: LoL Players on Reddit are delusional
Wait so you came here in order to get away from people kissing RIOTS ass?? What kinda idiot logic are you using XD
: considering how old annie's voicelines are, they would need to redo everything
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: People dont write tickets just to talk to a bot
IDK why I keep being surprised by people realizing that RIOT is not very good at dealing with toxic players. Seriously the game is riddled with them. It should be a no brainer that they are not capable of doing shit about it.
: Beautiful new login screen. Make the champions select design similiar please
I honestly don't like the new design. The previous one got me hyped for the game I was about to play but the new one just makes me think that I am about to write an essay in microsoft windows.
Micasari (EUW)
: whats new?
A lot. Like seriously from new champions to reworks and from new items to new effects for old ones. I could spend a lot of time writing it all out but someone else can do that. Go watch someone play or just learn everything while playing yourself you lazy pile of crap (ps the "wonderful" community has not changed :D). Seriously just look up videos on reworked/new champions and read item descriptions and you will catch up quickly.
C4libur (EUNE)
: Am I bad at TFT or something?
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Ebonmaw (EUNE)
: What are you scared of ? :o
Having seen it in real life. I am %%%%ing horrified of ending up old and with a sickness that ruins your mind. Confining you to bed 24/7, unable to get out, forgetting everything important, slowly withering away as you spend all day staring at whatever is in front of you. Finally being consumed by loneliness as your loved ones came to see you as nothing but a burden or simply can not spend more time with you because it is stopping them from living their own lives before you finally die with no one by your side.
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Player 00 (EUW)
: With all the things Riot has to do (fix the client fix this and that champion fix that bug fix this and that wee wee weee), I think if fixing the missions it this easy then go and do it. Surely they will pay you for it, just go and do it. Free money why not. *smh* Besides, I didn't have any issues with the missions yet so I don't know what you guys are all talking about.
1. You not having an issue doesn't mean it doesn't exist. 2. They made the new client so why aren't they able to do simple things with it? This is like when Destiny got realised and the devs gave the excuse of having a new engine that doesn't allow them to change things. Why make it in a way that makes working with it nearly impossible?! 3. Yeah they have a lot to do and you know what they also have a lot of money to hire new people that can help. If riot really wanted to then they could get a few extra teams for everything from champion design to support. Oh but you are right they are just a small indie group with no money to that... 4. The "then you do it" argument is %%%%ing stupid and I hope you realize why despite using it.
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A perma ban is exactly that a permanent ban. Sorry to say but you will have to start from the bottom.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Why does Illaoi exist?
To kick your ass.
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: Small thing I want have happen to The Dark Seal.
Screw that all they have to do is give us back sword of the occult! I NEED MORE STACKS IN MY GAMES!!!
Devrost (EUW)
: You can say whatever you want about riot-Focus on pro stage..and is bad.Balance is a joke..but you cant say that riot create bad skins. Lets be honest when riot create cinematics and skins..they the best.If they could do such good job in balancing..{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
They make some great stuff but let's not act like they never %%%%ed up: - Sewn Chaos Orianna - Hextech Singed - Commando Lux - Blood Moon Aatrox (great splash but why did they %%%% up the in game model so much T_T) - Sweeper Rammus - Sweetheart Rakan - All the prestige skins after Akali (she got new voice lines and effects while the rest are just glorified chromas) Then we have ALL of the skins that are just color swaps (including such games as Swamp Master Kennen, Black Belt Udyr, Sonoran Kog'Maw and many MANY others) they made before chromas. My point is they know how to make great skins but they don't have a perfect track record even if we ignore the older skins. PS. I could list more but I would have to look up all the skins and that would be too much of a hassle.
Xantus (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=The7thSeal,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=PBjZszbj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-19T19:51:50.483+0000) > > The issue is, how do you do a serious skin for Ivern, when he as a character is basically the 'Fun Grandpa' of League. He's a hippy weirdo, not much serious you can without it being Legendary or Ultimate, or being completely redundant. What about a Flower Power ivern, or Cherryblossem or Elder wood, i mean it is not that Hard for a tree o.o/
God I would kill for a new elder wood skin!
AllBear (EUW)
: I don't know what to do
Either extend your pool or just deal with it for now. That is all there is to it. You can stick to this but yeah there will be times when people will ban your champions and that is fairly normal. Ban priorities will shift with time tho so just wait. The best you can do now is ask your team not to ban them so there will be a lower chance of it happening. That being said I think that you should have 1-3 champions that you know how to play really well in your main role pool and 1-2 that you don't know perfectly but can play at a decent level.
Shamose (EUW)
: Dunkmaster Ivern and Hextech Jarvan.
I could totally see hextech Ivern but that would mean that his second skin is tied to those worthless gems which would be a real blow to people that play him.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: What..? Lmao :D
Don't worry about it. Lmao :D
: lol i assumed it was the twitter teaser vid xD Edit: Now that i've seen the vid i find it a decent skin, Q being a pass fits, that daisy full stach smash sounds amazing and the W is clever. Also they didn't go lazy with the splash art either.
