eNRogue (EUW)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Look dude,your grammar aint bad that's for sure...bad when you call everyone monkey,and how smarter you are,I'm sure you do have some kind of a complex,you can search for a doctor to help you out,really that's the only thing i can tell you after reading your comment... Not only with your complex problem,but generally,to help you out.So you can understand that the world is cruel,and you wont get shit neither from Riot neither from any Company. Again you say that this game is not F2P ? Well what is it than ? Try to explain to a monkey if it is not Free 2 Play what is it ? Because I personally don't have to spend a penny to play League.I can grind and earn 1 champion by 1 and 2 Rune Pages will be completely enough for me.Also grinding existed in F2P games for a really big time,and it will never go away. FFS,there are games that you have to buy and still GRIND to get certain items. Another Example : DCUO (MMORPG) You get the game for Free,but after you reach the level cap and you would have completed the Story by than,you cant do shit,except sit and replay all the missions...Ah wait they released new powers you must pay REAL MONEY (NOT GRINDED) to aquire them...hmmm now is that F2P ? The thing that you ask is that League HAVE TO hand you stuff for FREE because they are named F2P...actually no...YOU PLAY THE GAME FOR FREE,NOBODY TELLS YOU TO BUY ANYTHING,SHIT THEY EVEN GIVE SKINS FOR FREE NOWDAYS !!! When i started,i had to grind to Level 30,Play another 1000-2000 games or what,so i can buy Runes not Pages...RUNES !!! And than i had to buy again Champions...which of course i would buy the 450 + 16 was it back then i think,so i can play ranked. Now you have the Runes for Free...All you have to do is earn 6000 something BE and buy the freaking Rune Page...and yeah smartass i know its hard to earn BE now,but give it sometime before you start demanding stuff you did not deserve in the first place for Free.Also when they release a champion you have the capability to buy it for BE,not RP...again you dont have to spend RL Money to earn anything,even if you do,you wont become OP or some shit,you will remain the same thing. If you want to play a F2P game go play DOTA2 , but i must warn you are a Gold 5 on EUNE,which is Silver 5 on EUW.And in dota you will probably lose games for a whole year,till you could manage the complexity of the game. Before you say something about Time is also Money.Yeah it is.And much valuable than Paper's...So do yourself a favor and to the community,delete your account if its possible and go play a normal game,where you wont have to lose your PRECIOUS time.Go find a cure for cancer,you are really smart you should manage to find it. P.S : I don't really have the time or the desire to talk to you anymore,you are completely out of your mind,and don't know shit about how a Company should sustain itself,and keep paying their employees,which guess what ? SPEND THEIR TIME,SO YOU CAN PLAY A GAME WHERE YOU DONT HAVE TO SPEND MONEY,ONLY TIME SO YOU CAN ACTUALLY GET STUFF THAT YOU WORKED FOR....Its a business...even your Family is a business,you call me braindead monkey and stuff....guess what ? For a person that actually never watches Television,and when he reads news about something,does not believe,unless if he requires the same information from different sources,and for a person that have tattoos that show that he is against the System and great beautiful tattoo ( on the hand that everyone can see clearly,even the pigs that patrol every city. I must really braindead though...also and a monkey...hmm still i feel proud though. I must be the first monkey that managed to actually become an accountant at a big enough company,the first that knows 5 languages,is against the whole system,and knows how a company operates,and what and how it has to do to survive a economic crisis or whatever comes her way. %%%% Yeah....The best Monkey ever man. P.S : Oh yeah i forgot,that you say,is not free 2 play...there is no free 2 play game that works this way,all games have you to grind for something...that is a subscription model game,which riot is not,and still in subscribe model games,sometimes you still have to grind for certain things ! I want reply again,cause as i told you...the joke (which is you) became really old really fast. Sorry if i hurt your feeling's...But im just a monkey and you are a human with big and fast working brain. Goodnight,and never see ya again {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
My feelings were not hurt at all... Also I have played Dota 2 for years and my win rate there is ~56%, so I wont have a whole year of lost games there for sure... As you said you wont waste more time arguing here and so do I wont bother you with my "joke" excuses for posts. Gn, have a nice play... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
iSneez (EUNE)
: Well I get your point, I guess a lot of people that complaining about new runes and price are new players that brought runes this year with the discount runes and now buying new pages seems expensive. Me buying expensive runes in past it took me years to make my rune pages and thousands of games so that's why for me seem better now. Anyway everybody can hate some stuff and enjoy other, it's hard to please everybody.
