: im getting banned, but there are even worse people then me
dont worry the "worse than you"people are gonna get it too
BlueStr (EUNE)
: Yes, i've seen threads of people pernabanned with the only thing in their chatlog being "report x" and similar stuff. Calling for reports is both toxic and stupid, one report is enough...
is it though?i find lots of toxic ppl and i report them alone and never get the notification but once i reported a toxic guy with my premade and the rest of my team i instantly got the notification that he was banned,my premade got it too
: Creating a team
if u are lower than honor 2 u cant participate
LuciYanXx (EUNE)
: About the Ban System
the ban system is serious but its hard to detect inting,riot will never ban a player just because he is feed but only if he is doing intentionally something that is hard to detect as a bot
Shiwah (EUW)
: Honestly? Doubt that.
riot support told me that honor 0 and 1 wont reset di ck move in my opinion.
: thats a lie my friend only 5 mans with me and my friends and has honour lv 0 and plays around 10 games a week and we all honour him to boost it and its still honour lv 0 after 6 weeks.
premade honors arent worth sh*t.he needs around a month aka 150-200 games while being sportsmanlike to all of them to lvl up lvling from honor 0 is a real test to prove riot that u are serious about reforming
Bonobo Bot (EUNE)
: Honor system
i did lvl up from honor 0 to honor 1 u need to be sportsmanlike in every goddamn game and he needs the honor team bonus to boost him up
: It's good to hear that you're not toxic anymore, but reforming is going to take some time. If you were toxic enough for your honor level to drop, you're not just going to be considered sportsmanlike a few days later... It takes time before you can be (somewhat) trusted not to flame. --- Honor level 1 is still pretty low, you'll have to keep going in order to proof that you can be sportsmanlike.
IMO getting to lvl 1 is reformed becausecit needs a lot of time a toxic person won't escape it
Hitaigo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=WubbaLubbaDubDab,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=aiYT1wKJ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-08T23:08:51.000+0000) > > dude i managed to climb from honor 0 to honor 1 if this is possible then getting from 3 to 4 should be a piece of cake > just dont be toxic,be positive and kind and try not to attack anyone if you are losing. > tltr be honorable and u will climb How long it took, may i ask?
A month maybe aka 150-200 games but it depends on your behavior.I want toxic so my time was pretty much the normal one so if you get lots of honors and the team bonus it will make it faster
: **at least** honor level 2, yup.
What why?that's so ridiculous I finally made myself to honor 1 means that I'm reformed cuz in not toxic anymore and riot blocks me from playing? Bad move riot
Rioter Comments
Ly Lo (EUW)
: League competitive update
someone told me that u need to be honor 2 and higher to join in this mode is it true?
Coreil (EUW)
: people like me tired of the report for everything one writes in chat and bans. why you think it is reffering 2 you...why u even write not 2 ur pertinance so just go away. yes we, those that agree with me. as if yould lose something from having it just make it so u need 2 enable 1st... noone uses chat anyway unless that meaningless gg endgame.
So you are a toxic person who wants to be toxic in voice chat so riot won't detect you.
Coreil (EUW)
: we want voice chat
No we don't voice chat.voice chat is a mess that will create toxicity a toxicity that riot won't be able to detect as easily as in text chat.but they'll put voice chat for premades which is good
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Who deserves a buff?
skarner doesnt need a buff but a rework the damage he deals is fine i'd say rhaast needs a buff because his healing is kinda meh unless he snowballs but he is getting it so im not worried :D
: I really don't see how saying "ez" could or should be bannable. Anyone trying to FORCE people to be graceful in victory deserves to get repeatedly kicked in the crotch.
