abixbg (EUNE)
: Didn't receive the bonus chest+key for completing all 6 ARAM-ARAMA missions
The client has been "repairing" since 1PM if you haven't seen in game...
: 6 hours later I still haven't received my hextech chest and key from the aram-arama missions.
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: Hey guys, Whiski here, the project lead for the ARAM-arama event. We're aware of some technical issues with the granting of Missions rewards. We're working on a fix and all earned rewards will be granted after this is resolved. Thanks for letting us know. And if you have any other feedback on the event, we'd love to hear it so we can decide whether you'd like to see more content like this in the future.
Any progress so far? It's been 2 hours and I didn't think this would be a big problem{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Will ARAM-arama's skin sale feature the whole skin series?
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