Silent Note (EUNE)
: Most disappointing skins you've bought?
I have no regrets, but I must say that the only skin that didn't hold up too well for me was Pulsefire Ezreal. It was by far the best skin when it was released for a good time, but then, after his mini-update, I feel like that his Default model and animations fit him much better than the ones they fit on his Pulsefire skin.
: Is turret plate a healthy mechanic in the game?
Plates are balanced in my opinion: if you are weaker in lane you can hide behind the turret and prolong the laning phase, conditioned by the fact that you just don't get dived over and over (ban Riven), and you are rewarded if you can pressure your opponent into hiding behind the turret, exposing yourself to ganks. If your top laner is not good, he would just lose turret top lane before and enemy top would just roam around creating plays. Right now, they get more gold, but at least are not too free to roam around because your top laner can just bounce the wave back and grab some plates.
: its better then the better adc wins meta. or the current meta. if ur team picks ezreal then u auto lose
I'd say that Ezreal is more than fine, it's just that he is a very popular champion, but has a very niche play-style that not everyone is familiar with. When compared to other bot laners who mostly rely on their right-click to deal damage, Ezreal has a mix of basic attacks and spells (he has to hit). These people, who are not accustomed to his way of dealing damage, are tanking his win rate, because he cannot trade with other carries unless he lands his damage first by hitting at least one skill shot (if not two or whole combo in case enemy has a healer). On the topic of meta, I don't think ADCs will ever rise to be the most influential role in the game due to the fact that most mid-laners right now are one-shot assassins and junglers being much more than another support. I don't think I like the tank meta necessarily because the game would be either boring or even worse, having the current mobile assassins switch to a tank build like we had Tank Ekko and Fizz.
: PSA thresh morg players below diamond
This is some general, pretty straightforward advice that is necessary. Sadly, most of the people who read boards nowadays already know this, so the audience that should read it is probably unreachable.
: Changing the recipe won't solve anything. In terms of gold effeciëncy the item is in a great spot. The issue is the active & it's use in the role. The current version is designed for tank supports & juggernauts that want to give towers but here's the issue: * Tank supports can't get it in time. Making it cheaper would give problems in solo lanes * Juggernauts are already tanky enouge by the time they can affort this item. * The active doesn't give that much of a benefits in the later stages of the game. The item provide a lot of teamfight stats while it's function is more splitpush focussed. In my opinion they should rework the item into a diver item. A simple recipe change to {{item:2053}} + {{item:3133}} to push it in the more dive heavy situations. The active itemself could be reworked so it becomes more healthy again.
Plus the fact that tanks and juggers can most likely just tank the turret until their team murders the opposing team completely, because, at the time when one team has such an advantage that they can dive the whole enemy team under turret, the game is probably over.
Godalor (EUW)
: Incentivising AP Gangplank
I'd rather keep AP GP belonging to history, as something I got to be a part of, but is no longer really a thing. Makes me feel like I've been actually playing the game and have some stories to crack here and there.
Salron88 (EUW)
: so what this is suddently either you adapt and learn to play the 2 broken champs in the game or its not a valid game no more?
Pretty much either that or to stop complaining about a champion being over powered when there is viable counter-play. Sorry that it sounds rough, I've figured that out and I do not condone to it, which is why I linger in low-elo, haunting Goldies forever. But you don't see me complaining. Not saying that you must do it in order to have fun, it's just that, if you want to climb asap, forget about the champions you like and play whatever is strongest at the moment. It is not fun (unless the only fun for you is the victory screen), but it does pay off in the sweet, ever so sought ELO.
Salron88 (EUW)
: was fiora thought well when given so much dmg?
How about you try playing Fiora if she is so broken? Since you have such a wide champion pool, add another "op" champion to it. I just feel like she has to try too hard to do what some other duelists do. Sure, she does come on top if you allow her to take short trades she excels at. But catch her without W and protect your weak spots and you can murder her in an instant. Or you can just play Nasus, get Sheen and Bramble and congratulations, you have won the lane.
