: > [{quoted}](name=Xalasmeni Banana,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ivAK2WqV,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-05-19T14:08:42.155+0000) > > So, what's your argument against other ranged toplaners like .. idk... Quinn? > > I didnt even know people played TOP neeko. I just found her to be good in toplane. > > That being said, unless you win by a good margin in toplane neeko's ult still sucks and you're going to lose the game He said they all should be nerfed
Why though? So you can live your melee fantasy? Pick accordingly for toplane Dont assume its melee vs melee.
: So when are we stopping Neeko top?
So, what's your argument against other ranged toplaners like .. idk... Quinn? I didnt even know people played TOP neeko. I just found her to be good in toplane. That being said, unless you win by a good margin in toplane neeko's ult still sucks and you're going to lose the game
: ok, so step 1: pick a really good dueling champion, bonus if it has CC (udyr in my case) step 2: invade early on, and when you see yi go for example gank topside, go to his botside jungle and take it all, just be careful to make sure the laners don't start coming your way step 3: try to counter gank yi, predict where he's gonna gank and stay there until he comes. then just kill him step 4: don't use all your cc until yi uses his q step 5: profit
You have to do all this to counter 1 champ? Most of other champs only need 1 step from the list to be countered. And that is CC, not even timed CC.
: Twisted Treeline being abandoned
People still play Twisted Treeline...? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Diamond 4
Or smurf. I met quite a few smurfs in my elo. This game has become a mess.
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: Worst season so far? Let's argue!
Worst season was Season 8 by far. This season is more like: Get a smurf / hard feeder every other game and get stuck in an elo below your skill level forever. Im 50/50 each game now. I either get S rank and dominate or my team cant keep up with the smurf
: i would love a curse type enchanter .. maybe something like he is an enchanter but he can press r to have his skills be curses instead -> enchant and curse abbilitys share the same cooldown so he wouldnt be like jayce having 6 abbilitys at all times also would be nice if his abbilitys were skillshots for once .. i hate the constant point and click outplays with janna soraka lulu etc. and imagine his curses have realy amazing auxilliry effects like examples : "seal x hp of the target for 10 seconds"(sealing as in the enemy gets his current and max life reduced by it but gets it back after the duration) "deal x dmg over 5 seconds and enemy skillcosts during the duration is dealt as dmg"(as in ppl can kill themselfes by casting abbilitys) "healing is reversed for x seconds"(healing = true dmg)(he might be able to even "enchant" enemys for a sick highdmg combo with the downside of maybe actualy buffing up an enemy xD) (skillshot like bards q and only effective if it hits 2 usits :)"dmg done to one is also done to the other and vise versa"(aka hitting a tank + an adc = rip adc) "cant see enemy champions for x seconds" "reduce attackspeed by x % and increase cast time by n times x%"(giving strong dps loss) "target damages his nearby allys for x dmg per secondfor n seconds"(a buffed sunfire on an enemy that only affect enemys including the target) "for x seconds this units dmg can also target his allys"(suprise 10 man karthus ult ^^)(DecaKill) "slows on this target also affect attack and castspeed for x seconds" enchantments on the other hand might be things like : "heal target for x hp per sec over n sec. also z% dmg is taken over n seconds"(n>=4) "targets attacks and abbilitys deal x% splash dmg to nearby enemys for n sec" "after 4 seconds regenerate dmg done in the last 4 sec to this unit up to x%"(in this case x can be quite high like 40%+ap scaling since an adc needs to survife that time to even get the healing back) "redirect x% dmg to the target to yourself, target heals you for y% of its dmg for n seconds" and more :) i would like something like that.
We already have one sadly. People were asking for a Witch / Shaman curse based and support and you know what Riot made? Lulu. Lulu is supposed to be that curse support according to Riot Games
: Will I make it to Master tier? (I asked my cards!) - OK I did this mostly for fun ! :D
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Anyone on EUNE with a Nami related clubtag?
