Muuaahh (EUNE)
: Just rename Aatrox.
Batrox. Since he's a beta now and not an alpha.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: you are matched based on MMR not Rank Also players can climb the ladder with different skills Utility/engage/peel/damage/pick/objectives/denying/invading/rotations/splitting/dueling/poking/counter picking/1tricking ofcourse the games would be uneven if you got 5 v5 matched with both teams being dead even 50 lp bronze 1 one team would still very likely stomp the other
You can usually carry a game by doing as many things of the above you mentioned as possible at once or just pick a yolo assasin jungler and snowball hard. When i pick Leona, i cant do anything if my team is 0 20. But when i play Zyra i can do damage, utility, poking, objectives.. practically x10 more things than i could have done with Leona. Some champions and roles are just better for climbing than others.
: Ranked matchmaking is severely unbalanced
I agree on the bronze games. I made a smurf once. Started iron 2. Got to gold 4 in 20 games with 90% win ratio playing only Janna. Most damage Janna and S+ ranks in all games. I dont think it was a fun experience for the people i played with
: Botlane in season 9.
ADC is a useless role in Solo Q. When you play it nobody peels for you and since you have 0 tools of escaping and no life you get destroyed. Assasins 1 shoot you unless you're too far ahead
Wuffiefuf (EUW)
: Having faced her, she seems pretty strong. Seems more like people don't know how to play her yet but jfc her kit is cancerous to play against.
you probably faced a smurf Qiyana from high elo playing in low elo to lear nthe champion. It was your skill that was lacking. If you're diamond even the most trash, junk champion will carry you games in silver.
: So Qiyana has a 34% Wr in midlane and a 32% wr in Jungle according to
Qiyana is weak. She is a weak diana with riven dashes. Assasin needs survivability and even if its a bruiser you still need survivability
: used to be like that the last times for me aswell but this time i got 5 skins from champions i dont even own ugh...
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Let's play a fun "Your shop" matching game :P
riot gives you "Your Shop" according to the champs you most played Recent champs. Always My shop is just champs i played a lot recently, 100%, every time
: And like I said little legends aren’t exclusive to TFT, they turn up in ARAM and will turn up in summoners rift in the future. There is nothing stopping riot from not doing TFT and just doing little legends as that’s less effort for the same amount of money. Or they could have made TFT pay to play... you don’t have to buy any little legends, there was nothing forcing them to make it free to play and tha5 cuts into their profits heavily... This ain’t a crash grab... this is far from a cash grab.... seriously if you think riot is at all greedy you have no idea about some of the shit that happens in this industry
A copy paste game idea from a mod author with rehashed models is not... a cash-grab... I just fail to see the logic behind your argument. Skyrim Specialty Special of Specials Edition with more Cowbell == The definition of cash grab. Witcher 3 = the definition of an all time hit in gaming Now tell me is TFT more like Skyrim the 500th edition or like Witcher 3?
: Hardly... it still takes effort to make stuff like this, and it’s far from a cash grab. There’s less customisation options than normal league, meaning this game mode effectively nets them less money than a standard game mode. Not to mention all of it isn’t exclusive to TFT, riot could have pretty easily done the little legends without needing to do any of this and gotten the same amount of money. Riot have effectively made two free to play games... that’s the complete opposite of a cash in, it would have been way too easy to make it pay to play, or pay to win, or even subscription based... how you can call a free game a cash in is beyond me
Did you read how much money you need to give to the RNG gods to fully upgrade your Little Legend? If yes, then you know that even with so little content the potential for TFT to make them lots of cash could be high
: You write this big rant about how much Riot suck as a competent company, but I bet you still play League for hours a day, every day. Some people love to piss and moan that the game isn't up to their standards in this way and that way, yet they still spend a huge portion of their free time playing it haha. Don't like the expensive skins? Don't buy them! Don't like the quality of some skins? Don't buy them! TFT not playable soon enough? Tough shit, you're gonna have to wait longer - they aren't rushing it to please impatient little brats who think the world revolves around them. Or here is another idea - if you're such a visionary, why don't you make your own billion dollar game ;) Before you say I am 'blind cattle' btw, this is my opinion, and I don't give 2 shits whether people agree or not.