Zedant (EUW)
: YOu DONT SEE THE PROBLEM? I expletely said only sertain ap have this problem :" But then scaling ap mage and ap assasin " Am I wording it too badly or what.
Sorry for the late response, but hear me out. AP assassins, that I know of are extremely strong regardless. First of all, lets say that when we say AP assassin we mean {{champion:84}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:142}} All of these are pretty much viable except maybe Evelynn be cause she is a jungler at the same time, meaning that she is fully short ranged and, as an assassin, she relies on flanking her targets, which she can't on ARAM since it's only one lane. Just to mention a few of others: Ekko is honestly really good for ARAM as he can build tanky if needed, has a really nasty CC that you can't always get out and has a free out of jail card, making him perfectly safe. Kassadin was always about scaling, he is weak early and a monster late, so, if given the time to scale, he can always one shot someone. Akali is basically untargetable and her main thing is killing off ADCs in this mode... So on and so forth. Now, I don't know who the scaling ap mages are, except maybe Cassiopeia, but she is by no means weak when she has that which will always hit multiple people due to the nature of the terrain. Plus she has the grounded debuff at her disposal which basically makes her team very safe against tanks. Azir and Ryze are the two other, but I believe that they do quite fine as Ryze comes online after 15 minutes and Azir already has a decent poke and can raise turrets, regardless of being ahead or behind. As I already said, picking 5 tanks is most likely going to result in your loss because you won't have enough poke to return fire against the poke comp, and then again, if the game gets over 25 minutes, it is only natural that tanks now have the ability to survive closing the distance and start dealing damage.
CJXander (EUNE)
: That moment when Yasuo and all his cousins are getting banned
Why are people banning Kayn all of the sudden? I main that champion and I fail to realize why is he so ban-worthy over Kayle, Urgot, Vayne, Zed even Darius and Nasus in certain match-ups (not to mention Kennen and Jayce)... I feel like Kayn's early game is weak enough that he can be abused by all early game junglers, and he can be outfarmed by Yi. His ganks are not all that bad considering that he only has 2 damaging abilities of which one can be dodged and is his only minuscule sort of CC pre-form... I do understand that he can basically avoid wards and is extremely obnoxious in his Blue form, but unless he is fed he is not going to be doing a lot of work anyways. He also does have a super fast clear speed, but come on, we have to give him something he excels at or else there would be no reason to pick him over other champions.
Zedant (EUW)
: Isnt this a bit too much UNFUN/unfair in ARAM?
I don't see the problem, it's rock paper scissors scenario. As a mage, you have a tremendous advantage early game as you can land all your poke being safe behind your allies. If you are tank, you are going to suck early game until your team picks up some damage that can go along well with your CC. If you are assassin, you can take out one or more targets but you need damage to do so and you can be zoned by poke. ADCs are the middle of the pack as they are ranged and can land poke but often need time to scale in order to deal with tanks or mages who outrange them. Of course, there are champions that do not go perfectly along this rule but you get the drift. If you happen to draft 5 AP champions into two tanks, you have to force the game out before 15 mins or else tanks catch up and they start tearing you apart because they can now take damage and deal some as well. If you draft 5 melee and have no poke, your life is going to be hell for the first 15 minutes, by which point the games are already over or decided. One more thing, you cannot compare Void Staff to Last Whisper because Void Staff is straight out better and you will need to get Lord Dominik's to match the penetration (plus the fact that not all AD characters do get Lord Dominik's, whereas every AP mage can get Void Staff).
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Which champion did you choose to be reworked in 2020?
Mártir (EUW)
: So Anti-Heals for AD costs 800g, for tanks 1000... But for APs, 3000 golds.
