 points so I am pretty close. We will see what happens. :D
Eeten (EUW)
: If you could delete 1 Champion forever from this Game, which one would it be, and why ?
Teemo... Just he is annoying, I hate him. Early game he is not that big of a problem if you know how to pkay against them, BUT THOSE MUSHROOMS!! I hate them, I hate Teemo, even Teemo hates Teemo. Riot pls destroy him to bring true peace in the Fields of Justice. There is no justice when he is around. Burn Teemo, BUUURN!!! {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{champion:17}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}}
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Who thought that this Darius update is gonna bring balance?
Well it makes Darius more viable. He gets kited easily if he misses his E and even if he hits it, if a targt has a dash it can escape. And beofre it took too long to get the 5 stacks and deal the dmg with your ult so now if you let him get to you and his passive is active, gg wp.
Pronicito (EUW)
: Opinions about Gold
Gold V is a toxic devision. Since Gold is the league where your get the free skin, some people reach it and stop caring at all about climbing anymore. Especially now when the season end is near. Try your best every game and if you are good, you will climb, if not wait for the new season and wreck some faces.
: what's with that gg easy crap...
Ye, it is extremely annoying and toxic. I find it especially annoying when you beat that person in lane really hard, he is never with his team, he does absolutely nothing to contribute to the game and when he gets carried he types "gg easy" . Like seriously? Come on!
Sz4r1ej (EUW)
: Tired of this Tahm bullshit
What? I have actually never encountered a gamr with a troll Tahm Kench player. Every Tahm Kench I have played with was in the enemy team and always deffended the squishies with his annoying "eat the out I am" .
ThePompf (EUW)
: The blitzcrank game that came out.(yes, an arcade game, but still a game) you gotta {{champion:53}} the{{summoner:31}}
Oh, yeah. That was a fun game to play.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: What if My favourite champion is TF? I gt first pick, Better pick yorick because I don't want to get countered.
Well that is even a better reason to pick it. He is your favourite champion. Wouldn't you feel bad when they hard counter you and you lose your lane badly?
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: I guess I have to become amazing on every single champion then, right? And there is still the issue of picking first.
YES!!! You must play every champion at pro level, no excuses and no exceptions. Yorick, Anivia, Skarner(before hte buff), *insert champion that is either bad or doesn't see much play*? You must wreck everyone on everything!!!!
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: You just first picked TF mid, your enemy picks after you and it turns out to be a fizz main. Go ahead and counterpick him.
But why would first you pick TF mid, they can counter you so easily. Pick sth else that can't be countered as easily and can go to an other lane. Idk fizz? xD No but really. If you pick an utility mage, or a high range mage it shouldn't be that big of a problem.
: This might not be completely true, as Teemo top counters every single fucking champion in the game. *insert teemo hate speech*
No, teemo is actually really easy to beat. *Insert high burst champion here* can smash him in no time. I personally find it funny to lane with Renekton against him, You go in, do dmg, and go out before he reacts. He is able to zone you a bit though and if he is good enough, he can dodge everything, but still it was fun against the plaayers I've played :D .
: every splitpusher / solo laner should USE this item
It also gives a lot of vision to the enemy jungle. You know where 2-3 players of the enemy team are? Pressure an objective and then let a teleport solo laner split push, while your team is having a tea party somewhere else. Your team is in trouble? No problem! Just press D/F and you're there.
: I want 5 bans . 1 for each player.
No, I do not like your idea. Five bans for every team? TEN total bans? No, thank you. That would shift the meta so much and in a bad way. Like imagine all people targetting a lane (not very likely but still possible) . Ban ten viable champions, get something stupid that is not viable for the team at all. Like you need to pick champions with good synergy, not just instalock the first thing that comes in mind.
: Riot Lyte corrects his statement regarding season rewards and toxic behaviour.
This is way better then it used to be. I have not been punished this season for anything (since I am an angel in disguise) but it wasn't really fair for the people that got better. Who learned their lesson (or lets be honest, trolled cause they feel it is more fun :D) and then decided that winning is the best option ther can ever be(yaaay!!!). It would be cruel to not give them rewards. But now everybody is happy ^^
: > [{quoted}](name=TheDemonicDude,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NsdE7gEA,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2015-08-20T21:21:01.598+0000) > > Rip {{champion:45}} And I'm still playing him in D3 and 4 without a problem. Don't be a bitch. There are no weak champions in the game. Every champ that got reworked got more reliable. Fiora for example. She was utter trash when behind, now she is always guaranteed to stay somewhat useful. Only champ that is currently out of play in 99% of the time would be Taric, and he is on the table for a Sion level rework too.
No, no don't leave behind our beloved Gem Master pls. He is a cheap tank support you can get on low elos when you need a tank champ for a support and don't want to buy expensive champions since you hate the support role :D . But the joke aside, he really needs a rework. Dear Riot, Please hear our prayers and make the gems shine again. Let them be the most outrageous ever!
Tmenov (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Genesais,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NsdE7gEA,comment-id=00020000000000010000,timestamp=2015-08-21T00:31:15.664+0000) > > Well go and play Dota, Smite or HotS > what's ur problem > u play a free game and complain about what u actually would have to pay for if u would want it > what the fuck > go create a game, design champs and skins and maintain servers for free without any money > If u think LoL has so many flaws, why do u play it in the first place > u don't have to buy chromas and if u do it's still ur choice dude, take a look at WoW, they actually give a fuck about their commi. And, while they do, 1. their champs aint broken. 2. they keep their servers clean up, its not like lol u crash when ur in ranked :) 3. its a way bigger game than this " fun balanced not flaming pussy game" and be serious, those chromas are shit as fck, I think they should give just one chroma, when u master a champ.. and every like, 100k mastery points u get on a champ, u get a new chroma pack of that champ.. and look at every release of champ, broken.. bullshit.. broken;.. bulshit.. broken, more broken, and dont get me wrong, the map change and HUD change was nice to see, the fact they made those mastery points.. nice, but come on.. they almost dont do shit, and whatever they release, its full of bugs or broken shit.. Like riven, -5 movement speed? wtf is that for nerf? who actually believed that was a big nerf for her?
Well the client is buggy sometimes, but Riot didn't expect their game to get this big with millions of players so they built it on Adobe Air. Actually, currently they are working on a new client, that they are building from scratch, and it should be really smooth(i hope), since they are working on it for a long time. On a different note I actually really like your idea of getting the chroma pack free when you reach a champion mastery of 100k points. I really do not care about it right now and I am probably not alone. Like I was hyped when I heard you could get a new emote by reaching level 4,5 but I actually thought it was a new champion emote(taunt, joke..). It would be hard to implement so many emotes but still... Getting the free chroma packs with 100k mastery would get me hyped again!!
ThePompf (EUW)
: Rito got 2 games though
Wait, I go interested. What do you think is their second game? Don't be ashamed to tell me pls :D .
Lord Emp (EUW)
: This game made 1 billion just last year alone. One fucking billion dollars. It wouldnt kill them to do something for the community. Also, this is not a free game, this is a free to play game. Difference is huge. But then again, what would an asskisser like you know.
Why wouldnt't it be a free game? You do not pay to win. You can play the game and win without even purchasing skins. Ye, rune pages may take a lot of time if you want to buy them with IP, but you can still do it rather than paying. And you need IP to get the actual runes so in my opinion it is fair.


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