: Don't be lazy and just do it. Would you rather complain about a feature that has been requested for 2 seasons or even longer and one that might never be added or test it with the already given mechanics?
I've used to do that. But my point is it randomly spaces out really bad. And it can happen after 10min of game for example, so I'm supposed to play custom for that long.
: I have seen people being clever and using the custom game feature to test it. But I don't know if I can use it, can i get banned? {{champion:48}}
Um, honestly using custom game just to test ping everytime I have to takes some time. I have faith in some quicker way.
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Savage Devi (EUNE)
: This sounds fascinating. Screenshots?
Okay. Luckily it seems to be working again. But anyways, I swear it happened exactly like I've described. I have NO IDEA what was that all about. Old profile, everything. So unfortunately I can't take a screenshot right now since I've tried to re-login once again (like 5 times) and for the fifth time it got back to normal. Although it keeps me wondering.
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DynZé (EUW)
: Put Ping in League Client
Definitely great idea. I've been struggling lately with high ping for some reason, and my teammates don't have mercy on me when it suddenly pops in game, so it's really annoying.
Wise Alien (EUNE)
: How to lose a won game
More likely: Enemy team locks in either Garen or Darius.
: High ping
Czech - usually no prob around 30-50 now over 180 cca. (during last 2,3 days)
: We found a way to stop a fed Nasus!
: "Report <name> for being useless!"
I'm not that experienced with jungle, but I was forced to be a junglerer in a game since all other lanes were pretty much taken. Anyways, the point is that after first unsuccesfull gang causing him to die (but honestly obviously not my fault since I was playing Nidalee, and in other to succesully gang you need to land a good Q, I didn't the first time I tried to land it, and Akali just attacked with half bar right away, please). Our mid laner literally went afk because of this incident for the rest of the game. We had 2 afks, one from very beginning the other one mention above. And I ended up marked as useless (by some teammate). How can I be useful when we have a pure disadvantage with two afks. I mean, I tried my best, but I had to disengage from many fights because we just weren't able to do it. My teammate just ran into death. This is somet ridiculous behaviour.
: Toxic players are usefull
I just wanted to share my experience in non-ranked world, not much connected with the actual topic, but anyway, here you go. I absolutely **HATE** this community in most of the cases. And I totally mean it. Most of the players at least. Sadly, from my homeland.... They're toxic as hell. Always when I end up with some teammate who's been playing for 1,2 years cca or more, I get flamed so hard if I suck at this specific match. Others I can do really well. Obviously I don't do great every game, since I'm currently lvl 29 I don't have too much experience. What else can I do? The answer is practice practice practice and you can't achieve that fact by playing bot games. So please let me play the damn game and learn. But what I meant before, just a while ago happened with one Vayne who happened to be from my homeland. Since he discovered that, he started to throw SH*T on me way more than he did before. I did good in lane not dying with Akali, I died 2 times after that in mid game, it was until the point he said "Report Akali for feeding Talon". Yeah thank you and I wasn't even killed by him, but in team fights. Makes totally sense Vayne. Also I always ping when enemy is missing or I saw danger, I usually safely push the lane and ping it - in this case bot to Vayne. In my opinion, Vayne was like " I don't give a crap I can take these guys" I ping ping ping. Then I run down. 4v2 for enemies in bot lane, Vayne dead: "THANKS FOR SS AKALI". Honestly dying wasn't my problem also you had free gang escape by me pinging all the way. I wanted to push MY lane first. I couldn't do anything even if I came since they had Blitz and his grab would destroy as all anyways. I even apologized that I'm not good Akali player whatsoever so I don't want to feed, plus I actually did have a bad ping at some point, overcame 1000ms, but he continued throwing dumb and offensive words on me. Yes, he was good with Vayne, okay, but that's the point - these people are underestemitading their teammates and to be honest they act like a number one master of the game, basically I find them the most toxic. I rarely find ranked players in normal queues to be friendly. Yes, they carry you. But he was so mean. That