: Pulsefire caitlyn release date ?
Please am dying... why do they take so long to release it!
Tobykachu (EUW)
: Dark Star Thresh Theory
The Dark Star, A Sun Without Light, Its The Gateway To The Void
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: I think is a conspiracy that actively wants to keep you down. I know Bjergsen said something about a new rising star from the lower silver reached s2 and he was scared that guy would take his place. I've just now connected all the loose ends and can see it was about you. I guess Bjergsain paid RIOT and RIOT also does not want you to become Challanjeur and get into LCS. That must be the sole explanation.
XD lmao no but i mean that its hard so solo queue in s2 u just get afk's and people who arent that good at the game its either you play with some friends and get called boosted or just play with hope and luck also am not a platinum skilled guy
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Riot tmx (EUNE)
: EUNE platform migration maintenance (25.08.2016)
will euw and eune be able to migrate for free like u did in 2013 after this?
: Look for a new victim. LB has been nerfed enough.
look at her Q and W combo dafuq is that burst damage she has so much op burst damage
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