That is exactly my point - RIOT said that the new Runes system is mainly for the sake of the new players (like me) and at the same time I am feeling that to be exactly the opposite of what they said.. I don't feel like that is something made for my own sake at all.... From all the post/topics I rode so far - negative posts/topics are mainly from new players, and the positive ones (like your topic) are mainly from people playing that game for years... It's hard to believe that new Rune system is something made for the sake of the new players that way... Anyway is good to see also topics like your on the forum too! ;)
eNRogue (EUW)
: And I want to believe with your kind of attitude Riot would not give a shit,at least on the Forums,if you talk the same way to the Support Team (That has nothing to do,with the change's and is there only to try and help you out,by learning your problem and communicating with someone from the correct department of the company) they Should not give a shit either. And also you can stop playing nobody is gonna miss you,or anyone else that says those things. About the thing you said : ''The only thing I want is official answer from RIOT's stuff member that my pages wont be given back so I can switch to some normal game, where I don't have to pay for something that is supposed to be free.'' As I understand,you say League of Legend's is not a normal Game.Please care to explain me what exactly is a normal game ? And actually wanna learn a secret,you don't have to pay for anything. Did you pay for the game ? No it was free. Also the Old System of Runes had you to grind IP to buy the Runes + Rune Page or Champions. With the new System you have only to collect BE to buy a champion or Pages. The Runes are Free. And as far as I remember anyone that I know and had bought Rune Pages,did receive them back. EDIT : I read the other comment's and first of all your attitude even towards the player's is the worst of the worst.I don't know what is your problem exactly ,and how exactly you feel that they OWE YOU something that you did not have in the first place.2 Rune Pages + 20 Mastery Pages = 22 ? Because RIOT said they merge the Runes with Masterie's ? Dude you are delusional and really funny at the same time,have you thought to become a comedian ? So let's say they DO OWE you 22 Runes Pages. What in the blue hell should the people that bought Runes Pages get ? 40 Pages ? For what ? And when they said they merge Runes + Masteries they clearly meant that they will only make the Masterie's work as Runes,with new addition's which they could not do before. And about the legal stuff...if you are so smart and sure,that what they did is not legal,sue them for stealing what is not your's or get a attorney to do the job for you...but hmmm wait,is there any attorney that would agree with you ? Maybe,if he is working as a comedian part-time. Have a nice day,and better play a ''normal'' game.You leave today,10 new player's come in.That's the life :)
"And I want to believe with your kind of attitude Riot would not give a shit,at least on the Forums,if you talk the same way to the Support Team (That has nothing to do,with the change's and is there only to try and help you out,by learning your problem and communicating with someone from the correct department of the company) they Should not give a shit either." I know that the Company is not going to give a shit about non-profit for them opinion, because this is how every Game and other company is working - pretending that everything they to is for the sake of the customers/users and at the same time want you to pay for something as simple as Runes pages - and yeah - every game that is really "free to play" wont ask from their player to pay for something like that. But the LoL community is well know from every other online game community to be considered as the most toxic and braindead game community in the world and that is absolutely deserved - no normal person with head on his shoulder will gladly pay for something as stupid as Rune Pages, Runes and champions - when almost every other free to play online game is giving this shits for free - because this is what free to play mean. Only somebody who don't put a price to his time will say that everything you pay for in LoL with BE or IP is free - to get that you will invest a lot of time (at least 6 months to get a normal number of Rune pages for example and 2+ years to have every single champ in the game). If you consider the time you spend playing a game for free then why I should consider the time RIOT stuff is spending to create all this for something non-free that is needed to be payed for? Everything at this world have a price - ever my free time, so if RIOT pretend that this is free to play game they can at least don't have me to pay insane among of my free time to be able to buy them.... Buy them for FREE? "Have a nice day,and better play a ''normal'' game.You leave today,10 new player's come in.That's the life :)" After RIOT told that the very reason for that new Rune system is to make things easier and cheaper for the new player (players like me) and I got absolutely the opposite I am going to quit this game for sure