: > Just because a skin comes from a certain skin line does not mean it is automatically a good or bad skin. Never denied that, but judging a whole skin by a recall is abit rushing it imo which is why we'll have to wait for the full skin to be released. Having the chosen skinline being a good and popular one is a doubble edged sword imo. Riot either pust extra effort in making the skin special to maintain the high prasie the beloved skinline has or makes a mediocre one knowing it will get good sales just because it's tied to a beloved skinline. Let's hope its the former ^^'
Umm I have to ask did you watch the video? You can see most of the effects in the video (like his Q being a basketball and the binding looking kinda like the net of a basket) not just the recall.
: It being a jokey skin was inevitable imo but the "a mediocre skinline" bit is what i don't get. I see it a highly praised skinline so ivern ( a not so popular champ) getting the dunkmaster skinline like that feels good. I guess we have to wait and see how his abilities ties to basketball. While yes he doesn't have a dunk like ability i can see his Q being sports tape and E being a basketball. As for W i'm not sure. A darker shade of green would make it fit the football skinline but not sure about basketball.
Never said the skin line is mediocre my problem is the skin itself. Also just because a skin comes from a certain skin line does not mean it is automatically a good or bad skin.
: %%%% you all
%%%% you too budy.
: just remove aram , arurf and everything thats not ranked
Or you can not play those modes and be miserable in ranked alone instead of forcing people that just wanna play for fun into that dark pit.
: The issue is, how do you do a serious skin for Ivern, when he as a character is basically the 'Fun Grandpa' of League. He's a hippy weirdo, not much serious you can without it being Legendary or Ultimate, or being completely redundant.
I should have worded that better sorry. My issue is not it being a joke skin but rather it being mediocre. For comparison we can look at Aurelion. He has only 2 skins and while they aren't amazing I find them to be on the better side. With Ivern his first skin is ok but this one just feels forced. This is more my problem I guess since in the end it is all a matter of what you like and I know there will be people who will love this skin but it just does not work for me.
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Father Tios (EUNE)
: Perhaps you should git gut, then :)
Oh hey your that guy that advertised for people to bully everyone that does not speak English! How's it going?
: why is draven banned every game
It's not about winrates. It's about "who do I not want to play against?" and clearly people do not want to play vs Draven.
: Right now Shaco is weak...
I hate playing against Shaco so I hope they will nerf him next patch just so he will be 100% unplayable.
: looking for people to play NORMALS - but we lose in the end
Is it ok for you to post this? Isn't doing something like this ban worthy? I mean sure in game no one will report you (not as long as you and your friends make up the entire team) but I don't think it's a good idea to draw attention to yourself doing this.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Day vs Night Elo's (are totally different worlds).
The day is for the casual player the night is when people who, to put it nicely, are more invested in the game play.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: so whats the counterplay to neeko?
: Can u release map packs?
I wish they would. It's definitively possible (since you used to be able to do it with 3rd party stuff) but they either want them to remain as "special" meaning they are only there when they want them or they are afraid that it will break the game (like everything else they do).
: League of Legends Champ Select
LOL summed up in 2 minutes.
Azar1ya (EUW)
: Which champion to play/buy
Get the New Player Pack that is in the shop in the loot section. It costs only 1240 rp and will get you {{champion:245}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:222}} and {{champion:25}} . All champions that I think you will enjoy and that are fairly easy to learn (Ekko especially would fit with what you are searching for imo since his encourages a bit of risky play thanks to his ult). Ignoring that if I would have to chose the best one form what you want I would say try Lucian for now, then Yassuo (since he does require a bit more mechanical skill, although not as much as people that play him say) then for something still fitting but different Zoe.
: Sexism in Video Games are still real
Don't worry if not sexism then they would have found something else to %%%%% about. That is just how the community is even if you win a game.
: Should i play Lux supp?
Yes. ADC's say that because they can't really play the game early without getting themselves killed or because they don't want you to outshine them late game. Either way there is no reason for you to not play it.
: champion
There is. His name is: Udyr the glorified super minion!
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: Silver Kayle? Judgement Kayle? Nani?!
They probably won't. If anything they may pull something like they did with Pax Sivir where they change the look a bit and then realise it in some way but I really wouldn't count on that.
: Well well well ... It has been an amazing journey!
: Legend emote
That emotes are so bad. They look so boring.
xXaSyrXx (EUW)
: Medical Team Skins
Ambulance Soraka - Now that made me think of the old times when a 3rd party skin for Soraka that made her look like a ambulance was around.
: Less RP for the same price?
Greed, greed happened. Also don't let people tell you that what they wrote explains and justifies this because everyone who thinks so either did not read it or has no %%%%ing clue what they were reading about.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Blue essence is a currency freely obtainable in the game. This is the currency you may use to purchase champions if you wish. There is the option to purchase champions with RP, however this is not mandatory. TLDR; Blue essence = free champions. If you are not satisfied with that however, there is even a rotation week where you can play a selection of champions (including some of the more expensive ones) for free. Additionally, if you achieve S ranks with champions, you may unlock up to 4 loot boxes per month (unless that's changed, correct me if I'm wrong.) These free loot boxes also give you blue essence, and they give you champion shards which can be used to unlock champions. Once again, this is a method of unlocking champions which requires NO real world money whatsoever. So YES. The option of free champions.
Shhh stop drawing attention to it! do you want people to see how much this game wants you to spend money on it?!
: Conqueror rune
I hate to say this but RIOT does not care about you. They know you will keep playing like the addict you are.
: Season 10 Suggestion. Answer Why Riot Lost 40% revenue in 2018
So how much does Mobile Legends pay you?
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