: This is a bug
Oh, ok. I hope they will fix it soon.It's really annoying.
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: It resets every 30days and you have to win a game to get a key. Are you sure you've won a game in the past month? :>
Well...I play daily around min 10 games,and win most of them in a good day. I am sure i won enough games to please god rito...but for some reason he ignores me.
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: The question is: If the wheel shows assasin, what will happen? Does it auto-ban everything else? Does it disable certain items? It would probably be too hard to change everything so it will fit for the game. Additionaly it would feel forced. The idea isn't bad but it is better to play this in a custom game where everyone accepts the rules of it.
I dont see such a hard thing to disable some items and champions for every condition that is met. And about the accepting the rules...why try to make someone accept some rules some idea when u can imposse them those rules and make a new game-mode. Just saying...maybe someone from Riot will see this and might consider the ideea for the future.
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: i think that would make the loading times ridiulously long. if i remember they reoved the loading bar cause it slowed down the loading. imgagine what videos and stuff would do to the loading time. a lot of people who play league do have weak computers
Good point! But I guess,if your PC isn't strong enough,u can always close that,let's say pop-up window.
: Have you never gone into a custom game and raced to the outer turret only using Flash?
Ummm,no! I am not so curious! :P
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: There could be some sort of solution.. you can discuss if it's good or not BUT this is my idea.. If you are in promo's.. You should indeed be put up with ppl having the similar pressure to perform as you.. Ofcourse not everyone will be able to get good q times or many ppl are actually playing promo's at the same time but this can be fixed. how? - Ppl with 85-90% of the lp gained in a league could be put into the same game because they are fighting to get into their promo's.. They will mostlikely have around the same mmr as you anyway. - A second idea is to put ppl from MAXIMUM 2 divisions up to eachother.. for example: Bronze 5 and 4, 3 and 2, 2 and 1.. (note, Bronze 5 and bronze 3 will not be able to get into the same Q.) Silver 5 and 4, 3 and 2, 2 and 1 Gold 5 and 4, 3 up to 1.. why? Becuz the skillgap between those 3 leagues is practically the same. Platinum 5 and 4, 3 and 2, 2 and 1. Same thing for Diamond.
Owyn (EUNE)
: How many promo games near your devision are played each day how do you think? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Like i said.It doesn't have to be a full promo team vs another full promo team.
: I think it would be nice but queue times might be longer.
Yes.But at least you can enjoy one game without the possibility of getting some headache after. XD
: ***
I am not a dreamer.I suppose at least the majority of one team(and the others) to have at least 3 players on promos.
: Don't mind me, just waiting for your post to disappear and you getting a message *cry* *whine* don't insult other players *cry some more* from the staff
I didn't quite understood your comment.Meh.Whatever.
: So what if there are not others in prom right now at your MMR level in queue?
In this case they can fill with others who aren't on promos.But ONLY IF.
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