until RIOT don't put they head out of their ass and stop be so greedy for absurd things Rune Pages... WTF I still can't believe that RIOT is really selling those shits and they really are enough among of deadbrain people gladly ready to pay for that and ever pretend this is something good and I must be happy that RIOT is selling me those pages when EVERY real free for play game is going to give that for free (ABSOLUTELY FREE, no need to pay with money neither with my free time for that shit). And you are absolutely right - on my place will come 10 more player and most of them will show middle finger to RIOT and leave LoL the same moment they see all of those "FREE" stuff... And only the most braindead will stay - those who are gladly ready to pay for everything RIOT is saying they give them for free? and they are ever going to be happy because paying for Rune pages and other shits is making them feel special? I can't understand WTF is wrong with LoL player to feel themself special paying for thing that must be free? Does nobody care about those people in real life and so they prefer to feel special that way paying for free stuff? Yeah, ofc - ever if you pay for it - it's still free, yeah there is 0 logic in that, but who care at least you are feeling special... So I am glad that you are feeling comfortable and special here. This is the most brainless and toxic community and all RIOT's stuff member are hiding deep at their hollow during the Preseason just like I expected, ZERO RIOT's member post at any of the topics after the start of the preseason (expect for the few topics considered as save for them to post in, topics where nobody from those BAD DISPLEASED RUDE haters are going to burn their rat tails and whiskers, nether to hurt their soft feelings), but you are feeling good here so here you will stay. Continue to consider yourself and RIOT for special and irreplaceable, but for me not RIOT nor their community are irreplaceable, but I have to agree that RIOT's community really is special and rare - special and rare at their stupidity and naivety. I didn't plan to waste my time for more that just creating this Topic, but the level of monkey non-senses and bullshits here are way too high for me to just read them and stay quiet w/o posting anything at answer to all that stupid contention. Just a few days ago I didn't believe there can be so big concentration of small brained monkey, pretending that you should pay for something because it's free and because it's luxury....You pay for it, but its free and its luxury at the same time.... I didn't believe that such "people" can really exist, but here they are and that is what LoL community is made of... So be happy to stay here for the rest of your life - that surrounding is really suiting you very well... (And ofc sorry about my awful English grammar level, I hope that ever so you will be able to enjoy reading this and to bury your head at the sand again just like ostriches do... But nobody really consider ostriches as smart animal, however at least they are special....just like you). {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
iSneez (EUNE)
: You expect a conversation or an answer, or why you post ? just to spam some toxic lines ? First to clarify, I know about tier 2 runes made 1ip and the discount on basic runes not on all of them, but this happened only in last year or so, before evrithign was so expensive. Still other runes were still very expensive. It's so amusing your logic. So you say now the 5 preset pages are useless and ok only for level 20 and under, but you are talking about 1ip tier 2 runes :D which wher same games good only for level 20 or under :). Then you say in past 2 rune pages full of discounted tier 3 runes were enough to cover all roles and champions but now 7 rune pages 2 editable and 5 presets are not enough. And again talking about math and you verbal abuse me :), ok let's do some math from my experience not from what RIOT said. Also let's do some reasoning and real play style with old runes not ilusion from youtubers advices. About old runes and rune pages: You had 2 free rune pages only and runes cost ip, if we talk of last year price changes and not before then tier 2 runes wher 1ip and tier 3 runes had discount for basic builds generic runes. Now clearly anybody can admit tier 2 runes were not for level 30 in rank games so I don't talk about them. Now tier 3 runes that were cheap you can cover 2 pages with them in few games so no math need about that. So let's talk about other runes and how expensive they were. You had 3 x quints that cost 2000x3ip so 6k + 9xmarks , 9xseals, 9xglyps - so a total of 27 runes /page, 1 of those runes cost from approximately (cause i don't remember now) from 250 ip up to 800ip, but the best were 400-800 Let's take the situation of medium price 400ip /rune so you need 27x400=10800ip Now 10800ip for runes + 6000ip for quints = 16800 ip for a medium price rune page (but if you build runes for 800 price you go to around 20k ip/page) Now the ip gain/ game - again I forgot exactly how much you gain but it was somewhere between 55 and 85 ip/ game depending of lose/win + 150ip something for first win of the