: Go to your skin collection.
I did there are no new skins, even i restard the client
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Carrimi (EUW)
: The size is the very thing that's working against it if your and my reasons are true.
For company such as Riot Games (revenu of a 2.1bilion USD for 2017) have some sort of protocols for situations like this? Like cmon the money u would accumulate in the 6 hours that the game is down from rp purchases and other sources should cover a salary of few more people to stay in certein hours to have 24/7 on the line tecnitians.
Carrimi (EUW)
: That's another reason, yes.
> [{quoted}](name=Carrimi,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=XVhbNFWc,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2018-06-30T23:02:22.989+0000) > > That's another reason, yes. In the end malice or incompetence we can all agree 6hrs and still going in completely unacceptable for a company that big.
Carrimi (EUW)
: I think I know what's taking so long, it's not the actual solving of the technical issue(s)
> [{quoted}](name=Carrimi,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=XVhbNFWc,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-30T22:39:55.747+0000) > > Often in these situations, the solution is easy to find but won't get released until they know who to pin it on and fire and then they also need to work out how to compensate the angry users before releasing the solution without the compensation which will itself anger many users. I dont think any of riot employees have the rights to do in real time client/game modification without the premission of their boss who needs the premission of his boss and so on. If this was intentional the person responsible could get sued and even face a jail time. I think it was some system glitch which they ve been trying to determine this couple of hours, although such a big company should have some sort of protection and detecting these stuff i think Riot Games have not invested much in any protective/detecting software/technology my theory on why its taking so long its because they need a lof of premissions to realese the final solution to the public. Or maybe they just dont give shit that much dunno.
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Paper1 (EUW)
: Near impossible to climb
> [{quoted}](name=Paper1,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WQtantIU,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-30T18:54:07.381+0000) > > Probably going to get downvoted for god knows what reason, but if you're a support main like myself and are at low diamond in solo queue, better get comfortable because you are going to be there for all eternity. In all the years I've played league, never has this game been filled with so many toxic, negative and skill-less people, at least in my games. In the majority of my games, there is always one guy who is doing badly in lane (usually top or mid) who wants to forfeit pre ten minutes because he died **once** in lane. If there isn't one of those, then there is someone who either picks a champion they can't play properly with, sometimes in a different position than it is meant to be played, or a guy who just can't play very well but is somehow diamond anyway (e.g. the one who keeps dying). > > This has been going on for a while now, but never before has it been this regular and extreme. Plus, it doesn't seem to matter what I do in game, the enemy seems to always counter everything. You really do need more than one of your team to actually get ahead in this game now, but even then if you have the one guy who is behind then you've basically achieved nothing. You become even until a dice roll happens and one side wins. Also, don't dare overextend even for just a teemo-sized step because then their bot lane, jungler and midlaner will all pile on top of you. Instead, just position safely and sacrifice all the xp and farm until they inevitably have applied so much pressure to your turrets in multiple lanes and get even further ahead. > > It gets worse too. I recently had a game where I played morgana support with a lucian and an eve jungle, and we somehow cant kill an alistar at level three/four who has no flash, after I walk up and give him a point blank Q. Somehow, evelynn didn't think to charm and chain our cc's together to secure the kill, and because she didn't alistar was able to flash onto a lucian at low health, kill him, and then proceed to escape through blue side tribush so that zyra bot lane can catch up and finish both me and evelynn off. And this is in DIAMOND. Mistakes are done here too, but it has never been this blatant and bad. > > To make things worse, even when that game was obviously over, people don't want to surrender at 15 minutes into the game, the time it is acceptable to "give up". How about if you do well and haven't died yet with tons of assists? That means nothing if you die just **once** in mid game, and their team can get multiple turrets, drake or baron from that alone. And guess what? you will get blamed for it by the 0/100 person on your team. > > It is so fun listening to chat and getting harassed almost every