I have bananas if you want, but no Nami club tags. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: still waiting for riot balance the game like the old days.
HavickPT (EUW)
: fan art pool party Alistar
The shorts are bulging alot {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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: After getting banned I decided to fix my attitude, Ive gone from Bronze to Gold 4 (with Udyr).
The same has happened to me the first time i hit gold. I went from bronze 3 to gold 5 just by being positive. Also gold is not "trash". Its a very respectable elo and only about 30% of the players belong there. If you remove the smurf accounts then probably 25%~ In a matter of fact gold 1 to plat 4 is like 10% of the players so no, gold is a good elo to be. Being near the 10% of the whole playerbase of your server (thats like milions of players) is an achievement
Voldis (EUW)
: Riots new Icon
Dont necessarily agree with all the minimalistic overhyped shit that's pumped out all the time
Lillybud (EUW)
: Gold 5 support looking for adc to climb
There is no Gold 5 anymore. The hells.
: What mid laner shall I buy next?
: I looked up your profile in client and in op.gg. You are stuck in gold for 6 seasons for a reason. Probably you see a streamer or who ever to play klepto support and you think it's just awesome in every possible lane. To your statements: With klepto you HAVE to play aggressive because you need to land your ability AND a auto attack, which every good enemy will punish hard, but if you want to play a rune in which you CAN play aggressive as Soraka you should go guardian / resolve tree and spam your Q. Your last 3 games were like this: 42 mins --> 11 items 40 mins --> 12 items 23 mins --> 6 items Which means every 4 mins you get one item. Please. You do NOT make it work. Just as comparison a EUNE Ezreal enthusiast "GabeNo": 25 mins --> 14 items 41 mins --> 21 items 21 mins --> 14 items Which is 1 items every 1,7 mins in average. He makes it work. Because this rune suits Ezreal great. By the way: Your vision score is mostly under the enemies vision score and most of all you literally NEVER got a control ward in any of your past games which can be viewed. Barrier on Soraka is essential because if the enemy is smart they will to focus you as soon as it is mid to late game ... and it will make you help survive hard engages on you! It's actually not so much about early game / langing phase. And don't take these S ranks as a sign for you knowing how to Soraka. It just tells you that you are over the average of the Sorakas which are the same skill level like you. At your point I'd rather take care of your mapawerness score which is B. 46 % wr with 242 games only this season in gold 4 is not good. I tell you this as a Soraka main: Rather go Guardian/Font of Life/Bone Plating/Revitalize Biscuit Delivery/Cosmic Insight ... stick to your barrier ... unless your adc goes tp, you could go for heal then. And most of all start to work on your vision score. Get control wards ... and work on your mapawerness. Just stop to cry about other people ... and concentrate on yourself. Fact: You do NOT make it work ... and you should try other runes and more focus on control wards. Good luck with that!
There's a lot of reasons im "stuck in gold". To name a few, not always playing playing my mains, trying new champions in ranked, being generally bad in other lanes and roles and trying to play them though i corrected this issue more in the more recent seasons, trolling (yes i did troll some games in those other seasons) and the more recent seasons just not enough will to play purely competitively. Also i did lose 2 promos to plat (even though i havent been able to get there again yet and i dont realy care to prove anything) All i can say is, you can play vs me when i play my OTPs. It's not about math and just because you dont think it works, it doesnt mean its not working. The pots, mana and some gold you get is enough compensation for me to use the rune since it literally makes your early game very strong and oppressive. And all this bs about "46% soraka main gold 4" is invalid. My smurf has 90%+ winrate and is currently gold 4 and i skipped gold promos without playing games. And yes, i played with plats in my last games. You need to be one whole league above to skip promos. You cant use winrate and rank without context.
: I cant win games no matter what i do,plz help me
Give up league. Start a career as a baker. Make Money. Marry a pretty chick. Live happy. The End. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Except eune has about the same amount of players as NA.
