: Honor system based on only one thing - '' STFU and play'. Ranked system is a joke today, we all feel your pain. Im also sick from zeroskill players in ranked, but we cant do anithing with that. Problem not in players, problem that RIOT ignore problem with boosted and bad players and giwe them access to sucking our brains game by game. Honor system need hard rework, but lui vitton skins are priority today
Those were exactly my taughts....they just want you to shut up and play...give them money by buying the pass and skins.... But get nothing in return.. It's too much to invest on a fair and fool proof system. Better let some stupid algorythm do the job automatically...while they just profit. You invest hundrets of $ in their game..and get punished for shit like this . =))
ryandub (EUW)
: Yea riot punishes people for complaining rather than people who intentionally feed or afk and actually ruin peoples games.
You can soft int...like....do dmg and look good on charts..and troll the team ...and you still won't get banned...even if all the team reports you ... Because for the system...you played ok. It's just broken.
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