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Wolfêêd (EUNE)
: AFKS and ELO
I was talking about a game in general, i was platinum IV, and pushed on to 80lp, now cause of the series of stupid people, trollers, and afk people i am in gold IV, getting my brain burned by kids who are playing sona mid, and having score around 1/15 in best case scenario. I don't understand the way that league MMR is working, can someone please explain me? For like, there is no way in improving, as the TheGroPer said, no matter how good i am, i can't solo their whole team. And even when i have chance, the guy just DC'S and go afk for the rest of the game, in that case 4v5, even if i have Faker skills i can't do anything. Im just asking, can someone explain why do i lose for at least 24 lp and gaining 16 max? How am i supposed to advance into higher leagues?
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