I don't see how you can compare the three when all three do things differently and give different stats. {{item:3123}} - Basically 800 gold that in most cases is not built into anything because, in all honesty, Last Whisper upgrades are only built by some champions, and very late in the game to maximize it's rather underwhelming efficiency. {{item:3076}} - An OP item in my opinion as it's condition is basically "have this item on you and you apply Grievous Wounds''. Gives solid armor with a bonus effect that is not over-costed ({{item:3082}} gives only 5 more armor, {{item:1031}} although 200 gold cheaper and 5 more armor, it's just armor). This item shut downs many top laners, especially Fiora. Build this item and you win early game. Furthermore, this item is useless against Vladimir. {{item:3165}} - The most expensive of the three, and for a good reason. This item gives you fighting power, HP and Flat penetration alongside Grievous Wounds. The stats are honestly too good to pass on as a mage, especially if you need the effect. In fact, the item is so good that you will even see it on champions in a game where there are no healing effects that are worthy of counter-building around them. You proc it by just hitting a spell, whether it is a single target point and click, skill shot, or just an AoE spell. One important note to add is that, in all honesty, is that Grievous Wounds is rather a late game anti-mechanic, than an early game one. The healing in the earlier parts of the game is not that much of a problem that it requires an item slot dedicated for it. The main philosophy around this mechanic is that you sacrifice stats in order to get the effect, so building it too early into the game when it is not necessary is just a waste of gold. This is why Morellonomicon is probably the best of the three being the easiest to proc (from range, any spell, or damaging item effect like {{item:3285}} ), combined with good stats it gives.
: you mean the schoolgirl lux? pornhub traffic has decreased since the splash for that came out
Meanwhile, at r34
: Anyone wanna play with a washed up jungle and support player?
Add me up, I can play anything. You can find me both on ARAM and Summoners Rift equally.
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: What the fucc am I supposed to do against Nasus?
I've noticed that most of the suggestion on this thread are only partly right, with only KerberosFi being completely right. Abuse him when he can't do much early game (pre-6) then just roam since he won't be able to farm too hard since he should be at {{item:3057}} + {{item:3024}} at best, and then roam and help your team do objectives. He is weak then and he can: 1. Either push very slowly if desperate for stacks (which he should be, giving you a lot of time to just roam around). 2. Push quickly to force you back in lane, expending mana and giving up stacks. (Most of the Nasus players just go option 1 because it's probably a better play in most scenarios) BUT SINCE YOU ARE A MID LANE MAIN, you should just stay away from AD mid laners, so that he can't just get super tanky with {{item:3110}} . Nasus is mostly countered by a lot of CC since he has to walk up to do damage, so you can pick: {{champion:90}} - you get Glacial Augment and build {{item:3030}} > {{item:3151}} > {{item:3905}} , which pretty much gives you damage and CC without even having to expend the ult for him. If he is out of control, you can ult him and focus him down as a team. Low elo doesn't build {{item:3140}} , especially on Nasus. {{champion:103}} - also with Glacial Augment. The only thing she does differently is that she can actually roam at level 6 and score some kills. If your top is struggling vs Nasus, show up there and send him back to base. If not, roam bot to propel your lead. {{champion:518}} - ideally with Glacial Augment, but not necessarily. Nasus, being a melee that has to run up to you practically forces him to walk into your E > Q > ult combo, leaving him CCed for good 2 seconds so that the others can burst him down. These are just a few recommendations on what you can do, other than ban him. Personally, I've been playing a lot of jungle Kayn recently, and I almost always look to ban Nasus since, being in low elo, I am not confident in my top-laner's ability to shut the Nasus down properly.
: Change my mind
Community: Vayne and client are broken! Riot: Here's that Lux skin nobody asked for.
Liupy (EUW)
: Really beginning to prefer tank meta to this meta!
I've always preferred tank meta than anything else. The one-shot meta really feels dumb to me, but then again, it could be because I don't like to play assassins in general. I understand that there need to be one-shot champions, that is healthy for the game, they are there to prevent people from picking a lot of squishies in one team without a tank. And here we run into a problem. These champions have become dominant in the meta because there is damage everywhere, in runes, keystones and items (remember {{item:3147}} +{{item:3095}} ? ), but tanks got consistently nerfed through Lethality, their own scaling and their items. The tables are finally turning and we can see the return of a few tanks. Cinderhulk buff was a really good thing for tanks viability in the jungle, Sunfire and Thornmail buffs are also decent for tanks, although I disagree with the buffing of Bramblevest since it's a really broken item. Let's just see how it pans out. What I expect to happen next is probably a Grasp buff and I think that tanks get a fighting opportunity again.
