jOhNyPx (EUNE)
: just leave games, dont have to post it on boards u just asking to be flamed here like u were in game
Do you honestly think I care if some random on the internet says bad stuff to me? Lol
Sys (EUNE)
: Now, imagine that leaving games was not punishable, instead of afk, you would get a guy who leaves the game, and you would know that he will not get punished by it. I bet you would love that the afk player in your game wouldn't get any punishment, just encouraging this kind of behavior more by removing the punishment. The number of leavers would just increase.
Dude I don't care if someone leaves my game. But I do care when someone is afk from the start, and people refuse to remake and proceed to waste time lol. I mean if someone leaves at 20 minutes, ok maybe he had connectivity issues, some irl stuff to do. But when someone commits to play a league game, and doesn't connect from the start, for 10 %%%%ing minutes, then comes back and flames me for not "doing anything", then I do care
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