: Is turret plate a healthy mechanic in the game?
I once played top vs jax he was 0/3 then his jungler ganked and killed me and i had death timer like 20sec or so no tp,and jax got all turret platings and first turret its over 1k gold its like 3kills %%%% that shit man and he got insta back in game
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GainBoost (EUW)
: Mordekaiser is Broken rn
I mean its normal for reworked/new champs to be broken for like 2 weeks then they get nerf to oblivion like akali
: Hard to fire an automated system though :/
watch video again gonah
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Shamose (EUW)
: > that %%%%% has bigger auto attack range than caitlyin She doesn't.
I didnt mean LITERALLY.
: So when are we stopping Neeko top?
played trynda vs neeko top man that %%%%% has bigger auto attack range than caitlyin constantly auto me + her passive fcuk that man
: > [{quoted}](name=WAVenom,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=AtKqnPtA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-19T03:32:18.541+0000) > > create new account im currently s1 getting over 30lp losing 11 lol ,bot on other acc I gain 15+ per win and lose 20+ while being gold 3 at 53%winrate hows that shıt even possible ? i hate the mmr system , one way or another you lose lp more than you win
yeah but on new account that never play ranked u gain 30+ lp lose 10+
C63 Adam (EUW)
: Sorry for my little brother his behaviour in previous games !
Atleast he said goodbye in the end forever HAHA{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: u actually have more chance of winning with a real intentional feeder, because of the bounty system, people can abuse it but they'll get banned, bounty system is so broken it's not even fair for enemies when u have an int in your team unless he gets a gold reset which means he's trying but having a bad game at that point u'r donzo
I dont know why downvotes,Renekton is currently pretty busted,he can oneshot you at level 3 even 2.Tons of damage,tanky af,insane healing,just revert buffs,I ban him EVERY GAME,one game I play adc I dont ban him,enemy pick it and he dominates 11/1 or smthng
: Make a support ticket
I already did but idk,knowing rito they will say he had bad games
yiridang (EUW)
: RIOT really needs to fix this
create new account im currently s1 getting over 30lp losing 11 lol ,bot on other acc I gain 15+ per win and lose 20+ while being gold 3 at 53%winrate
Fhaca (EUW)
: Int. Feeding is still not punished
U have more chance to win game with flamer than a troller and intentional feeder but hey ban flamers better cuz why not u said %%% to him he will go and commit suicide he will listen to u
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: Please riot overthing the state of Zed
low elo mage players that use their abilities to farm and get out of mana in 5 secs and that cant dodge gonna downvote u
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: How the fucc do I play Katarina?
well for early trades level 2 Q ur opponent or minion so the Q lands next to him then E into him and Auto and pickup Q to hit him and u will get electrocute proc, for level 3 - 6 , E into him then Q him if he flasher or smthng so u can follow him and use W so u get E reset to catch up on ur Q for teamfights u should never start engage if ur not extra fed,what u want to do is Q a minion so Q lands somewhere close to enemies and when they're all close to your dagger,E there use W and ult,then u will deal really good amount of damage and use zhonya when u feel u need to after doing that engage. but the basic combo everyone uses E into opponent W so u get E reset then , Q him to follow him if he dashes/flashes, and R Combo level 2 Q-E-aa-E lvl 3 E W Q aa.etc lvl 6 E W R Q hextech gunbldae hope I helped,I also thought I have no hands for kata but shes actually easy champ once u get used to her kit
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: It`s happening again RITO
yeah dude,same here,I usually have 600-700fps but after this patch it dropped to 400-500 Unplayable.small indie company btw
Jaykεγ (EUW)
: Yasuo E bug 9.14
And I thought its only me xD I just go E on one minion random then it dashes on 2 minions more so fast like zig zag


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