day. So to approximate better we exclude the first win of the day but also we don't calculate 20k+ rune page but 16k rune page so everything it's fair. The medium ip gain/game is around 70ip going for 50% win ratio, even lower but let's say 70ip /game So you need around 80-100games for 7000ip, 160-200 games for 14000ip for extra 2000 ip oyu need aorudn 25 games **So for a full page with tier 3 runes that were not discounted you need 16800ip which you got in around 200-225 games. ** So for 2 full rune pages with no discounted runes you needed around 500 games or more which some people don't play for entire year. _Now all the above math it's NULLIFIED by you with the argument that you could play every role and champ with just 2 rune pages ther wher free filed with discounted runes._ Let's talk about this argument a bit, if we are honest and admit that the 5 preset runes from now are not ok since they not cover every role and champions then how about admitting something about old runes and the 2 pages + discounter runes that you said wher ok for every role and champions. You had many types of champions top minimum, ap tanks and ad tanks (like maokai and renekton), in solo q not talking about pro players you even had champs like tryndamere, xin, the more meta ap kenan, j4, many types but let's say we have just 2 types for top AP AND AD. You have 2 types of mid ap and ad (like mages, syndra, orianna, and ad yasuo, zed, talon) You have 3 types of junglers even 4, ap tanks, ad tanks, but also champions like twitch, kindred, ezreal and assassins, kha'zix, rengar, kyan You have 2 types or more of adc, adc that need more attack speed, some that need lifesteal, some need critic. You have 3 types or supports, tanks (leona, alistar, braum), range with utility (nami, soraka, janna, lulu) and the non standard supports (zyra, brand, malzahar, annie), not talking about extreme stuff like miss fortune or camille or trundle. So a fast calculation you need more than 10 rune pages to cover all champions and roles, but let's just round it down. So you need a minimum of 10 rune pages to really play at maximum efficiency every champ in every role, this if you are really honest with yourself and not teling me that you saw youtube recommendation and then it's true :D (don't knwo who follows without thinking what other say now) As a short recap for 10 rune pages you need ip like this: 2 rne apges are free and the runes on those 2 wher discounted and you gian that ip in coupel of games 8 rune pages cost 6000x8=48000ip and the runes for them cost 16000x8 = 128000ip so A TOTAL OF: 176000ip Now as we talked above this kind of money you made in around 2500games (as we talk average of 70ip /game) So what you say here calling me monkey and bad at math that you made all runes that you need in couple of games is not only naive it's real sci fi, when actually to play decent all role and all champions you needed around 10 rune pages full of runes and for that you didn't need to play couple of games, you didn't even need to play months, for some players that spend only around 500games/year, you needed to play YEARS! What you have now ? in new system ? you have all the above FREE except rune pages, but you have the option to edit them as you did before with masteries in champion select, so you can have for FREE in champion select ANY combination you please, and you can spend 10-15-20 second to make a rune page once you learn them and get use to them. So now since you have the option to edit them in champion select compare to before when you could not do that, now you don't really need to buy rune pages. Now extra rune pages are just for having the luxury to not spend your time in champ select making them, no need to buy them are just a luxury. Now every combo and rune is FREE and it take 10-20 sec to make it as old masteries in champ select. Well this is why I said that BE and new runes are better than before, since are all free (and more fun but that's another discussion now we talk about prices), and BE is just for champions and champion masteries when before you need to pay thousands of game ip only for runes. And not because i'm a monkey following riot propaganda page, I didn't even read that page, just people keep putting it in forums, I didn't care about that, I took conclusion from years of experience playing this game and seeing how hard it was to get runes. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
