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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 27
{{champion:38}} - As an ex kassadin main, I can tell you that the way people play him is disgusting.. He's an assassin, not a make-do aurelion sol that builds RoA and other tanky items. There's nothing I hate more than people maxing Q on kassadin, especially when they're up against a physical damage midlaner who simply ignores the spellshield you get... Kassadin needs a rework so that it can really bring out his "ASSASSIN" play-style: Maxing W, building lichbane and ludens ekko, and waiting for your opponent to make a mistake so you can simply ult in, hit him with 1 W and deal 80% of his hp, and finish him with your Q and E. Not do what his "meta" build says, which is max Q>E and just build tanky/mana as if you're some ryze so that your ult does 40 more damage next time you hit someone with it. {{champion:29}} - Twitch, though is obviously an ADC marksman, is also labeled (and can be played as) an assassin. Twitch is super good right now, he's healthy (though there's no counter to true damage, you can use a pink when he goes invisible and you can actually DODGE his ult basic attacks if you have a dash, and 1 auto attack can make a huge difference in an ADC fight), but I wish they would rework his kit oh so slightly so that his assassin side would shine more - less "ratattattatttatt", more "Ratatyou'redead" {{champion:245}} - Any assassin that divides the community as to whether you should build damage items or **TANK** items (On an assassin!!!) needs to be changed ASAP. As for the next topic, I suggest "Who carries who, the support the adc or the adc the support, and which affect the game more in the end"
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: Connectio Failure: Unable to connect to the server.
EUNE is broken right now and like 80% of players can't log in or start a match. Riot doesn't really care about us so w/e, just switch to west next time you can can log on {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
kilnda (EUNE)
: uwotm80?
> [{quoted}](name=kilnda,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=i2aYoNes,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-07-03T12:09:28.577+0000) > > > uwotm80? You can't enter a game though, can you?
h4wwk (EUNE)
: EUNE again
>mfw I just want to get better at league so I can go up in rank but instead riot reminds me on a weekly basis that I chose the ~~worst~~ test server that's down half the time {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Foolz (EUNE)
: Issues to connet to
EUNE is just broken and riot cares so little about us that they haven't even updated the server status to say it's down..
Wax Fang (EUNE)
: Pretty sure EUNE has been down ever since last night Yeah right..
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SorrowJoy (EUW)
: Tomorrow.
No specific time? "Tomorrow" is very vague considering time zones
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: I played fiddle alot in the past and like 30-40 games this season. The clearspeed is fine The ganks are fine The ultimate is fine Whats the problem? Unplayable vs alot of champs, janna, lee, gragas, tristana. Which is fine as counters should exist Long cds, rly need 35%+ on him to be effective But worst of all and the thing that rly suck? The stupid animation on his fear. It appears to cast, the sound plays, but wait it didn't cast and they are not feared. Tricked me into dieing soooooooooo many times, they rly need to fix this already. Why the sound playts before they are actually feared is the dumbest mechanic in this game.
I'm not sure if you even read what I said, but his ganks, ultimate, and entire playstyle is fine. But again, it's "Hit or miss"- yes those words are important. Imagine coming to gank as fiddle, be it with ult or not, the enemy laner instantly uses his hard CC on you / dash to escape from you, what can you do? Lets say you managed to spook him in time, what next? If he lives past your ult, he can just CC you to death once you start just spamming W on him and don't have a spook ready. If you say "But he won't live past my ult" that just shows you're narrow minded and how fiddle really is a 1 time wonder champion where once his ult / spook wear off he's useless.
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