I was about to say you're not correct, but you're right... Europe Nordic & East 1.110.123 North America 1.232.157
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: Let me introduce you to my mother!
Your mother sounds like she has mental issues. Its not about the person, its about having mental issues. Just saying. Just be careful you don't repeat the circle because through your mom you might end up hating women / hate people and take it out to your future wife / kids and become like your mom. These types of behaviours tend to leave scars subconsciously to the people that endure them and it can be really hard to get past that "When you stare too long in the Abyss, the abyss stares back at you".
: "lets appoint some random girl to lead" *laughs in trump*
Gender bender fan fiction -> Trumpolina
: More men play league than women, so the more popular the game becomes the harder it will be for a woman to come out on top. + Men are more likely to waste their lives away on a game + Men are more dedicated to self improvement + Men are more ambitious in general + Women have a significantly slower reaction speed to men + Men are better at teamwork and have quicker (but worse) decision making By law of averages a woman could obliterate most of the competition, but I don't see this happening any time soon.
I agree on the first point but the rest? Can you back up your arguments with genetic research or something? I never heard of any research claiming that woman has significantly slower reaction times or that men are better at teamwork. Teamwork especially makes no sense since it's just how people cooperate and has nothing to do with genetics
: > Women who got power in the history of humanity had real b*lls. I rly hope they didn't monkaS
Metaphorical ones {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: https://streamie.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/img-sneaky-2.jpg
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: Yeah you hit me right in the shin and made me cry you monster! Not only that but you are so insensitive that you don't even apologize after giving someone such a bobo. Really you are what is wrong with the world.
RazerX (EUW)
: Equality and being a gentleman are two differen things though.
The world is run by men and therefore they dictate how things work. Even that fact that that big tiddy girl is stealing your job is because some fat rich guy prefers to look at her rather than you. That good enough? It is ridiculous to even suggest that women run the world.
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: Thank you for showing the world that you have a stick up your ass. As for equality you don't have to worry I already do that. I don't hold the door for anyone, I don't give people my seat and if anyone hits me no mater if it's a man, woman or someone in between I hit back 3 times harder. I am an equal asshole to everyone :D
I hit a nerve huh. It hurts. I don't belong to any of those ridiculous camps of meninists or feminists. Neither of those groups like what i have to say because it doesnt fit with either side's narratives. I prefer to have a stick up my ass and be objective than a brainwashed sheeple who adheres to a narrative like you do. The coin always has two sides its just people prefer to only see one side.
Bloodnacht (EUNE)
: funny, 'cause i barely seen some one who liked the Rework. Are you sure its not about Kayle's?
Barely? Because people who are satisfied dont post in the forums and are less vocal all around. For Kayle, there were threads the other day "Omg what did you do to kayle". You probably missed them
RazerX (EUW)
: They do exist, they just choose to not go pro. There's multiple reasons for this. One of them being the scene is male favored and not very hospitable to women, the other is that women simply aren't interested in a career of league. I remember there was an asian team that had a girl on it. I think she was a sub. Don't know if she got any stage time though.
You explained it yourself. So in other words, there's no woman that's good enough to play league at a pro level if they only get benched. Getting pro takes a lot of dedication and being shut off playing all day. I dont know any woman who would be like that.
: Actually there are no rules on what rank the players should be. The reason being, teams will naturally only take the best players. Then you get this...and you ask yourself...why...
Maybe it's a marketing stunt. Like Babymetal or something.
: It is just a trend. I mean, "Look, we are full of women. Women powah!"
Women who got power in the history of humanity had real b*lls. That's the type of woman league needs if Riot wants to actually promote women. If a female faker doesnt exist then for f*ck sake dont try to create one out of the blue. It's ridiculous and laughable
: Because it's entertaining when 5 support champions are banned and the all female team is obliterated. The best pro female is a transgender male to female: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jcdI0p7P54 Riot knows how to entertain ;) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
The best female player is Sneaky. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: LOL you think men get things in this "I am a victim that wants equality but with privileges for me" world.