Saying ez is a total %%%% move and shouldn't be banned.noone is forcing you to behave you actually agrees to it when you agreed to the terms riot wants you to behave I'd you stay you agree otherwise leave
Marxtreme (EUW)
: New chests have anti bad luck system? I don't think so.
what happened to the anti bad luck system?did they put it or all talk? opened a chest the other day and it was only that new tahm kench emote. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Patch [7.24]: Graves occasionally can't kill Yorick's ghouls (EUW)
ye.i played graves top when he was free week vs yorick and i shooting the ghouls and werent dying
: You can counter or dodge Zoe's spells too. If you can't handle playing against her, just ban her. IMO, she's in a healthy state right now
she is broken not of her high damage but of her kit in general she is an awful champion in the first place low risk high reward. at least other champs ppl hate like yasuo take risk by being in a melee range while zoe can stay far far away and keep oneshoting squishys. LoL has become more of "whoever oneshots wins".cant expect anything else from yasuo's designer
: God stop crying about Zoe, she only has 1 offensive spell, the other one is a CC. She is not mobile at all, her R is just made to extend her Q range. We have things like Duskblade and Zed who can 100-0 you with point and click spell and leave safely, cry about this instead please. I'm a "low elo" bronze or whatever, but in a few games I learned how to shut her down, just go in front of an ally if he's touched by her E and she doesn't "one shot you and stun forever". "Casting 3 flashes" only happens once in a while.
that 1 offensive spell makes it up pretty well.if u are an adc or a squishy mage she can hide in a bush were u rarely ward(next to the wolves or next to the birds)throw her dumb e that gets bonus range in walls(who thought of that,FIRE HIM)then one shots you.when 1 attack can literally oneshot you dont need more and she's hella fast
: Only popular Champions get skins and its irritating
why waste resources in a champ that is outdated and isnt popular?
: Vayne needs to go, right now...
vayne doesnt even need to snowball to stomp people i won twice a lane against vayne(totally stomp her)then she gets a kill or 2 in midgame and all of a sudden destroyes anyone,her ult is soo annoying high damage AND FREAKING STEALTH! also instane mobility and self peel
BlairBear (EUW)
: Can you do something about Malzahar?
i love playing as malza :D he's hella fun even someone without hands can get 200 cs in 15 :D im gonna buy him and fly to platinum :D
Hamze2011 (EUW)
: Fiora hard to play?
she's kinda easy,annoying poke in lane,high mobility,aa reset with her e,her w can destroy an enemy if you use it right and her ult GOD her ult so annoying you can hit all 4 vitals pretty easily and then INFINITE HEALING(honestly who though about the healing?it makes no sense)
: Instant 14-day ban for defending myself?
: Tanks trading in lane
idk dude i hate tanks i feel like tanks now are stronger than ever.they can build 0 ad and 0 ap and they will deal damage like a mage does.look at shen's,maokai's,mundo's,malphites and ofc ORNN.choose rito they will either deal op dmg or be tanks u cant do both.
kabotsha1 (EUNE)
: why should i lose LP in such cases ? its just unfair in ranked
its a team game,you win together and you lose together.
reb3ls0n (EUW)
: BANNED 14 DAYS for chat??? Wheres chat restriction penalty?
goodbye then.i dont think anyone cares when a toxic player leaves,u were banned for a reason as long as you do not reform you arent welcome
Cypherous (EUW)
: Blind pick can't be deleted due to draft requiring you to have access to 20 champions :P
lol i forgot about that :D
Altiverse (EUNE)
: According to Champion.gg, she currently has 47.2% w/r as mid and 42.6% w/r as supp. Needless to say that when looking at this alone it seems like she's in a bad spot. This may be due to the fact that she's a relatively new champion and people that don't know how to play her make her statistics looks bad. At the very least, you can conclude that her learning curve is high, and so is her skill-floor (Unless she's a completely garbage-tier champion that even players that mastered her would get 47% win rate with her, which I assume we can agree is not the case). We will have to wait a few more patches so more players will have a bigger number of games played with her to tell whether she's "balanced" or not. For measure, a champion that is intended to have a high skill floor/cap (Zoe being one of those), should have ~48% w/r on players that have a low amount of games with her, and ~55% on players that play her a lot. So yeah, it's better to wait a while longer before jumping to conclusions.