It seems that the main problem is that you play LoL for years so you really have no idea about how are the things with old Runes at S7... I bought all my Runes before reaching lvl 30 (with IP) and was buying not only runes but also champs at the same time (also with IP)... Also for about all your calculations about the runes - I am sorry to say that they are pretty useless because the actual price for Starter Tear 3 runes with 50% discounts are here: Greater Mark of Attack Damage: 205 IP ⇒102 IP Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: 410 IP ⇒205 IP Greater Seal of Armor: 205 IP ⇒102 IP Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: 205 IP ⇒102 IP Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: 1025 IP ⇒512 IP Greater Quintessence of Ability Power: 1025 IP ⇒512 IP At least it's already obvious that you can do the math for yourself that you can buy 60 Runes = 2 full rune pages for less than 10k BE and ever didn't use Tier 3 AD Quin runes because the difference at stats between Tier 2 and Tier 3 is comical.... And in fact all stats from runes are small enough to not have need to have specific rune page for every role (expect for a few champs like Nasus who really need their own runes for stacking his Q and etc.). I still can't understand why you continue to compare old and new runes like they are the same thing... Old runes gave us small static bonus stats, so 1 AP and 1 AD rune page was enough to cover almost all champs, because this is what the type of items in-game are - mostly AP/AD + Def/MR. Masteries and the new Runes are something very different from the old Runes and this is the source of my problem - new Runes are like old masteries but people ever so treat them like old Runes, just because they have the same name. About this this 10-20 sec that it's takes to re-do your new Runes before every game - this is what I don't like and don't want and what I won't do. Its ok if I have to re-do all my runes from zero at 20-30% of the games, but every single game - it's shitty... You are talking about luxury? The LUXURY to pay for something that was and should be free? LoL is maybe the only "free to play" game that is giving me that EXTRAORDINARY LUXURY to want money from me for something like this. Now you will probably say that I should also feel special about this luxury RIOT is giving me... Ever after they said that all the changes are with purpose the make thing about runes/masteries cheaper.. That is not something I claim, they told it by themself and at the same time they want me to pay for the HOLY MOLY LUXURY to have a normal number of rune pages? I am very well aware of how many IP I had spend from the beginning of my 1st day at LoL till now for Runes/Masteries (exactly 6,5k IP) and how many BE I should spend now to have the same comfort as I had back then (exactly 113,4k BE). But lets put all that shits aside. The work that RIOT did this Preseason seems great to me(expect for the rune pages). I am glad that you and thousands (or ever millions) other people enjoy the new things - its obvious that RIOT had put a lot of well resulted effort at all of that. Ever if we don't share the same opinion, it's good to have topics like this one, showing that if you skip the dark before your eyes, there is actually a lot of light behind it. Well done!
iSneez (EUNE)
: You are a typical toxic player from game and yes I will give you reasons for my statement not just assume things about you. 1) you start your dialogue with an abusive rude comment, typical for what happened in games when people are verbally abusive and then expect good behavior and good play and respect. So you are abusive and runde but expect what ? a decent exchange of opinions ? when clearly you can't give decent and polite arguments and feel the need to be abusive to force your opinions on people. Usually when people lack arguments they become frustrate and start to be verbally abusive. 2) I don't knwo how you brought all runes that you need for 6-7k for entire life when only a quintessence cost 2000ip and ther wher 3 of that + other runes, so you need months of play only for 2 rune pages full. In last month's sure they reduce and made cheap price for basic common runes, but those were just generic page builds which were not enough for every role and champion like you say, now you have 5 generic pre build pages for that which cover better all range of champions then before 2 generic rune pages + now you have other 2 free rune pages to edit as you please so you have 7 free rune pages. 3) repeat like a monkey, lol again typical toxic person
1) I am not expecting good behavior or anything at all from you. You are the one pretending that with the new System you are saving BE/RP when in fact - to get what I had before I must spent tons of RP or BE. I am not lacking of arguments at all - just tired of people like you who repeat again and again what RIOT already said, trying to make it true. No matter how many times you repeat one lie it will never become true. That is the reason for my "rude comment" - if you are not going to give a prove how 113.4k BE for Rune Pages is something free, then don't write bullshits... 2) Seems that you obviously don't know that there was Tier 2 Runes that cost only 1 IP - isn't that actually free? Also permanent 50% discount for the basic Tier 3 runes (Also those discounted runes was anyway suggested as the best at every single YouTube video about best runes set up I have watched back then). That generic pre build pages are useless - only new player below lvl 20 or max below lvl 30 can have use of them, that's why there are so many topics already why we are not able to delete them. 2 Rune Pages are not enough ever to cover the needs of a single role at the game, not to commend enough to cover all 5 roles..... 3) Seems well deserved to me and that one your post prove it - you are still just repeat what u saw instead of doing the math by yourself....