On a serious note, League was released at the right time to get to be so popular. There was no official and dedicated Dota back then but Dota and Counter-Strike were immensely popular with the players. Guess what Both games / genres became smash hits. I mean, Counterstrike was begging to be made a game. I know people who were playing the mod lan in a net cafe every single night to the morning and getting burned on it Do you know how i got into League? I found it the boxed edition while looking for something else on a PC Store and i didnt know anything aobut it. I read "Dota" and i was like ...hmmm. Let's just buy it and try it. I love dota. It was a complete random buy.
: Dear Riot Games
Riot Games is becoming a meme. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: > Come on. We waited 10 years for a new game and that's what a multibillion company that can literally make any AAA+ they imagine end up with? > They could make a game b ased on LoL that would make Cyberpunk 2077 look like a child's game, but no. Except they can’t, not yet at least. League takes up a lot of resources, for riot to make a AAA game they’d need to cut down on league’s support to do so... they aren’t big enough to run multible big games at once. So for them to do that league would have to die first... until then they ain’t gonna make another big game. > The issue with TFT is that it's s straight up copy pasta from the Auto Chess Dota mod without any kind of innovation. They just slapped the LoL graphics on top of the mod. So was league... you forget there wasn’t much innovation between the DotA mod and league, it’s just bushes and dragon. And league does innovate, a lot of the champions and items are unlike others in other autochesses, and carousel is new > on top of that they didnt even try with the graiphics. It's copy paste from LoL No shit Sherlock it’s league auto chess... why would riot deviate from league’s art style in a league spin off... you keep the same art style in every game of a universe that’s just logic, makes it easy to recognise
My argument was to enforce the idea that Riot is making a zero-effort cash-in game.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Auto chess is some mod that will only get a couple thousand of people playing it in the end. The genre that LoL is in also started out as "some mod" for Warcraft 3. Seemed to work pretty well for that game.
The difference is that all these types of games that belong or close to auto-battlers aren't popular and haven't shown to be popular. Dota was very popular. I know that every single one of my friends has tried Dota back then. Dota was as popular as Counter-Strike was back then For example those other "auto battler tower defence games" i dont remember any example now. Its those games that you defend your lane against creep waves. They had some following, some guy even released a standalone on Steam but it sunk and dissapeared. I didn't even know autochess existed before League threw it in the mix I'm very certain that TFT will follow the trend of Dota underlords and we'll see it's initial playerbase slashed in half and then some. It's the nature of the genre. People usually don't like watching stuff fight each other. They want their decisions to matter. Unless they make TFT reactive i don't see it going anywhere to being even remotetly popular besides a couple 200k players which im pretty sure dominion also had.
: I am still waiting for an MMO! They recently trademarked the name, Legends of Runeterra, along with shop items and other things... So either a Mobile app as rumoured, or an MMO! Check this out: Also this: and this: Hopefully its not getting our hopes up, we just have to wait and see! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
I wouldn't keep my hopes up. It's Riot we're talking about here. They have more money than God but less ideas than a 3 year old child
: It’s not for everyone, but it’s a gamemodes which has become the natural progression from mobas so it makes sense for riot to through their hat into the ring. As for a mmo remember they take more resources to maintain than a moba, so I doubt it’s realistic at the moment... perhaps when league dies that can be what they move onto but I doubt a company like riot can work on both a moba and an mmo simultaneously (only blizzard manages it and even then their moba suffers for it, not to mention blizzard is way bigger than riot is)
The issue with TFT is that it's s straight up copy pasta from the Auto Chess Dota mod without any kind of innovation. They just slapped the LoL graphics on top of the mod. Come on. We waited 10 years for a new game and that's what a multibillion company that can literally make any AAA+ they imagine end up with? They could make a game based on LoL that would make Cyberpunk 2077 look like a child's game, but no. We get a game that can be highly monetized and milked, easy to make (any indie studio can make it) and on top of that they didnt even try with the graiphics. It's copy paste from LoL
: I realy didn't like it at all until I decided to try it out and play a game while watching LCK , and I didn't expect it to be that entertaining I thought it would be like one of those clicker games but it's way more engaging if you are trying to be 1st place.