she's in a bad spot because she's a new champion,have you seen decent zoe players?they can still stomp people she needs no buffs maybe a little nerf if her winrate gets higher but idc because im sure she will be forgotten soon
sahber14 (EUNE)
: Is zoe balanced?
in my opinion she isnt.she deals so much damage at any point of the game.her e can get huuuge range in walls and her w can get heals redemptions gunblades etc.zoe is the worst champion riot has ever released she can stay far away in team fights where u cant catch her and she will still nuke people and in lane she's a bully because her dumb q has that mini aoe.if u are an adc or a squishy mage and her e got u im afraid u are dead. the worst is when she is a bush and u cant see her and therefore theres no way to dodge something you cannot see
Gabriuzas (EUNE)
: Only Blind Pick?
in our dumb server in the morning until 12-1 o clock draft is unavailable and thats cuz there arent enough ppl for draft and they prefer blind pick (for some stupid reason) i just wish 1 day riot will compelitely delete this awful blind pick its a source of troll,toxicity and bad games
: it literally takes NOTHING to be PERMANENTLY banned in this game now. bordering on theft.
when will u stop %%%%%ing people?u are not the one who judges if u are toxic or not.u had 3 chances and u kept being toxic enjoy your ban and learn to behave
Niffler (EUNE)
: The system does not let you reform, apparently if you mess up once they're going to haunt you forever. It's really sad, cuz everyone can get tilted once in a while and getting tilted once in a while is perfectly normal People deserve a 2nd chance But Riot seems to want to create some kind of utopia, which is a million times better than real life not possible
are u kidding me?they give u 3 chances?2 chat restrictions and 1 14 day ban if u cant reform then u are perma banned
: i am sorry but this game balance is bullshit and nothing more.
: I did not recieve the 14 day ban, thats the weirdest part. I got perma-banned inmidiaetly.
anyway i believe in riot's judgement if you contacted the support and they said you deserved it then you did.you still showed toxic behaviour theres no doubt about it.if u wanna make a new account be sure to reform otherwise you are wasting your time
RemiX2001 (EUW)
: Nerf Zoe
zoe imo is one of the worst and most unhealthy champion riot has ever released she can be far far far away and keep killing people and she deals soooooooo much damage,yes i keep dodging her in lane but she can sneak in a bush and use her e in a wall that gives extra goddamn range(broken)then ult and q you and 1 shot you if u are an adc or a squishy mage.idk who allowed this thing to become an actual champion
: i have same thing i dont swear but its the spam, Game 1 ixluvxyordles: this lagg/.. ixluvxyordles: thats is ixluvxyordles: normaly i sit on 20 ixluvxyordles: 80 atm and spikes alot ixluvxyordles: ww gank! ixluvxyordles: LUX ixluvxyordles: PLZ ixluvxyordles: FOCUS ixluvxyordles: ON CAIT ixluvxyordles: dude i try but i need or help to poke cait back ixluvxyordles: i cant farm ixluvxyordles: WW ixluvxyordles: USELESS GANK US ixluvxyordles: dude ixluvxyordles: i have lagg ixluvxyordles: cant farm ixluvxyordles: they push ghjard ixluvxyordles: ww ixluvxyordles: PLZ ixluvxyordles: go in ixluvxyordles: legit ixluvxyordles: 3v1 ixluvxyordles: and i dont wanne ixluvxyordles: u need to think ixluvxyordles: we arte 3 ixluvxyordles: easy kill ixluvxyordles: honest;y stfu and gank ixluvxyordles: we lost bot cause of u ixluvxyordles: they push ahard with cait range ixluvxyordles: for ixluvxyordles: im not toxic ixluvxyordles: lux u to play more agrrive on cait ixluvxyordles: just get a q hit near a wall ixluvxyordles: what ixluvxyordles: i ned to listen to guys ixluvxyordles: but u dont to me? ixluvxyordles: play safe? ixluvxyordles: why not tank tower for me ixluvxyordles: dont die ixluvxyordles: what now ixluvxyordles: i goit u the drake ixluvxyordles: yea dude ixluvxyordles: i made sure they come to me ixluvxyordles: instead of drale ixluvxyordles: they had t oback else lose a tpwer ixluvxyordles: wait gfor nme ixluvxyordles: dude ixluvxyordles: u gusy go in 4v5 ixluvxyordles: ww ixluvxyordles: wtf can i do vs mao ixluvxyordles: he slow me ixluvxyordles: BRO ixluvxyordles: I WAS DEAD ixluvxyordles: AND U GUYS PUSH MID ixluvxyordles: 4v5 ixluvxyordles: and then i can tp there? ixluvxyordles: if u wait for mew to be therte siure ixluvxyordles: dude ixluvxyordles: stfuy ixluvxyordles: plz ixluvxyordles: DUDE ixluvxyordles: I CAN GO IN THERE BACK LINE ixluvxyordles: IM NOT A ZED OR FIZZ ixluvxyordles: dude then they all focus me ixluvxyordles: and use cc and i die ixluvxyordles: SEE ixluvxyordles: useles team ixluvxyordles: mao kay op cc ixluvxyordles: holy shit report my team for toxic plz ixluvxyordles: all blame me for lose fights ixluvxyordles: but mao focus me and i get no cover ixluvxyordles: why ixluvxyordles: dude i get drake ixluvxyordles: let them fight us ixluvxyordles: gg report garen and lux flame Game 2 ixluvxyordles: mute team ixluvxyordles: nice jungler ixluvxyordles: im vs bully ixluvxyordles: u need to camp me ixluvxyordles: to muxh to ask? ixluvxyordles: u killed me ixluvxyordles: u didnt w to me ixluvxyordles: aftehr i died ixluvxyordles: nice wall ixluvxyordles: yo lee copme ytop plz ixluvxyordles: kata ixluvxyordles: kata ixluvxyordles: wanne swap lane? ixluvxyordles: ofc tryhard ixluvxyordles: its ranked ixluvxyordles: o realy? ixluvxyordles: sorry hhad to say it ixluvxyordles: u got bad enage .. ixluvxyordles: u can gank and taz ixluvxyordles: tax ixluvxyordles: holy %%% ixluvxyordles: u need mr ixluvxyordles: tehy all have magic bases attacks ixluvxyordles: WTFD WAS THIS ixluvxyordles: i just dce ixluvxyordles: kata use wards! ixluvxyordles: GUYS!! ixluvxyordles: this lag!!! ixluvxyordles: try not tyo fuight ixluvxyordles: i might lagg out ixluvxyordles: end ixluvxyordles: %%% nash ixluvxyordles: end! ixluvxyordles: they know ixluvxyordles: do 4 man top push ixluvxyordles: kata got nash buff ixluvxyordles: so ur kind a5 ixluvxyordles: ffs ixluvxyordles: teemo ixluvxyordles: no shit ixluvxyordles: why!!! ixluvxyordles: i saifd no! ixluvxyordles: REPOTED LEE ixluvxyordles: legit ixluvxyordles: bro ixluvxyordles: listen ixluvxyordles: u go in when kata nad anvia are low ixluvxyordles: legit ixluvxyordles: lee ixluvxyordles: bad mive ixluvxyordles: look team heatlth ixluvxyordles: yes ixluvxyordles: ur trash ixluvxyordles: can he listen and help us win? ixluvxyordles: nice trow guys ixluvxyordles: no u trolled ixluvxyordles: just wait till 5 ixluvxyordles: bg ixluvxyordles: lee trowed Game 3 ixluvxyordles: wtf health barss ixluvxyordles: yasou /// ixluvxyordles: legit ixluvxyordles: i mute now ixluvxyordles: ur just not good ixluvxyordles: why say why ixluvxyordles: muted ixluvxyordles: yasou complains i steal farm but he steals mine ixluvxyordles: mid! ixluvxyordles: THRESH ixluvxyordles: WHY DONT U RUN WHEN I WENT IN ixluvxyordles: and then trow lantern ixluvxyordles: sorry i flame i mute all ixluvxyordles: nice one rito ixluvxyordles: guys why not cancel shens ult? ixluvxyordles: no ixluvxyordles: the fire potion thingy ixluvxyordles: TEEMO! ixluvxyordles: yasou ixluvxyordles: ult man ixluvxyordles: thresh 3 man knock uped ixluvxyordles: u know thresh e is knovck up right ixluvxyordles: thresh all u nned to do was hit the plant... ixluvxyordles: stop what ixluvxyordles: gg better botlane wins ixluvxyordles: no ixluvxyordles: ur botlane does team work ixluvxyordles: i had 4 man fear ixluvxyordles: afther i die the come ixluvxyordles: gg tea mdoesnt know how to fight ixluvxyordles: bg report yasou afk early
