: plats playing against plats... ain't that how its supposed to be {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
well you see the riot matchmaking is pairing me a low silver player against high gold/ low plat players so atm its not plat v plat
: ye but u know he is either op or useless
this is absolutely true but they could balance him by reducing the duration of his blind giving him bit more dmg in his q and then lastly make either his e higher or lower cooldown
: we're wednesday
yea this XD
: Oh so it's now 15 days ?
yea it has i think the patch comes out tommorrow
: Its wednesday my dude
Not thursday
: So...,
Its wednesday my dude
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MissJJess (EUW)
: Hey add me! I am not very good but I have fun : ) I usually play sup or ADC :)
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yanou (EUW)
: ***
well we can play everything else it wasnt just for clash just as a general crate a team :3 and do you have eune account??
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