Lumi Frost (EUNE)
: Right now i cant earn tokens anymore. I have 1912 right now and i believe with the not received tokens i would have approximately 2200. But then again i rly cant be sure and so idk if i should grind hard af right now or will the tokens get compensated so i will get my 100 prestige points. The situation really is goddamn disappointing right now and if there wont be any kind of fair compensation, i dont think im going to put any of my money to this kind of events anymore.
And reward tokens after games, doesn't work again. On almost last day on the event :) I really hope there will be some compensation, because in the other way, it just looks very bad for a company like Riot. We payed for event that doesn't give rewards as promised (for at least 7 days), does that count as theft? :O
Unlucky Kat (EUNE)
: will anyone do anything about the tokens already?
I have no problem with this if they can count all the games we played through Match History, calculate all wins and loses, add tokens for FWotD and just give us that exact number we actually earned through games. Or like someone said here on Boards: "It is Graphical bug. Your tokens are continuously being added on your account after a game. It is just visual bug." In that case i'm fine. Any other correction like someone said on Boards," we will extend this for 3,5,10 days" or "Here are 10 Orbs for everyone", are not ok. #1- I won't be able to play in next week like I can play this one. I have days off. #2- I don't need Orbs, that is not why I bought Trial Pass on first place. On all of that Trials Event is on. It means that every mission should count for House Standings. But if we are not getting missions done, how are victories being counted? Who will win? This is mine 4th or 5th day with this Tehnical Issue and Riot still didn't say a word about it (or I just didn't read anything about it). If they did, please link. I guess we wait. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
ShadoWere (EUNE)
: 50 as compensation from 92 pending ? what should i say HAHA , btw do you know if they might give the missing tokens back ?
I'm missing something in between of 300-400 tokens in last 3 days (I dont really want to calculate all of that). Today I played 1 SR and actually got 12+daily quest. But that only happened once. Next game I also won and still no tokens :) I hope we will get those tokens in this or that way. Because it is not just some random quest we completed. We payed for this.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Its probably just a graphical issue, the mission system has been displaying incorrectly, they are likely still being collected and once riot fixes it your stash will be updated
I played 7 SR's today and didn't get a single Token. Went to work and still didin't recieve any when I get back and cheched. So I said ok, maybe later, but I played Aram and Lost and actualy got 4 Tokens, than won and get +6 Tokens. So what about those 12*4+3*6=66 tokens? Will I ever recieve them?


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