: And now you don't need 4 stacks instead you deal good chunk of dmg in one skills with little slow which is good. The only thing I got problem is kind of low sustain with Q. Crimson rush is kind of meh. Runs out too fast. He is better to play just needs buffs.
hes E is way more predict he need cast , while back in the days u coul do E than Pool than E again. the nerf killed him. slow wont help u cuz its not that u catch some one he catches you .
chill22518 (EUNE)
: woah, so how did he die? did he get stabbed in the heart or by a garlic bomb?
Riot opened hes mouth ,,,, and u know the rest.
Scköll (EUW)
: Players are ignorant. in my Disc. everyone keeps ranting how great his burst dmg is, if you build 100% HP and all, how they oneshot champs and how many S grades they got from 1st time playing. Apparently we are the only ones that are sad over the change.
build full HP and ull kill urself XD 2 skills- 30%
: What I liked now is his new E. It deals good dmg and I really like using it. Minus is that targets behind don't get damaged. Q crimson rush runs out too fast. Ult heal is nice. Would say needs baffs.
the old E done around the same dmg in 4 stucks he dont need a buff he need some new skills not those if u ask me.
Four Star (EUW)
: Anyone else really hating the vlad re-work?
Scköll (EUW)
: That was exactly my Thoughts and I wanted to start my own Article on that, but instead I will post my thoughts here. **THE SLOW DECAY AND UTTERLY DESTRUCTION OF VLADIMIR - THE BLOODMAGE** So yeah, like you said, he is unplayable. First, lets look into what Blood was used and ment to be, and then, what he had become. Vlad was a tanky, selfhealing, shortrange (battle)Mage, without (hard) CC and the abilities to avoid and heal from damage. He never had recourses and therefore, could technically stay in lane forever. When he was first introduced to the game, his selfhealing was so intense, that for the next 3 months only 3 vlads died worldwide. So he was nerfed. (Together with Mordekaiser) Riot took away a core item, a item no longer in the shop for at least 3 years, and the icon only visible on Tower Items. (I forgot the name, the shame) So, since then Vlads healing was a sting in the eyes of Riot. Somehow they schemed to get rid of him, like they got rid of Urgot and Old Karma (before the rework). First they gave Will of the Ancients a Mana pool and made it more expensive. So the Core item for Vlad was Gunblade now(?). And now, that they got rid of Vlads Core item, you get Gunblade as only alternative, and get attackdamage you dont want and need. * His Q however, as I see it, Riot wanted to telegraph it somehow, but due to the fact its not a skillshot, they made Vlad glow up like a Christmastree, so everyone would know when to step back for 2 seconds. Fates {{champion:4}} cards last, what? 5 seconds? How does the Rush be of any use to be, it its gone after a second? * His E however, as I see it, Riot wanted to telegraph it somehow, hence, they gave his a charge-up that takes 3 years to load and gets interrupted whenever he does anything else, like W, R, Q, or 123. - So everyone can just move away. And waveclear is also ruined. When he could dmg all minions before, he now damages only the closest ones. What also counts for Champions, that can easily HIDE behind their minions and take exactly 0 damage, and at the same time Damage Vlad for 10% of his life without lifting a finger. * His R however, first had 40% dmg enhancement, later then 12% and now 10%, what, on a spell like his Q, with 300 dmg, is 30. Honestly, I take Nunu's "eat minions an shit" anytime over any of Vlads new spells. because any of them is utterly useless. Vlad has no Control, he can not stun, and only slow, who sits in his arms already, he can not dash, no catch up, not run fast, not teleport, or really anything. All in all, Vlad became a shortranged skirmish mage, that is killed easily, has no escape, no damage and no effects on him to support his team. And counter he was from, like Jax, he is now countered by, because when he could harrass jax behind his minions, he can not anymore, and jax jumps out of his Q range easily. Riot, if you read this. Just give him mana and a stun for an ultimate - of just fucking delete him already. But stop hating him, only because Kirsten Steward is a bad actress. pls. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
cant agree more but u should also post it to make more waves, i think vlad is actually dead atm i honestly cant htink of any other mage more dead than he is.
: Every third q heals more and he has more damage overall I think... Honestly he sounds like a high risk high reward champion to me.
The Q aint good enoughto make it works
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: I think people just need to reconsider the right role and itemization for him now. Looks like no more damage for him, but pure tankiness. On the other hand, tanking without a CC sucks too and better pick Leona, lolz :D
Role now is only top cuz he dont have a way to poke well somehting that aint mele and hes sustain aint that good. as a tank he have no cc and he take % of hes on hp in a full combo its around 40%-35% wich is stupid AF AP just wont work i think.
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