game, sometimes for no reason other than you don't follow the way that your teammate wants you to play the lane, even if it's wrong. You can't tell them it is wrong though otherwise be prepared for more verbal abuse, oh and also you better be there for every single one of your teammates all over the map at multiple places at once, otherwise they will ping you and wonder why you didn't come. How about full muting? Well that would be okay so long as everyone knew how to play decently, which is almost never. > > The enemy team always seem to have it easier as far as winning goes too. If you want to win, be prepared to play from behind a lot and ride it out until your team catches up, and even when it does get to that point, be prepared to diceroll again over an elder dragon. > > I am not asking for sympathy by the way, but I do ask that before you say "it's your fault you can't climb", reflect on your experience playing and ask yourself "Are my mistakes in game the ones that usually lose us the game?", and if that answer is yes, then i'm guessing that you're lower than diamond. There is probably stuff I missed off the "rant", but since I've typed a lot already I'll conclude now. > > Anyway, until the state of the game changes, I'll be heavily reducing the amount of times I play, because it is simply not fun nor satisfying to win due to the reasons above. And if you disagree with that, then you are a very optimistic player indeed. I've been feeling the same dude i heard that Riot Games which is owned by Tencent has implemented a secret algorithm that detects ur mmr and skill level and places u with people a bit lower than urs just to play their game more and more they try to milk its users for more money also when u make new acc they detect that u have main and places u with smurfs etc. in the end u need to grind like 1.5, 2k games to get our of high plat/high dia
: Maybe this is just coincidence ...but I think the problem with ISP started when the schools were over , like 1-2 weeks ago..maybe the problem is the huge amount of people playing the game, becuz sometimes the game is back like for some 30-40 minutes in the morning, and than again unplayable, especially in the evening, maybe this can be a hint to Riots, mb something can be done by checking traffic or something, I don't know( ((
> [{quoted}](name=I am Foxie,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=45Exyj8R,comment-id=0026,timestamp=2017-06-29T06:05:57.125+0000) > > Maybe this is just coincidence ...but I think the problem with ISP started when the schools were over , like 1-2 weeks ago..maybe the problem is the huge amount of people playing the game, becuz sometimes the game is back like for some 30-40 minutes in the morning, and than again unplayable, especially in the evening, maybe this can be a hint to Riots, mb something can be done by checking traffic or something, I don't know( (( No the problem is that riot counts on other ppl to keep their game running. Why i have only problems in League of Legends but not other games? Bcs riot do nothing to fix it and the problem is from them and they throw sand in peoples eyes. They are lazy and they dont care about us they just want to leech and leech and leech every single dollar they can.
OzeLynxii (EUW)
: So Declined, you are telling me, riot company can just wait and hope that the connection thingy gets resolved by other ppl ? that ... waw Aja frend ma telemach, baje tm dela LoL sam itak usi ISPji so (puke)
Declined (EUNE)
: In case you missed it, the problem isn't at Riot's end, they're a gaming company, not a networking company, the problems you're experiencing is outside of their control. I should probably mention, that your issue is unrelated to this one.
With delay of 5-10 sec on every skill yes its related issue and i dont care if they are gaming or space company the fact that they can't fix and issue of this sort is the problem company of this size have only 1 job to keep their servers/connections and other internet stuff up and running 24/7 thats the problem im even sure that u make no actions to fix it.
ScumbagAce (EUNE)
: Asking for riot update ! Slovenian Telekom - Login issues, client lagg and packet loss in game !
@Riot Eambo Hey, im from Bulgaria and im no one and u are bilion dollars company how to hell u cant fix this problem 2 weeks do u even working on solution? Dont u have teams that travel around the world and fix internet connections and stuff? 2 f.u.k.i.n weeks im losing my mind in every single game because ur garbage bosses dont make anything to resolve it they just want to profit on our f.u.k.i.n side!!! p.s 1 And if this is not bug from u go in every f.u.k.i.n country and buy servers or s.h.i.t i dont know... this is unacceptable most play game in the world from long time to have such a issues in Balcanica and around!!!!!!!! p.s 2 ban me if u want i dont even care i should've stoped playing this game a long time ago! :@@@@@@@@@@@@@ p.s 3 and yes its not from me u f.u.k.i.n donkeys bcs 2 weeks everything worked perfectly so get ur s.h.i.t together!!!! and we as players make ur salary btw


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