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HonorFive (EUW)
: I did change that value and it just changed itself back EDIT: I just did a full repair too, and now i cant evne see champions anymore in champ select GG GOOD JOB RIOT EDIT2: I got the champ select fixed again, now back in game, chat is still not visieble
Well, yeah, how can you see other ppl's champ's when u are the only one in champ select?
: Exactly said, most of the community is delusional, shall i tell you how almost everyone from a single match reported me? I wanted to try out xin in blind pick and there was a darius player spamming top or troll, so during the game he decided to feed an enemy tahm kench so i decided not to gank because 1. he was toxic, 2. it would have resulted in a double for the tahm, then darius was spamming rep me the whole game for not ganking him so he decided to literally start inting, also my adc spamming to rep me for not ganking top even though i couldn't of course, and guess what? the enemy team decides to also rep me for not ganking someone who was toxic and had fed someone to the point where you could only 5v1 to kill them, oh and no one wanted to rep the inting and toxic darius, hmmmmmm. (Also ban-worthy is not the same as ban-able, so what he did is definitely ban-able, but ban-worthy? Nice joke)
Wtf are u 2 talking about, there is a report for "spam" button there. He clearly spammed.
: important question
Riot will choose a day where if u were banned after that, day u wont get any season rewards
Eambo (EUW)
: [Resolved] Patching Issues
Maziqu33n (EUW)
: Network Operations – 3 minutes ago We are aware of patching issues, and are currently investigating. They are working on it. Go drink a glass of water, stretch your body and fingers a little and you'll be back online soon {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
i know about that lul, and i know that a problem with logging in isnt same shit as a problem with creating lobbies is lul
Maziqu33n (EUW)
: Network Operations – 12 minutes ago We are aware of a problem with creating or joining lobbies, and we are working on a fix. They are working on it so we just have to wait :)
This right now isnt a problem with creating lobbies LUL
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: 14 dasy susspension
: New patch sucks ass
now when u mention it i also feel that client is lagging more
: This time i caught IT on tape please watch whole video (evil teemo laugh)
: Tournament Code
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: Missions are not there.
: Ranked team EUNE
MoroseMoe (EUNE)
: Hello. I've been swimming around in plat and gold, depending on how much I play each season. Can play any role other than jungle fairly well. I have some team experience going to tourneys and what not, now just want a friendly environment to play in.
Jesi srbin ^^if u dont get this then sorry. Tho u are from balkan cos of ur name..
RazorManiak (EUNE)
: Creating a 5v5 team
Currently plat 4 eune. Jngl top main, can play adc and mage supports alternatively, but no chances of me playing midlane.
: If im not dreaming 7.11 came out and there are no 10 bans
LUL i read patch notes, but not on release day. Read it on the other sites. btw its stupid to release 10bans throughout the patch...
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: Script when vs AI
git gud and beat bots 1v5 its easy
LeonBlemo (EUW)
: script used in AI mode
lul u cant win 1v5 against bots
: The new client is absolute garbage
Nah nothing will help. Oh wait 1 thing could, but they need to give us back old client first.
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Glazebone (EUW)
: Is RIOT going to address the issue with the bugged new client anytime soon? Because it seems like they just shoved us an unfinished product and left the room. Kinda like what EA Games does, only thing is we're used to EA Games screwing us over every year with the same shitty products. RIOT, please address the issue, someone needs to stand-up and explain to the community why you forced us to upgrade into a client that is taxing, heavy, with many missing featured, bugs left and right and whatnot.
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TSBunny (EUW)
: New Client Hardly Usable
I have pc that is old 11 months and it lags. I already had 7172738487272648301 problems with mastery pages while in champion select, and im too lazy to update legacy client every time new patch comes out. Riot cant do anything right.
: Thank you for everything Riot! -.-
Owyn (EUNE)
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
> [{quoted}](name=Owyn,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=hcR4WdTg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-18T16:26:16.183+0000) > > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Wanna play ranked? /edit Oh you already stoped it. Smart
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: Lower priority que refresh bug
Hey! Play Normal Blind Pick games untill you don't remove your penalty!
DarkSide8 (EUNE)
: Leaver Buster - Ranked Queue
UberAbsy (EUNE)
Same problem! /edit: Hey! Play Normal Blind Pick untill you don't remove the penalty. I just tried and it queued me! xD
BlankSpacee (EUNE)
: Leaverbuster's inrow
: When will Hextech chests and keys end?
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