: > [{quoted}](name=Weonios,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=cuMl71s6,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-10T14:27:22.603+0000) > > A few days ago I had **22 free pages** This part tells me you were either drunk or lying to get some free stuff. Simply because 20 rune pages were the maximum you can have and your account is new, so you get only 2 rune pages. Unless you bought rune pages with RP, which would've gotten you an icon and them back. But either way if they did make a mistake on your account they would've given you back your total rune pages from before, when the preseason patch hit the live server, like most of us. I got my 20 rune pages, my friends did and tons of other people did.
> [{quoted}](name=Yuuzuki Kiryuu,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=cuMl71s6,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-11-10T15:58:06.299+0000) > > This part tells me you were either drunk or lying to get some free stuff. Simply because 20 rune pages were the maximum you can have. But either way if they did make a mistake on your account they would've given you back your total rune pages from before, when the preseason patch hit the live server, like most of us. I got my 20 rune pages, my friends did and tons of other people did. Seems that you are the one drunk or having bad grades on math at school. They claim that new Runes are combine of old runes + old masteries. So 2 free runes pages + 20 free masteries pages = 22 free pages at total. When you combine something you are suppose to do this at all, not only the thing that profit you most! They is a line between gaining profit and being greedy and here RIOT are truly greedy by giving us only 2 pages for something replacing masteries and runes. So old masteries was not removed, they was combined with runes, or at least that is what RIOT pretend, ever after this new Runes are nothing at all with the old absolutely static runes.
: I don't understand why it's so hard to answer questions of other people who are trying to figure out what exactly you meant because your formatting is terrible and it's not completely clear what your problem is and I think this sentence is long enough to not remember how it started and get my point of formatting even though your formatting has a different problem (repetitive empty lines) than mine formatting. Anyways, I believe 20 pages was a maximum for both masteries and runes, so saying you had 22 pages is nonsense. If you had 20 runepages, you still have 20 runepages to use. Masteries were removed. PS: Riot won't bother talking to you here, they don't have anything to justify about this topic. It is what it is.
After it's seems that I was no clear enough: The only thing I want is official answer from RIOT's stuff member that my pages wont be given back so I can switch to some normal game, where I don't have to pay for something that is supposed to be free. I want official answer at this topic or official answer at one of the tickets that I am going to send if nobody from them care(or dare) to give me answer here. I hate mouses, so if RIOT really stay solid for their action, I want them to be solid also to give me this simple answer: "YES" or "NO". I want to see how they have the balls to give me their "NO" to my question.
: You can try that all you want. Your attempt to undermine me is futile because lets face, I stand on facts while you stand in a puddle of tears. Your request, essentially, is that you once 20 of something else, so you believe that entitles you to 20 of a new thing. Even that 20 of something else is: a) Something else. b) Not something you owned c) Not something you paid for in any way You're clearly a very angry person. Come to mention it, I get the feeling this whole post is probably a troll. But I'll feed it, lets do this.
