: It's not my job to try and present your point. You seem to have one + claimed Riot officially said something about it. That's pretty much your argument. And if you can't deliver the backup for your claim, well, you are talking out of your ass. I too am talking out of my ass as I have made a claim that I can't back up as I never got any RL threats in League and even if I did, Riot wouldn't tell me that they banned the culprit. But I never claimed that Riot told me that they are gonna ban anyone going for RL threats - I said that in EVERY game I've ever played, if someone goes for RL threats it's an instaban, no matter who you are. And either way, at least I gave OP instructions on how to report PM harassment. Which is not that easy to find actually.
I have riported him, and also i admitted it was not a smart move to joke with him i could leave him alone. Thanks the advices BTW.
Wthunder (EUNE)
: Befriended me then threatened me
To be honest Yeah i was childish, but i never went to a level that i thretened someone and never went to forum that i got harrassed or anything because of my bad plays but this story.. its just passed the limit... guys if you are OK with threatening people and its alright with you then maybe i overreacted.
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Demoness (EUNE)
: add me
: I'm Silver 3, but I'm much better. Trust me. Add me, I'm funny, handsome, play good. Sleep on it!
Sorry but you have to be gold at least :\. Struggling more buddy :)
Phenlex (EUNE)
: Is there an age limit? Also, how seriously do you take point 2, in which it states that you should be Asian? Like, is it acceptable that I'm not Asian and can't speak Hungarian? :P
We are in the 20s and im the oldest. If you have a good attitude idont think the age problem cause any trouble. Ofc its accaptable if you are not asian and cant speak hungarian, as i said its just a plus point..because we often play lol on skype, and it will make the communication easier if we have a common language that we use very well. Thats all. :) maybe u are going to be the 5th member? Maybe no? :D Add me if you feel like to :)
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