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: Nah. Would be better if they added the scream Voice line(In his pentakill skin he has a voice line where he screams) when he ults instead.
And this is good ... But for a 5 man ultimate it's boring it needs something... To make him special .. I think that I am right .. And you too :)
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: im not saying her tentacles would be P*nis... Her tentacles would be normal tentacles... with scarfs :P
: nah... check this youtube video... Her tentacles didnt need to be anything crazy... To not make her theme go way too far from the original... But with some scarf of her nation (like darius has on his shirt) I'll try to get some draws and then i'll repost this idea
: I saw someone asking "illaoi skin".... Here is my idea i thought about a long time ago...
XD mate its a great idea... i think and 1 mecha illaoi its good and the tentacles come out of the ground like drills .. i think its a good idea
: The thing is even tough it may not be the main factor champion popularity is one of the reasons they develop skins on. More players = More $$$ Also it might be that starting today one Riot member had this great idea with a new illaoi skin but you won´t see it until end of the year cause skins usually take quite some time to create. Further what about pitching them skin ideas. Might help them get a good concept that they have been lacking so far.
You are right i have some ideas but even if i say the ideas to them they will not hear me so......... not even worth i think that they can make 1 or 2 skins for her because she is a season 5 champ... i think that they can do it its not that hard {{champion:420}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Infernape (EUW)
: Nah Ahri, Master Yi and Ezreal need more skins ######Kappa
yes ezreal with 8 skins -_- XD
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