a) Exactly because it's something else, I don't want RIOT to treat this new thing as the old Runes giving us only 2 free pages + 5 useless shitty excuses for bonus free pages and same old mindless prices if you want to buy more pages. b,c) Actually I was able to create/delete this 20 pages so... You can't legal delete/destroy something that is not owned by you - RIOT gave me the rights to create/destroy those free pages so they actually was treated like pages are my own ever if they wasn't. And it's right as a player to want free access to something that I had for free and is directly effecting my entire experience as player - RIOT are the ones pretending that this game is absolutely free to play. Now they want me to pay 50 euro for this pleasure or over 110k BE (it will probably take a whole year for so many BE to be collected) I am not attempting to undermine you at all - this is public forum so hey - I have news for you, spamming bullshits at people's topic is usually making them angry, just like if you go next to somebody you don't know in the real live and you start to talk total non-sense he/she don't give a shit about - I hope that you are smart enough monkey to guess what will be his/her reaction! Thinking that my reaction of your spam will be different only because this is not the real live and you are hiding behind your keyboard is absolutely your right as forum monkey and you are doing very well so.... You deserve one more banana cookie for sure - {{item:2010}} ! Well done, my dear forummate!
: I did read it. If you posted on a public forum and expected the public to not reply... well I have news for you... Riot sent you here because you're request is stupid. And literally any random can tell you that, you don't need Riot support.
I see that you prefer just to continue licks RIOT's balls like a good monkey do waiting for his banana reward, but telling me that I should be monkey like you, accepting w/o question something that is pissing me off is only showing how well trained monkey you are. You can spam as much as you want before you go back on your tree, I don't care about that - arguing with monkeys is always funny so I don't really mind, my dear buddy! You was good boy/girl, so you well deserved your banana's cookie - here you go {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}}! Enjoy them! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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TheHammy (EUNE)
: ***
"before u didnt have that choice :D so i don't knwo why having the choice is worst that not having it :D" - Actually I don't have choice because I am forced to re-do my "Runes" before every game at the moment. That is what I want - to have choice to re--do them over and over again or to have 20 pages like before and mainly to use/fix them instead of re-do Runes every time from zero. And I still can't understand why people thing about New Runes are the same as old ones when they are absolutely different thing and are much more similar to old masteries. RIOT decided to name them Runes, but that don't make them ever similar to old Runes at all, no matter how RIOT is naming them.
: You had to buy rune page. I know it suck but they have to make money some way.
> [{quoted}](name=drOIA,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=I7cLHI02,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-09T23:10:15.025+0000) > > You had to buy rune page. I know it suck but they have to make money some way. RIOT already have enough money sources - skins, emotes, wards, icons and etc. To want from us to pay for something, that is not cosmetic - but is core aspect of the game experience as a game player is nasty and greedy! Don's sell me that bullshits like "Before you had 2 free rune pages - now you have 2 free rune pages" - new Runes have nothing to do with the old Runes -- ever if they named them the same way for RIOT's comfort. It was ABSOLUTELY ok to have just 2 rune pages back then - 1 AP and 1 AD - with the new runes this is impossible so its ABSOLUTELY NOT ok..... I have to spent tons of BE or RP to have the GREAT PRIVILEGE to not hurry like crazy to re-do my runes before every single game with--in 15 secs - are RIOT training us for some fast eating tournament that way or what? Why I should be in hurry to pick the right runes for my champ before every single game? How this is supposed to give positive experience of picking phases?
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Weonios,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3F7wWNy8,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-11-09T18:11:58.103+0000) > > and no matter how they name them, this new thing is no runes at all Why not? Imagine League was just release and this was the system they had. If they call them "Runes" why shouldn't it be called "Runes"? It actually makes more sense to call them Runes than masteries, as we already have Champion Mastery and Runes are part of the lore. You are just being nit picky about the name. I'm not going to argue this further. Get over the fact that masteries are gone and appreciate that Riot cared enough to allow us to edit Runes in the first place.