Oh yes. You click watch and click. Click to buy, combine, watch and click. *yawn* Enganging strategy. I play Dota Underlords, like ... 1-2 games at most and casually. It's fun, in small doses but there's no way in hell i'm going to sit down 6 hours straight to auto chess like i used to play League
: I'm torn on it, I kinda like it, I kinda don't its not a bad game I think maybe it needs its own client though like how hearthstone has, all in all I like it i guess but I don't see what the big fuss over it is about
The big fuss is that they overhyped Auto Chess games as the next big thing while in reality its not at all. It TFT will flop like dominion and nexus blitz. Even though i would much prefer dominion over TFT, but hey. im not Riot
: a game mode pointless to play , hype will be gone and back to the drawing board for the next useless thing while euw servers will be shitt forever
My exact same thoughts. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Is it just me who doesnt like TFT?
Auto chess is some mod that will only get a couple thousand of people playing it in the end. Dota underlords started with 200k playerbase and within a week it dropped to 100k average. Assuming the trend is similar in TFT, it's going to be a mostly unpopular game mode to play.
: Nerf Tahm
I lol'ed so hard with the Konosuba and Tahm Kench reference.
Rioter Comments
: The buff is getting reverted next patch
Really? I'm sad. Finally Karma was getting play time and now it's back to zero. EDIT: They only reverted her move speed buff, not her other buffs. Which means the "revert" is not that significant. She still gets to keep all the other buffs she got
: Weather (aka fuc it's hot)
It's so hot here that i feel like i'm Brand IRL, burning all the time. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Hi iM NaB (EUW)
: Iran's got restricted !
Banning medicine from Venezuela, and Huawei and imposing tariffs to China and threatening Mexico also and India and dozens of countries Have a nice day. Your country might be next on the US's "to bomb list"
: Do player support workers actually help????????
I'm sorry to inform you but im pretty sure somewhere in the EULA you just scrolled and clicked "I agree" Riot retains rights to ban your account anytime for reasons they see fit.
: I really lost hope today. Like what did I do wrong? I'm 21 living in Iran. Ruled by a government that was never my choice or my family. And then all hell is loose on us because of other people's beliefs. Like what is the purpose? You are attacking and limiting innocent people's lives America. What do you hope to achieve from this?
Banning medicine exports to Venezuela should have given you a clue.
: If you get offended easily, you can stop reading right here! So here's my story: I'm a 21 y/o computer science student and programmer, a couple of months ago I decided to try my chances for one of these freelance software companies called People Per Hour (Good luck finding a job in Iran by the way) , and they banned my account and gave me an email basically saying "Sorry but we have no choice in the matter" Which was nice of them. now that is understandable to some extend as PPH is a company made for freelance jobs and it has to do a lot with money transactions and that might come back to haunt them later on. Now here's Riot, a company with no ties to any Banks in Iran, as it's impossible to send/receive money via Iranian banks to foreign entities (FATF and all that good stuff). So here are my thoughts on the reality of the situation, first off there were no announcements, you can at least say "Hey we're sorry but we have to block your entire IP Range" before flipping us off. Second, there's no fund transfer between Iran's banks and Riot (or any other foreign entity as mentioned above) and they still decide to ban the people (What about the people who buy your stuff with hardly obtained credit/debit cards? with min wage being $80 here!) . Third (Sorry if it's getting political here), Our own horrible "government" is raining fire down on the civilians and the youth of Iran, and companies just decide to ban/block the civilians of Iran. So, thanks for limiting the joy of my joyless life even more than it has been Riot (Yes, you are to blame to some extend). P.S: still has Iran as a country in the search result, gmail still supports +98 for mobile numbers and it's a company that was born in the heart of US, so yeah, that's all I have to say. Best regards Edit: Made it more politically correct in regards to Iran's regime (Don't wanna lose my head yet!)
