: After that reset Ive encountered more toxin than ever...its rediculous
A lot of this interestingly enough can come down to knowledge that we've made such a change. It then skews your view of what's happening slightly and gives more meaning to what you're seeing. Chat Restrictions were proven to have a really huge impact, but they weren't so widespread that a reset would be like a Darius ult to decency. I considered letting this stay because Hansiman gave the ultimate 'makin' us look good' answer :) but I always think it's worth pointing this out as it's an important thing that helps people to consider their biases outside of League.
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: I dont see why people are so upset about the cancer parts. The flamers/trolls doesnt have any powers, why are you worried/afraid?
Because it's a genuinely vile thing to say to another human being. 40% of the population will experience cancer and most of us will run into it as it takes away family members. At any given time there's a lot of players who are seeing or have seen the effects and naturally it hits close to home because this is a terrible event for any family. If someone can't stop themselves from wishing it on people then the community have decided they have no place here. I want to raise that using terrible experiences, because it isn't about cancer it's the pain of the experience, and calls for death is on the same level as hate speech from how the community reacts and punishments meted out.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ymir,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=4rVjjdEA,comment-id=00190000,timestamp=2015-09-17T00:09:43.247+0000) > > If it's not a valid report then it won't have an effect. On top of that, I have bad games all the time and I've never really been reported for it, I actually check myself every now and again. You'd be surprised how few people actually do this even if they say they will in chat. > > Not that it has an impact anyway :) The system for Intentional Feeding has a lot of factors going into it, and it won't act just because Ahri thinks giving away first blood is a crime. Ymir-senpai,one question if i may? Are these following actions still considered valid report reasons? 1-Repport Calling, such as ''pls report player x, flamed in teamchat'' Actumally, thats my only question, an answer would be greatly aprichiated. k-thnx-bye.
Calling for reports tends to actually attract more negative attention to the person typing it than the target.


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