> [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3F7wWNy8,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-11-09T20:48:36.579+0000) > > Why not? Imagine League was just release and this was the system they had. If they call them "Runes" why shouldn't it be called "Runes"? It actually makes more sense to call them Runes than masteries, as we already have Champion Mastery and Runes are part of the lore. You are just being nit picky about the name. > > I'm not going to argue this further. Get over the fact that masteries are gone and appreciate that Riot cared enough to allow us to edit Runes in the first place. I wouldn't imagine anything, they can name them ever Pants if they want, but that don't change the fact that they have do to nothing with the old (real) Runes. So I don't understand why they treat them just like the old runes - same 2 free pages, same prices for new ones - I don't care about the name - the problem is the way they treat them just like the old Runes just because RIOT named them Runes again.... What is there to appreciate - that I have to memorize the correct runes for 150 champs? And don't tell that I will get suit to that - 150 champs and 100 different Runes - why I am suppose to do something so painful when the purpose of this and every other game is to have fun playing.... I will NOT have fun when I am forced to re-do again, and again, and again...... and again my Runes before every single game - you are free to have fun doing that and I am free to NOT have fun doing that because its making me hate this game (and I am also free to express how angry I am about this RIOT's self-will actions and decisions about Rune Pages)... I was really hyped about the "New Runes", but that is just some torture, bad joke or I don't ever know how to name it... {{sticker:darius-angry}} {{sticker:darius-angry}} {{sticker:darius-angry}}
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=interneter2,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3F7wWNy8,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-09T16:43:00.104+0000) > > You say you want to make the runes unique for every champ, yet Riot only gives us 2 pages for close to 140 champs? You can edit them in champion select and you can buy more rune pages for BE or RP in the store. What's the problem then?
> [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3F7wWNy8,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-11-09T16:52:29.363+0000) > > You can edit them in champion select and you can buy more rune pages for BE or RP in the store. What's the problem then? The problem is that the prices are the same as it was for the real Runes.... And no matter how they name them, this new thing is no runes at all - they are more similar to old masteries so the price should be much lower - its ever bad enough that they want BE/RP for something that is supposed to be free to begin with.... Its must be up to me to decide if I want to re-do this shit before every single game (this is the most annoying thing I have ever experience at this game) or to have 20 ready for use pages like it was before....
Afelers (EUNE)
: After you memorize the ones you use one page should be more than enough, though.
> [{quoted}](name=Afelers,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=poPEmbp7,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-09T09:40:32.102+0000) > > After you memorize the ones you use one page should be more than enough, though. So I have to memorize the exact runes for every single champ I own? This is so disgusting.....{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
tiutea (EUNE)
: Got low priority queue ... bcs of server problems
Its will be a real shame if RITO really punish/ban accounts because of server problems.... I guess you have to write to support stuff and they should remove it.... Its bad enough that we had to suffer bcs of disconnects and unreal ping (I had 7k+ ping), if they are also going to ban accounts bcs of that it will be too much ever for RITO....
Rumkatten (EUW)
: So if you get matched up with better players by improving your farm, does that go for supports as well?
> [{quoted}](name=Rumkat,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=Bddiv2Mt,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-10-13T10:23:38.811+0000) > > So if you get matched up with better players by improving your farm, does that go for supports as well? If your team is really so bad -yes - bcs in mid/late game u can farm ever as support w/o stealing other's farm and w/o missing team fights, just bcs your adc/mid usually dont bother to do proper farm and somebody have to def the towers after all (and if u going to kill the creep wave to def the tower, u can just also take the farm if u are not lazy to last hit).... And yes - imo it helps... I am usually playing mid/supp and a month or two ago RITO matchmaking always placed high bronzes, silver and low golds in my normal games... Now, when my farm and gamestyle is improved (now I farm much better) I always have Golds and Plats in my normal games and ever Diamonds sometimes ( I dont mean premades ofc)....{{item:3301}} {{item:3301}} {{item:3301}}
: Why am i losing so much?
From what I am seeing at your profile u are playing Top, JG, Supp and ADC at ranked..... Its always better to focus on one or two roles at ranked at a time imo.... Also there is much bigger chance to get good teammates from RITO if u improve your farm (this will improve your ranked MMR).... And using champions (at ranked) that u are feeling comfort to play with is big advantage - bcs u can adapt your playstyle and build every single game much easier to what is needed at the current game.... [ofc sorry about my awful English] Good luck and I hope u are going to climb to Gold+ pretty soon! :)
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: The Order of Kawaii (✿◠‿◠)
I am not actually a weeabo, but I like to watch animes and play LoL so I will be happy to add me :) ...


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