Whats wrong with getting political. Every country has its problems, so does Iran. The US is just after Iran's oil and they could give 2 sh*ts otherwise.
: No. They do not care about us
After all the sanctions the US put on Iran and the thousands of people killed by bombs in Syria you just noticed?
GitGudYasuo (EUNE)
: Iran/Syria
Well, banning a country from league is so very mild compared to lets say... Refusing to give medicine to Venezuela to force people to rebel against their own government to install your CIA puppet.
Zangetsue (EUNE)
: Country Ban
The US has a problem with everyone. It's becoming a meme. Can't you just people mind your own business and your US citizens and leave the world be?
: Bananas Are Coming
Ban Anna. Bananna. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: Female character design in LoL
And now apparently a moderator is removing my posts because i'm against this SJW agenda. I'm telling you Mr. Moderator that "inciting conflict is what this post is about" It's worded in a way that incites conflict. And im reporting it as offensive because it offends me.
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: Female character design in LoL
I'm going to say it. Diversity for the sake of diversity when the story, art or whatever makes no sense with it is BAD. You can't just throw a white guy in a Zulu struggle story just to get diversity just like you can't throw a black guy some story about epic vikings without a VERY good reason in your script Stop with this SJW and political correctness. IM TIRED OF IT
gElva (EUW)
: Olympic is sexualised! There athletes don't always look like Gragas's mom!
: Zoe, Illaoi, Reksai, annie, lissandra, jinx. leona, lulu, vi, sejuani, poppy, nami, shyvanna and cassiopeia all differ from the "hour glass" model, so I dont really know what you are talking about. But are the majority of Champions in Lol Athletic? Yes. They are called Champions and they are fighters who wield weapons and know martial arts and etc. They exercise, so they are fit. It's like saying that the Olympics favors athletic people. Of course it does. In every fighting game ever, the standard body shape is FIT. Or are you talking about the lack of overweight and really old and frail female characters? That is a very specific request.
How do you know that Sejuani doesn't have an hourglass figure? Did you spy her without clothes? Lulu is a yordle for freak's sake. And Jinx is a skinny girl. That's her style. Actually i think the only thicc obsecenly hourglass champion we have is Qiyana Why the hell do you cry about it?
Iakovia (EUW)
: I would like another tomboy type champion like Vi or Illaoi. Maybe in more baggy clothes like they're a martial arts fighter similar to Lee Sin. Shorter hair, not particularly skinny with a big ass or big breasts.
illaoi is not a tomboy. Nothing about her behaviour is masculine. She's just a strong, muscled woman. And Vi? She has those candy skins and her hair are pink. I wouldn't call that masculine / boyish.
CJXander (EUNE)
: So back in the days, when {{champion:420}} and {{champion:142}} got released, HAVE YOU created similar threads on the boards to praise Riot for diversity? GUESS NOT! I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with the hour glass shaped bodies, as those are HOT, if you feel like making a bag of potato body for a woman is something ideal then, please go promote your SJW stuff somewhere else. The only thing i don't like about Qiyana is her attitude. You're a typical average human, saying nothing for 10 good things, but as soon as something wrong shows up, you must make a propaganda out of it.
Man preach it. The hell is with people nowadays . While women can't even drive in Saudi Arabia and can't go anywhere without someone escorting them and die from rocks if they are charged with adultery in the west our problems are chainmail bikini and why women in games can't be ugly.
