: I will say this about the keystone; Riot have been working on one, the issue is the nature of bruisers. They always tend to be a 'middle of the road' situation, were they are tanky but still do a hefty amount of damage. A bruiser keystone would have capitalise on that aspect, without being 'abuseable' by other classes. It would have to be something that aids their survivability and damage, but not be super desireable by anyone else. It's ultimately an awkward balance to make.
Why don't they adjust PTA for brusiers? On brusiers it's pretty clunky to use. Buffing PTA for melee champs poses another question though. It would be realy broken on things like Yasuo or Yi...
: {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} I think your right, i'm poppy main and it's quite hard to play her at the moment :/ I know how to win or at least not loose my lane but it gets very hard to be helpfull in teamfights because i'm not tanky enough to go in - i'm getting destroyed in a blink of a second. Playing her as a brusier is extremly hard. I wish RIOT would do somthing about it.
Personaly I think that poppy plays like a tank, feels like a tank, and is better played as a tank. Sunfire, Iceborn, Spirit Visage. There. Poppy is tanky as hell and you should capitalize on her strengths instead of pushing brusier-like playstyle onto her. Imo Poppy does good stuff as a brusier, yet there are more champions that do what she does, but better.
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