: I'm sick to death of seeing lulu
If you are sick of seeing Lulu every game then maybe Riot should nerf Yasuo or Lee Sin, cause I see thees champions very, very often...
ZartarUK (EUW)
: What is with people in the game
Lol, for a moment I was thinking that Twitch jungle was me, but I played him in normal (and in EUNE + I would never risk to play champion for the first time in a ranked game). Tho one time we had a Yasuo mid in ranked who played that champion for the first time. I looked at his profile and it turns out that he mostly plays ranked games and barely any normal games... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Elepole (EUW)
: OP, you have some valid point, but don't forget they will do a full gameplay update to Aatrox down the line. This is just a quick fix to make it more viable without having to do new animation/particle/3D model/etc ... Imo, while it didn't make Aatrox an awesome champion, it did make it much more playable.
I doubt that he is gonna get full gameplay update, and if he is gonna get updated, then I have feeling that it is gonna take another 2 years for some reason...


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