Frost707 (EUW)
: Big issue with two champions
I can only agree on the fact that Riot likes to add band-aid solutions to champions, since these fixes are temporary and cheap, just a stat bump or cooldown reduction. It's cheap and shuts the mains of the champions buffed up. However, I don't see the problem of AP Shyvana. Her dueling is really weak, her clear is good, but then she has one ability at level 6 and if she does not benefit from it, she is going to fall of really hard and won't be able to impact the game until her ult is up again. Same pattern can be seen on many lvl 6 ganking junglers, who at least have some sort of ganking viability through their base kit. For example, Warwick can flank and fear follow up with Q, Yi can still close the gap and smack you a few times then Q. Shyvana can just ult, E and then that's it.
: good analysis, what would you think about bringing him mid or top?
He loses against most match-ups, really hard. I'd only probably bring him against Kennen, but even then, there are better picks. Top lane is reserved for champions with either durability or CC (or both), and Ezreal has none. His early game is so weak that he will get pushed out most of the time, giving up on the priority, which means that the enemy jungler has a safe top crab and potential Rift Herald. Personally, I wouldn't bring him top lane. As for mid lane, it can work, but again, he faces the same problem, he cannot get the priority due to the non-existent wave-clear, and has no CC, which makes his lane hard to gank. He is fairly weak in early game all-ins, which means that if he gets to play against an assassin mid (which is pretty common, especially in lower elo), he is not going to be able to follow the enemy mid laner, as he will die if he gets turned upon. I can see his potential later in the game once he is stacked and has a lot of stats to delete enemy squishies, but he has to get there, and he feels like GP without CC and in-built cleanse. Personally, I would only play him mid lane for funsies as he can be viable, but not an optimal pick. He doesn't counter anyone and takes time to be effective. His lack of CC hinders him from playing the lane.
: ezreal waveclear
His wave clear, especially compared to the likes of Caitlyn and Varus, is really bad, which is why he can get behind on certain match-ups purely based on the fact that he doesn't get to participate in wave management. He gets hard shoved into his turret and struggles to farm because of his very weak basic attack damage. Ezreal has historically bad wave clear which is compensated by a very safe laning phase, ability to farm from super far range and single target burst later in the game.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Isn't bork nerf kind of a Vayne nerf?
100 gold is like a minion wave worth of gold. I don't think that delaying this champion's item spike by a minute is helping enough. Especially when it affects Varus and Kog'maw as well.
SkaiBlade (EUW)
: Idea for a Game Mode that Celebrates Champion Pool Diversity
So basically a game-mode for inting. People would just go "Oh but I don't even play this champion." and then proceed to get destroyed, ruining the game for you. On one hand, it's good because you won't get to see as much of Yasuo;but on the other you see one, especially on your team, and you instantly know it's going to be a spicy game, to say the least. And then there is this thing with veteran players and high elo players who basically know all the champions, and then they get faced against some Silver/Gold OTPs or genuinely new players.
: Worst season yet?
