Yowzah (EUNE)
: Hey WinkyBacca, If you are trying to launch Legacy client but you are unable to do so, please follow these steps: Go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\system Open user.cfg with notepad Change the line that says leagueClientOptIn = yes to leagueClientOptIn = no Save and launch League of Legends again This should allow you to launch the legacy, let me know how it goes.
Thx a lot man !! It did work !! Appriciate ur help!! :)
Deroc (EUNE)
: full purchase history ?
There is one but it only has the purchase history from like 3-5 months i think :) U could view thoes if u like XD
: Banned for malicious 3rd programms !
Hi there m8, If u say u never used MK LoL or other 3rd party programs i recommand u appealing to some staff or something and showing some proof that you are innocent Nobody can do anything account related on the bords soo i recomand writing 1 of thoes ticket's :) And u should interest a little in some rules :) Wish u the best of luck m8
Stell (EUNE)
: I was having problems with the new client, i couldn't change masteries visually ( i could hear the clicks and they actually got changed but i never knew if i clicked correctly ) Then i started having problems with games starting. The games started, but mine didn't. There was reconnect button but it didn't do anything. Tried relogging , but then the reconnect button just wasn't there. Then i tried to switch back to legacy client, but it always loaded like half and then it just vanished and nothing happened. I then just removed the whole shit and installed lol from scratch.
That did not happened to me :( ! I only have the problem that the legacy client doesn't open up! I have tryed to install LoL from scratch like 5 times and the same thing :( and as i sayed in the post i don't think it's my PC I hope u can fix ur problem :) and best of luck to u m8
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