was terrible. In the end he wanted to report the whole team, he even shouted it out to enemies. He had 21/6 or something, and we lost, he expected to win since he had such a great score. And got angry. Especially on me for some reason, I tried to encourage my teammates when he yelled at them. I've done nothing wrong. Yes, my score wasn't that good I had like 1/3/15. BUT THAT 15 ASSIST. I swear the god, since Vayne is Adc he shoots and "takes" all the kills from me. I don't support this "ks" bullshit, but this was like so obvious. He had least assists, most kills. The point is he told me I had the worst score by looking only on K/D but not A. And laughing at me..... At that point I honestly wanted to tell him that I had 23/4 with Jinx recently and the game lasted 1 hour and we lost. All the effort gone. It was a good game though, we made mistakes and lost in the end. But you know what? I don't care. I play for fun. Especially these non ranked matches. I think you should be proud of your score, and that's it. Not rage about losing. Game's purpose is to be entertaining enough and have fun. Not to scold your teammates. I was like, dude, it happens that you're way better than others but you were in my shoes once as well. Seriously, there's nothing else I can do than play, make mistakes, learn from mistakes step by step as the time passes by. I have much more experiences of this toxic behaviour and always I experience it it makes me to NOT play the game ever again.
: The percentage depends on whether you're winning. If you're winning, there will, for the most part, not be as much rage. However, if you're losing. You can virtually guarantee at least 1 person on your team will be raging in chat.
Nah, I get rage in chats even though we're winning clearly, most often in case of "ksing" or "reports" and stuff. Sad thing that these people are often lvl 30 already for a long time and they just pick on these non-lvl 30 like me (now 29), thinking they're something more, but actually we're all humans playing the same game.
Burlor (EUW)
: Only after hitting level 30. Before that people tend to flame a lot more from what I remember. But after getting to level 30 most games aren't this bad.
Ironically I meet a lot of flaming people with lvl 30 more than the other levels. Keep shouting ks ks ks ks report report report nah I'm not joking, just a while ago happened to me with Jinx. For some reason they just can't accept the fact that marksman SHOOT from distance dealing huge damage in late game. So even in team fights they keep calling ks ks ks. When I told them ks = kill secured, nothing changed. Even the enemy team was on my side actually. When I got quadra and someone (accidentaly?) "stole" my penta, enemy team pointed that out lol. So idk, this is really making me sick.
Kouèn (EUW)
: Please Learn English before playing English Games...
Premades are quite different, especially when they're 4. That's almost the whole team except you. I understand you if they start to act like this (quote chat you've proven above), that's ridiculous. Getting range all around. When they even don't know what else to type with their stupid lacking english dictionary. In case of not whole premade team - I totally agree with no excuses, not only they're uneducated, but it probably proves such small age of theirs. And these people should be definitely thrown out of League. Why? You may ask. The game is about a teamwork. You can't get a teamwork, if you don't communicate well. And if they refuse to speak english, they're definitely trolls. I find the non-speaking english people in PvP game most disgusting and annoying. Rito should do something like an english "test" or something in that sense, to let them even register. Make it difficult. We don't want children to be playing this. I don't honestly care, if it sounds unfair. Nowdays is everything different, everything unfair. Please, I've been learning english since kindergarten. Just have the basics at least in order to play.
: For one to learn League, one must learn the art of not giving a fuck.
That's a nice line, I like this quote.
Xavieen (EUNE)
: Report for anything?
One more new funny story about "reporting", happened just a while ago: I came gang bot from mid with Kata in early game, near by enemy turret, they had like half of health. I did my combo, they flashed with low health but i was out of ignite and flash at the moment. Standng Alistar in bot: "wtf. kata...". Yeah. I was on cooldowns. He didn't help. No flash, ignite. And he blamed me. Then the whole team turned on me for me being reported as "noob". Yes. Thank you very much for nice behaviour. The "report" thing is the less I care about, I know it can do nothing. But team acting like this makes me more sad.