Honestly, jungle is not terrible, I'd say. I feel like junglers have a lot of impact on the game, especially the early-ganking ones, like J4 and Rek'sai. Lots of the times, at least here in lower elo, games are decided by the jungler because they basically control the outcome of the lane. I don't think this is enough to bring the tanks back. There are so many champions that can punish tanks right now that I don't think they are a problem. Besides, having tanks back also means that we can finally see some Kog'maw and Varus again (provided that Pyke is banned). Vayne does need a nerf to her early game in that case, or reverts of the buffs she got not too long ago. Personally, I also don't believe that carries are dominating the meta right now. Again, I don't know about higher elo, but here it mostly boils down to who pulls off "4 man bottom" more. ADCs just happen to be there by default. Most of the time what I see is that some mid-laner with one and a half item just blasts your typical ADC into oblivion, which means that you don't even get your time to shine as an ADC. Not so many champions are over powered as they are annoying to play against. Some of them have clear weaknesses that can be exploited, but maybe not in the early game, or they require certain tactics employed in order to exploit them. Take Morgana, for example. The best time to engage on her is when she misses the Q, but then she has a Black Shield to keep her or her ADC safe, so you need to bait that out as well if you want to have a chance at killing either of them.
: He probably got chat banned, if it was his first punishment. The instant feedback report system doesn't always trigger, so there's no way of knowing for sure. You have to learn, not to give big importance to these kinds of things. If someone is being toxic, just mute + report + move on. Nothing more that you can do.
That's pretty tame, considering that my friend, for his first ever punishment, got a 14 day ban over calling someone a %%%%%% (a person with a mental disability, used pejoratively). According to my own reasoning, wishing cancer and death/misfortune to family and relatives is a much more serious matter.
9 Volts (EUW)
: Can someone please explain how ranked matchmaking works
There is not a single person in the world that can convince me that Riot's matchmaking system is not rigged. Being the top secret nature of Riot (for obvious reasons), my opinion is mostly tin-foil hat based, but how do you explain cases such as yours and even mine. Whenever I get 5-6 games of win streak, I prepare myself mentally because I know that my next 3-4 games are going to be such a fiesta, and I am prepared to lose them. I know that there will be Teemo and Yasuo instalocking top, Katarina mid with no experience on the champ and the "I play for fun" types of people in ranked. This happens so often and in the same pattern that it is more than obvious that something is going on. There is no way that, after winning 5-6 games in a row, I end up with such an MMR where I get mostly trolls on my team. Sure I don't play perfectly, but whenever your ranked win-rate spikes up, be prepared to get dragged down. This is especially evident in Silver and Gold, where the community is most diverse and there are people who only play ranked, be it for funsies or try-harding to win (on both teams, respectively). Now, it is also important to note that there are games where the troll gets on the enemies team, but then I look at the most prominent player there, the only one who won the lane and did something significant, and see that they were on a winning spree, with a 55%+ win rate. This seems very fishy to me, and to many, many other people who actually have to lose lp because of people not being focused nor trying to win in ranked.
: Let's talk about Ohmwrecker
I agree with everything you've stated, but would like to add the nature of the SoloQ. Why would I build this item if I can't guarantee that people will pay attention to my items and follow me through with my actions. Add to that the any tank with a HP/Armor item in their inventory can easily tank the tower for long enough to allow carries to deal the necessary damage and take the target out. In addition, the item is very situational. The stats are too low for an item slot and it's active relevance is directly proportionate to the strength of the towers, which is basically non-existent late game. We would either need to buff the tower's damage to champions by either simply increasing the multiplier/ramp-up damage, or give it true damage to champions (these would be dangerous as you could spend your entire game behind a tower and just farm with safer picks, slowing the game down). To conclude, this item was clearly made to be used in pro-play, and since it is not even considered a decent item by the pros then I'd say it's safe to assume that the best course of actions is to simply remove the item. Personally, I believe that no one would enjoy another spam fest BoC was, so giving the item more power in stats is just not a healthy option. On a more personal note, what I would propose is to give us a new rune option, similar to Commencing Stopwatch, one that would give as a single charge of Ohmwrecker and it would activate 7-8 minutes into the game. I also think that Ohmwrecker could benefit a different change: add a passive that gives you bonus gold off plating if you manage to take it while the tower is disabled. This way you could probably rush it and get at least some gold back while pushing, while being able to sell it in the late game on a decent rate if you manage to get 3-4 platings with it.
Mártir (EUW)
: Can you fix the Imbalance in 3v3 Mode?