your ban is so deserved that im nearly glad u got banned,u are toxic you are negative and keep blaming others
: Punished too hard?
report calling and saying ez is bannable,to be honest i dont see whats wrong with game 2 but to get a perma ban you need to have had 2 chat bans and a 14 day ban so once you get these 3 bans the moment riot detects toxicity you are gonna get banned,srr but its a deserved ban make a new account and reform.
erwoeew (EUW)
: Will I ever be able to get honor again?
i recently leveled up from honor 0 to honor 1.i got the ban a week before riot gave the season rewards and lost them(sad)so it took me around a month aka 150-200 games to level up.a way to do that is to be honorable,you shouldnt insult any player and be toxic in general riot can detect toxicity even if you arent reported be sportmanlike never blame anyone.try to honor a teammate in every game in order to get the team bonus cuz its gives some progress,good luck
: Special snowflakes
maybe learn how to behave?have u thought of that?
D0rtus (EUW)
: Does Tahm Kench need a buff
tahm doesnt need a buff he can destroy ppl in 1v1 even if he buys 0 ap and 0 ad
: honor
dude i managed to climb from honor 0 to honor 1 if this is possible then getting from 3 to 4 should be a piece of cake just dont be toxic,be positive and kind and try not to attack anyone if you are losing. tltr be honorable and u will climb
: If the game was easy, then you should be able to point out objectively that it was easy
good luck being a c*nt. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: What's wrong with nautilus
play naut supp with jhin adc you have an 80% win chance :D
: > [{quoted}](name=Rest in peace 32,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZEG6GTyj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-08T19:29:38.601+0000) > > I agree with you so let's buff other champs instead like nunu,soraka,kassa and zilean etc :P not kassadin but other champs need a buff way more then kayn , kayn doesnt even need a buff he needs a nerf riot needs to buff {{champion:136}} once
aurelion is op af dude wtf are u talking about?his only issue is that he needs some time to get used to,his w can stomp you without even noticing
: Kayn buffs ???? why not a nerf
rhaast overpowered as hell?lol dude they are gonna buff yasuo and you worry about kayn?
24thDiK (EUW)
: Can't Riot just stop using " Victory " or " Defeat " at the end of the games?
i guess you are butthurt because riot banned you right?your tears taste fine {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
xGunna1 (EUW)
: is saying Ez or Rekt bannable ?
yes it is and should be bannable,do you like shoving your win on someone else's face?well instant feedback is coming for you.
: dont buff yasuo
i see no reason for yasuo to be buffed,he is in a perfect state the fact that high elo is able to stomp him isnt the champion's fault but the players are just good,he is already destroying low elo and doing fine in gold elo he doesnt need any buffs but riot's balance team has a bunch of yasuo mains so thats that.
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