: ok, i admit that, if it was just ME and my posts were downvoted to oblivion, i would probably be only speaking for me, but i don't own 31 accounts, those other 30 upvotes are from other players that, apparently, think i speak their mind so, stop stalking me and spamming these troll comments
You should admit you're a crybaby who makes a post everyday saying the same thing over and over and you get 20 upvotes to stroke your epenis because it feels good
Aargus (EUNE)
: ah i would be happy if she never gets released
I would be happy if you shove your head where the light never shines.
: ahri is sexy i want to licc her feet
Nävë (EUNE)
: Step One: Create Something, Step Two: Ignore it
> [{quoted}](name=Nävë,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=grT8nALk,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-12T10:08:41.749+0000) > > Give some love to these forsaken: > > {{champion:106}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:44}} > {{champion:13}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:85}} Morgana has a lot of skins. My mains Quinn and Zyra though. Zyra didn't have a new skin for years now. Same with Quinn
: Riot, the players don't like Qiyana
Man stop with these troll threads. This is your third thread already. Just stop it. And don't talk about "The players" Correct your post to be "I don't like Qiyana" which is fine, but to say "The players don't like Qiyana" Seriously. Just don't play the Champion then. You can't force everyone else to dislike the champion because you dont like it. You're 1 out of 80 million players.
Rioter Comments
: (Avast) antivirus prevents you from connecting into the game after champ select
Avast and AVG are trash. Full of false positives and problems. I would reccomend Kaspersky Free edition, It's as good as the paid version and it's GOOD. If for some reason you dont like Kaspersky (because idk, you're Russophobic) get Nod32.
Νami (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Xalasmeni Banana,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=yrq8jyU3,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-06-09T18:18:25.481+0000) > > How did you manage to get the name Nami? > > Did you spam change name at champion teaser day? > > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Old champion names can't be taken unfortunately. It was champions released after maybe Jhin where the names were no longer locked by Riot for players to name change to. My current name actually has a special character for the N it's actually a Greek character (uppercase: Ν lowercase: ν): These characters can all be used for a name change but will not display properly in the in-game chat. :-( They display fine everywhere else, though.
I am Greek... I know that the lowercase ν looks like the capital latin N... As if my name is not a dead giveaway...
: dude, all i'm asking is for them NOT to copy paste other champions into new ones
That's like totally your opinion. And as i said, there's plenty of other champs to play if you don't like this particular champ. Also downvoting people you don't agree with makes you look like a 10yo Fortnite player.
N o (EUW)
: Bring skins out more equally for champions.
Kata, Lux, MF skins sell like candy so yes. They want $$$ so they will release skins. Also, see how many skins yuumi (who is super unpopular, mb one of the most unpopular ones) will get
Νami (EUW)
: I'm honestly not sure if this would be possible. I would try send a ticket to support and see what they say, since your account isn't permabanned you might be able to have them send the gift (providing you have the RP and know exactly what you want to gift). I expect that they probably won't do this though but there is no harm in trying. As far as I know, you should be able to gift like normal after your suspension is over but I have never been suspended/chat restricted so I don't know for sure if this affects the gift system. The final thing I would recommend is be careful, 14 days is the final ban you will receive before you will get a permanent ban. After this suspension ends make sure you are not toxic or you could lose your account. You will need to play honourably and follow the summoner code for a long time before your account will be back in good standing. Anyway, good luck and I hope support can help you if you need to gift before your suspension finishes! :-)
How did you manage to get the name Nami? Did you spam change name at champion teaser day? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: I am sorry, Qiyana isn't even in the same league as Mordekaiser in terms of badassness. Not talking about kits, but lore, background, history. She is a plank.
I am sorry but i don't find cat champions non-generic. I am also sorry but i love her design. I don't care if her hips are wide or if her tits are big. I only care about aesthetics and she looks pretty awesome to me. IF you don't like her you can play something else like anivia or reksai. Not every champion is for everyone. I skipped Yuumi too because i find her so freaking annoying (even though im an enchanter support main) i don't even want to see her and each time i see someone pick her i go out of my way to kill them as many times as possible to make them rage quit.
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