I think that a lot of the problems would be solved if they just removed the Gold funneling strategy. It allows for so many power picks that you can't ban them all (both carries and supports), and it mostly comes down to who has a better funneler. You can't really play this mode solo since every game you will run into some kind of funneling and it simply crushes anything but the same strategy (then the game is very boring because both teams just farm, and then there is one fight and the game is over).
Lari (EUNE)
: Neeko Adc?!
Personally, she acts a lot like Kai'sa, except maybe worse because Kai'sa has a better engage and a useful Ultimate, as well as more DPS than Neeko. The only thing Neeko has over Kai'sa is mobility on W and the fact that she can block some of the skill shots with her W.
: Is tahm kench a weak support this patch?
For soloQ, I'd say that he is borderline unplayable, just like Kalista a couple of patches ago. Yet another champion locked for soloQ because pros can abuse the champions if they are good on their own. {{champion:98}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:41}}
: It's easier to get S as Rhaast vs Shadow Assassin
To be completely honest and see the whole story, Kayn is the only champion who has a transformation ability that allows him to play two completely different play styles. While we do have Kha'zix, Kai'sa and some other champions which have some transformations that alter their play style a little, it's just more of a personal preference of playing the character rather than affecting the champion on such a scale as Kayn's transformations. Therefore, Kayn being the only example, and the fact that he came out quite some time after mastery was introduced, I think that we can understand why is it so. I don't think Riot should tamper with anything and leave things as they are, owing to the fact that most of the features they tried to fix/improve ended up being worse than it was. Though it may sound insensitive, if you need mastery level 6 or 7, just grind it out in Normals and spam Rhaast to get the tokens. He is a good and useful champion that can carry, especially in the hands of a player who has extensive experience on him. Good luck on your quest!
Chawsiku (EUNE)
*cries in The Magnificent Twisted Fate*
Kian987 (EUW)
: Shen (8th attempt in 3 years)
The only problem with Shen I have is that for some reason, when you press Q, your passive shield procs when the blade reaches you, rather than on button press. It has bugged me for so long and lost me so many trades that I eventually gave up on the champion. Why would I torture myself trying to be a tanky ninja when I can play anything else in the top lane and do better. It must have something to do with me being low Silver, but even when I somehow get matched with a lower-skilled opponent than me and beat him in lane, I can't carry the game myself with a traditional build, but have to play some wonky strategy that relies only on splitting (and there are so many more champions that are better at splitting) and then hoping that my team knows that when people come to try stop me bottom, they do Baron.
: LoL crashing frequently?
Try [this]( one out, it helped my friend. Since applying the fix he didn't have the same problem... well at least not as frequently. Hope it helps!
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Is Bloodthirster a good first item for a bot lane Marksman and if not, why not? :)
I believe that the only carry that builds this as first item is {{champion:119}} . It is simply because of the fact that his base damage is insane and he can benefit from a lot of life-steal, and that he has a built in attack speed steroid, which means that he doesn't really benefit from attack speed and crit as much as other carries. On the other hand, the rest of the carry roster benefits more from the {{item:3095}}+{{item:3094}} combination in order to have their damage as frontloaded as possible (frontloaded damage is pretty much meta right now - deal as much damage as you can as fast as you can). It is also important to notice that with the recent rune changes, you don't have to rush for a life-steal option due to the changes to life-steal rune (in Precision tree) and Overheal, as well as using the Domination's Taste for Blood and Ravenous Hunter. It is just a lot of sustain just from the runes, so the need for {{item:3072}} basically dies off as it's main purpose is sustain.
: Prestige borders (level borders)
I wanted this kind of system ever since the new levels were introduced. Would be nice if they implemented it.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Is int detection in URF softened up?
As long as you tried to do some damage and did not move in a straight line from middle lane to their fountain, you should be fine. Int detection system is actually a lot more complicated than many of us think. Besides, you can't get banned for "having a bad game" (a bone of contention for a lot of players), but be aware of the fact that if it happens too often, system might slap you on the wrist.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why are people in ARURF so much more toxic than people in normals/ranked?
