: Looking for a Champion to Onetrick
{{champion:238}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:55}} are banned very often so i can't realy recomend them. That being said i sugest {{champion:105}}, although i don't play him he is very snowbally and can win the game by himself is he get's some kills early. At 6 you can kill almost any midlaner if you land your ult or at least burn their flash. You need to roam bot and get some kills there too when you have your ult up since it's pretty easy. {{champion:99}} (my main) also meets your criteria since if you manage to get a kill or 2 in lane you will be able too oneshot pretty much anything that isn't a tank or bruiser BUT she is very reliant on landing her Q. At 6 you can roam bot and try to snipe them or just combo them down if they are pushing. Also it's always fun to steal baron and dragon with your ult just like this https://www.facebook.com/spinner.mlrs/videos/2106249189603914/ {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
elin990 (EUW)
: You can only play 3 champs for the rest of your LOL life, who would it be?
Snow Enix (EUW)
: What music do you listen to while playing?
: What Positioning in League was the most difficult for you to learn? (Poll)
I play LoL for 4 years now and i think i have less than 30 games as adc in all these years. I suck so bad at positioning and farming with them that i always died first in TF's and i was behind 40cs or so when the laning phase was over. I also don't like dps champions so i won't touch this role. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: man Ivern was really popular for a while, he was the BEST jungler at one time. Sad to see him in this place because the new runes don't compliment to what he does.
I'm glad he is not played anymore. I can't say how many times he denied my kill's when i ulted someone as Lux. I hate that shield. And his root. AND DAISY!{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
Youpwned (EUW)
: To hell with this snowball meta!
I wish to see some late-game champs back in the meta again (Karthus, Veigar, Viktor) instead of Zed, Talon or some other heavy snowball champs. Btw was Karthus ever in the meta??
Dalarkes (EUW)
: Lux, The Light Hielder [ Rework Concept ]
I played with her Elementalist skin so much that i forgot how her classic skin looks however i think there are many champs that need a VU more than her. Maybe after Nunu, Yi and Pantheon are getting their VU we can think of Lux getting one. About her abilities...as long as she keeps her laser and bind they can change the rest tbh. I agree that she needs some tweaks here and there but is not that urgent in my opinion.

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