: I think you should change your nick to something like IRONGENERAL and make those goldies stuck with you suffer!
Vladi2005V (EUNE)
: I am iron IV and I am playing against gold every game!Its not fair
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I would advise not to play ranked for a while since it's pre-season. Firstly, match-making is screwed, I get matched with Diamonds as a Gold player as well, and secondly your rank will reset in January for a fresh start where everything should be back in place.
Patsy Mid (EUW)
: I am Silver in Flex and I often play against Diamond and Platinum{{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: The real question is ,are you really an iron elo player?Your skills might not be good enough for gold but decent for silver. You went 6-5 in solo q so in theory you should have been placed in gold or around there (silver 3-1),you got placed in iron because of the way the new system works at the moment (it's kinda messed up). Your mmr is low gold so you play with gold elo players but looks like the predictions over your mmr(obviously not your tier,this is bugged ) the system made are bad (no offence) . if the system is wrong over your mmr (you deserve silver i believe or high bronze) this will be fixed in season 9 If you deserve gold instead of iron this will again be fixed in season 9. It's pre season so yeah riot is live testing some things which is good (more chances season 9 will go smoothly ).
Eclectic (EUNE)
: Firstly, I should say that I already feel bad for you having to deal with this and offer my sympathies. Secondly, as I looked at some of your games, while they did look like favoring the enemy team, you had always at least three gold players in your team too - although I say again that the the enemy team had more players with higher ranks! The interesting part was that I found no Iron players at your rank (Iron II) or anyone in Iron in general in your games. This is why many players say that ranked is not doing well in terms of players' skill-level. BTW, what is the point of playing ranked in pre-season? Try normals and work on your skills so you get better and become ready to match more skillful players and thus beat the system's faulty match-making plan.
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