It's just that the mode is very frustrating in terms of balance and viability. Of course, with this type of game mode, not all champions are going to be equally viable. However, the problem with this mode in particular is that the meta/OP champions practically marginalize all others, and in most scenarios there is basically nothing you could do. This feeling of being unable to be anything other than a counter to one's k/d ratio is making people think that they are wasting the time on the mode as they are neither winning nor having fun at all (seriously, there is nothing fun in facing Yi). People then proceed to went their frustration on all other players since they can't really go to their mothers and say that Yi is OP and that mom should be able to do something about it (now bear in mind that I used this example specifically because I believe that most of the people responsible for this type of toxic behaviour is not older than 15-18).
: I mean, let's be real, if URF was the way it used to be, people would just play the OP picks on loop.
But thanks to Riot, we have been saved: now you can get completely destroyed by [insert a poke champion] while playing an off-meta URF champion because it was shoved into your hands by pure RNG!
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Are you excited about Sylas?
I'd rather they don't release him. Especially not with that shield AND heal... How is anything supposed to lane against him? I don't see any champion being able to out-trade this one, on top of being able to just copy your ultimate (God forbid he can get something useful from you). Personally, I don't think that stealing ultimates mechanic should exist in League.
: Dark harvest has been nerfed so much it’s barely useable anymore... it adds way too little damage especially early game where shaco wants to be strong. So fleet just gives more
As far as I know, Shaco is no longer considered early game. On the contrary, he rarely engages in a 1v1 early since the buffs to {{champion:64}} , and some new champions coming to prominence in jungle like {{champion:5}} (with the buffed Hail of Blades) and {{champion:104}} (with his passive armor and high burst with kiting potential). Though you can still try to cheese the enemy jungler if they are playing something like {{champion:28}} , but Shaco is no longer the dominant jungler, even with ignite (especially in 9.2 where Ignite gets nerfed). Plus, DH was rarely used on Shaco since it doesn't work with boxes, and Electrocute did more damage so they stuck to it. The only reason I can see for this shift is probably because the extra mobility and a little burst heal is good on Shaco, though I would personally stick to Electrocute anyways. I think that it is very match-up dependent mastery, when you really need that extra mobility and heal over the Elecrocute damage.
: Riot lately
I am just going to come out and say that you are wrong because the game is free, and since you are not forced to pay for it, you don't get a lot of say on what is going on. Losing players is bad for the company, sure, but losing people who find a reason to complain about a free product is good for the community. Let me tell you something: go and take a week long break. You are probably frustrated because you got stomped by an Udyr or Riven (or just watch too much hashinshin for this one), and should most definitely take a break. Personally, I only spend money when there is a "Your shop" feature, more specifically on 50-70% skins if I like them. I have a nice collection on skins and most of them come from hextech crafting, including SG Udyr and Pulsefire Ezreal.
Rusty Axe (EUW)
: Count Kledula is overpriced and not much effort I put in it
Man I think that the whole Halloween line was awful this year. Plus we had no event that included Shadow Isles which happened a few times in the past (well, I guess it's because of Worlds, but still). I mean, looking and Ekko's skin, I would put it in the same words as you did for Kled, we can all see how much effort went into KD/A skins, and then compare them to these lazy Halloween skins. Even Janna's skin, which was maybe a little bit better than the other two, is still awful. I mean, Ekko just got some kind of purplish edit on his Q and that's pretty much it. His W had so much potential, but I guess Riot didn't have time to work on it since KD/A, man. And I don't even dig KD/A, only Akali's skin was ok-ish, rest were garbage, in my opinion. Ahri's skin was just overshadowed by all the others she has, Evelyn didn't have any good skins to begin with, but this one isn't even that good, and Kai'sa's prestige is meh as they skipped a lot of stuff that they didn't do (like the frog still being purple, despite all her animation's being bright-lighted).
Mega Gnar (EUW)
: My RP isnt coming in
Head over to, log in to your server (top-right corner), and submit a ticket.