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Neonchan (EUW)
: Sounds like a Bug, just recently tested my new mouse in a custom Bot game and leaving worked without problems.
The fact is, I safely finished the game it even was in my Match history, but then this reconnect screen appears over and over. Yes probably a bug, but what am I supposed to do about it?
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: KS = Kill Secured. People call it stealing for pride or something. Doesn't matter who gets the kill, it's still gold in the pocket of your team.
Yes, that's exactly what I think. I even wonder where did that "kill steal" instead of "kill secured" came from.
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LiftLift (EUNE)
: Full ap is not worth it unless you have some really safe champ. E.g. Lux or Ez ( but on Lux you should just go full scalling which makes u outscale most people, i can tell the page for that later if u want it) Okay so. If we take these champs as a general you can just go the classic. Magic pen marks, Armor seals, Magic resist glyphs, AP Quints. (this Works on pretty much any ap champ) Then for Ahri and Nida you can also run... Magic pen marks, Hp / Lvl seals, cdr / lvl glyphs and ap quints so you get 40% cdr with just morello. For Katarina and Akali you can go for... Magic pen marks, hp/lvl seals, ap glyphs and movement speed quints (or ap) That's just a general tho of what you can do. Mostly it depends on your play style. Do you like to poke? Go for the Ahri / Nida page. Do you like to all in? The first page should give you a nice early game all in vs most champs. Do you enjoy roaming? 3rd page. And then we have other factors. Hope I helped at all :p
Thank you very much, you pretty much gave me an overall perspective on different runes combinations, though may I ask one more question. What does exactly Magic resist glyphs do? I mean - how does it effect the play in comparison with for instance with AP glyphs you mentioned in your Kata/Akali page and if it's a big deal to pick one not the other. And also, I think I would aim for stronger mid-later game than early game.
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Kolfin (EUW)
: In your behavior in the chat ? Well, i have to trust your words on that. Maybe the reality is different.
Oh come on, I think that stupid people like that don't even care about boards and this topic anyway.
Kolfin (EUW)
: The map is huge. Doing something "solo" gonna happen anyway. Maybe you are not a good teammate to have in a team, i never played with you ... doesn't mean you are a good teammate.
I consider myself an average.
Kolfin (EUW)
: Maybe you are not a 'good' teamate either.
And what made you think that? Because at least I try to cooperate and do my best, the problem is these people don't even try. They either go solo doing their stuff which ends up terrible or doing nothing.
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Xavieen,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=REn3rQvn,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-07-23T14:53:28.857+0000) > > Well I thought I might find at least A BIT more reliable behaviour somewhere else since I HEARD that EUNE is worst. I dunno though. I keep hearing that on the Boards, however these sources so far did not look very reliable to say the least. I only know very few people that actually play there. But those few said it aint that bad. :o
I guess I'll stuck at EUNE, ironically I don't believe myself that anywhere else it looks perfect, but when I know I'm done, I'm done.
Omnus (EUW)
: If you think the grass is greener elsewhere, you'll be disappointed.
Well I thought I might find at least A BIT more reliable behaviour somewhere else since I HEARD that EUNE is worst. I dunno though.
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: ***
That was just an additional thing I noticed, still doesn't make the new HUD better than the old one.
Oktago (EUW)
: Old HUD
I haven't been playing LoL for a long time, I've started like 2 weeks ago - and even though I was finally getting used to using the old HUD properly like a true player, this new one made me** SICK**. Honestly. There was no need to change that. I admit it has kind of a futurustic feel and touch, but that's just not LoL for me. I can't play anymore I feel like I don't have the passion for it and I even feel I'm being worse after the patch of new HUD. Please, listen to players, and give us an option to play with old HUD. *Edit* That reminds me I still haven't figured out how to actually ping on map for warnings.


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