: Game is extremely not enjoyable at the moment.
Is this the last game you're talking about? https://i.imgur.com/odF3POL.png Let me give you a quick reality check then.. Nobody cares. You go on a tirade about saying how the game isn't fun anymore and how all of your friends have stopped playing it, whilst simultaneously blatantly %%%%%ing about a shitty game you had. "And of course I'm the one to blame." - Yes, yes you are. You're getting overtly tilted by a shitty game you had. Suck it up. You've played a total of 4 ranked games *today* with two wins and two losses. Your winratio is 54% over close to 400 games. You're playing in preseason. You explain your games as if you're taking it personally and it's something that you're going to remember for the rest of your life. You *manage* to be honor level 5 as if it's something that's so damn difficult to achieve. The only thing that's derived from all that you've written is that you're angry and you decided to be a keyboard warrior on a public forum complaining because you amount to what's called an 'excuse' player. I'm currently in Master I @ 215 LP. The only thing you can actually do to improve the way you play is the good old saying "Go next". Here's some actual advice: Queue up, game after game, no matter the result, and you'll get sucked in. It'll start to feel fun again once you start actually grinding. Talk to a friend, try duo queue with a friend or with someone you find to be a good player, listen to whatever music you'd like and actually play the game instead of complaining. No matter how direct (And quite possibly rude) this post is, just remember one thing: Nobody actually cares enough. Play your own game and have fun doing it.

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