: So Irelia is gonna get nerfed again...
> You just have to run up to her while she doesnt have her passive stacks, dodge her e and thats it. Man, I don't think you ever want to run into Irelia, especially with her ult up that gives her 2 stacks, and her W that gives her 2 stacks. That's 4, enough for her passive to proc, I think. Not to mention that while you are slowed, the her E is bound to hit you, unless you flash which is fine for Irelia as she has her Q ready to follow up. Now, you'd say that 'wasting' her ultimate on one person is bad, but then again, just think that you will be one man down and she gets some more gold and experience to propel herself even more ahead. Besides, her power doesn't rely in brute damage, but rather in her insane mobility if she hits 3 or more people with her ult. I'd say that Irelia just needs to have her sustain in lane toned down, not her damage, nor mobility, and certainly not movement speed. Her Q heals a bit whenever it is cast, and if she executes a few minions each wave, it ads up to a lot. Plus you get completely zoned out of your farm because you are bound to lose if you fight her with her passive stacked. So there you go, she trades, heals up, zones and goes all in. If you reduce her sustain, she won't be able to trade as safely, and wont be able to farm as she won't get healed up as much, which means that you can contest her, and with less sustain she won't have enough HP to all in.
: There are counters to the strat but they require more skill. The funneling strat should be removed because it's very easy to execute and it's very unfun to play and play against. This anti fun aspect of it ruins the mode because you are still forced to play it if you want to win more consistently. The meta would see a lot more variance if the funnel would be made useless which would in turn, make more people play the mode.
It's really hard to counter, and requires you to basically just have much more skill than your opponents. However, if they play it right (and it isnt that hard, really), you have very slim chances of success.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: If funneling is so effective and lacks counterplay, why aren't you even plat in TT?
That's because I find it really bad, and, if I were abusing it, I wouldn't be able to make this kind of post, logically. It just isn't fun. I played 3 games as Taric in Yi+Taric+Kayle with two more premades and let's just say that there was no thrill involved... we just knew we were going to win from the start and we just played out the game. Kinda like playing a clicker, you just click, eventually get upgrades, rinse and repeat. Like killing boars in WoW to max lvl.
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kingpilzi (EUW)
: Onetricking Elise?
Generally, every champion is worth one-tricking, as they all perform their roles, and work differently in the hands of a one-trick, compared to your average player who might play the champ once or twice, on a whim. With that out of the way, I'd say that Elise is very meta-dependent. In tank meta, she was nowhere to be seen because she didn't have enough damage to finish off the target and she was useless after mid-game. However, in current burst meta, I'd say that she is a very viable choice. Oddly enough, she appears to be one of the very few assassins that have hard CC, which is very good, as you want your target still while executing the combo. Furthermore, she doesn't rely on her laner's CC in order to set up a gank, which is making your life as a jungler much easier. Speaking of jungling, her flaw is that she can only be played in the jungle, which means that if you get auto-filled, you will have no chance to play her. Elise has really strong dueling early on, can pump out a lot of damage, which means crab control (though there are limitiations, she is not the strongest duelist, bear that in mind). Her by far largest flaw is that she is mostly useless in teamfights if she can't land the cocoon, an ability that is pretty short ranged (compared to mid-laner's poke) and puts her in danger of getting engaged upon. Her damage also falls off by quite a bit in the late game, which is another one of things you should be conscious of. All in all, a self-reliant jungler who can snowball, thanks to her dueling potential. Has a relatively quick clears allowing her to be ganking more often. Has a kit for diving and assassination, combined with some hard CC to make your life easier. Fairly useless in teamfight phase, with damage that falls off pretty hard in the late game.
Arkadaos (EUNE)
: What champion do you permaban guys?
{{champion:44}} because I mostly play Twisted Treeline ranked, and I am sick of duo cheesers who abuse the mode's mechanics and pick something like {{champion:10}} {{champion:44}} (though there are so many more possible combinations, with the gay man being the core).
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