The saying its a "man's world" P*rn is made for men. Women have to be appealing on TV for men. Men have most positions of power. The fact that women have differential treatment is a decision men make too. The useless ingame but big tiddy streamers exist because there's men who donate them. Guess who has that privilage to donate? Men. Why women get all those easy jobs like secretary and stuff? Men again. So dont tell me this bs. Start judging people by their worth and not their gender if you want "equality" then
: Thorin explains it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cS22PaOesYY
It's a fair explanation. Being a d*ck is bad but bottom line, if those female players want to prove themselves they have to do it by trial by fire, like the rest of us. If you want anyone to look up to you you dont flash your gender or anything and just get free cookies handed out to you. Im longing for an actually good female player (and please for gods sake dont say pokimane, boosted gold player) that will be a sensation but after 9 years im losing all hope it will ever exist
RazerX (EUW)
: Vaevictis eSports all female roster
This is how i feel. Doesn't matter if you're woman, man, dog, or an attack helicopter. Everyone should be treated according to their worth and if someone is diamond / gold they shouldnt be considering pro play. Doesn't matter if they're women. This whole thing about "all women team patched together from random diamonds girl power" is ridiculous. If Riot wants to promote that women play league too then a woman who is actually good and at pro level should impress with her skills like faker. All female leaders throught history earned their respect and it was not handed to them. Imagine Joan of Arc, Boudicca etc be like: Ok so we need a new leader but we never had women leaders, lets appoint some random girl to lead. No. ** If a woman was actually good and she was ridiculed just for the sake of it even though her play was impressive then yes that would be sexism but this random girl team isnt really helping. Just reinforces the belief that women are just bad at league and any serious play is just laughable**
Bloodnacht (EUNE)
: > And thats Sona on your avatar btw. Not Morgana, you real mainer you. 1. that's an Icon, 2. players who really plays Morgana aka me and others, 3. there are thousands of players who doesn't like the Rework.
There are thousands of players more who like the rework. So whats your point? Should we take a vote or something?
Bloodnacht (EUNE)
: Morgana's LAME VU
What's a "real mainer". Just because you dont like it, doesnt mean that everyone else thinks the same as you. And thats Sona on your avatar btw. Not Morgana, you real mainer you. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Poramies (EUW)
: I love the new {{champion:25}} although it kinda bothers me that they used {{champion:163}} 's voice actor for her. :( Can't stop thinking about her every time Morgana speaks.
She reminds me more of diana. Check their jokes and you will see how similar they sound.
Rena (EUW)
: A little story about why it's better to be nice instead of being Toxic
: So I don't know if you're trolling or not. She was not flat-chested at all before. Have you played this game? She had HUUUGE badonkas.
I dont care for the size of her boobs. You dont like the appearance of the new morgana but i do. Opinions. Also what do you mean "they become holes"? Seriously. The people that love the new morgana dont come to complain to the forum and the downvotes i get are from some people who are so salty with the new look they feel obligated to click downvote just to feel good inside
: I like the sound of that, imo the old one was suboptimal due to the high mana costs for a support above all else, only lame enemies would let me get away with it early in lane like for real.
And at late game you can dish out insane damage anyway cause you hit 16. The problem is, i never hit lvl 16. EVER. No matter how many games i play, i only hit lvl 16 1 minute before the game ends
: Now she's just generic big tiddy goth gf with a slight twist of furry.
And before she was flat chested generic hunched over long haired emo girl
: New Morgana
I love the new Morgana. Best visual champion in league along with new kayle. I have to admit that Riot stepped up their game in how champions look with these 2. My only "concern" is how kayle sounds more evil now and she actually sounds like Diana. Even has the same joke line as Diana
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: Thanks Riot
Meanwhile i have 3000 orange essence cause i only get skins i dont like
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