NoPizza4u (EUW)
: Can't connect to the game after load screen gets 100%
I have simmilar issue. Game starts but I cant connect. It says "failed to connect to the server please check your internet connection..."
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Lari (EUNE)
: CLient broke down!!!!!
I barely logged in and play button doesnt work. I guess no league today for us.
RaL Zarek (EUNE)
: Look at Shyvana!?
She is fine. Sure she is out of meta but so are many other champs. That doesn't mean she needs new kit.
: league of key fragments
Chests are aquired only by getting S ranking on champions and u r limited to 1 chest per champion per season.
Denle (EUNE)
: Graves kills Le Blanc with one base attack
fed graves is 5 lvls higher and she is at point blanc where it does most dmg. ofc he will one shot her... nothing to do here.
Febos (EUW)
: Nope, you're wrong.
u should be able to see her transparent. she is in range and he has vision. She is not teemo with invisibility in bush. camouflage = revealed when nearby. Invisibility = can´t see no matter how close u r. and she has camouflage, thus its a bug.
: Evelynn stealth question
definetely a bug.
: How to get an S or S+ on Thresh these days??? Advise welcome!
wards, more CS, kill participation, objectives. or play him on other position. Support thresh is one of the most (if not the most) played supports in the game on all servers. Getting a clear S is thus exponentionaly harder than for likes of Rakan(who is new), Taric(who is old but much less played) etc...
: Twich jungle plays - Golumsticks is real - Amazingsticks
Sceizer (EUW)
: well its been a few days :/
u need to clear browser cache in this case.
: You might be right.... However it's worth saying that Champion Updates almost always have this effect since unexperienced players start testing the updated champ. That being said....a drop from >50% winratio to 43% winratio is still pretty extreme. But I haven't played them myself so far, so I am not sure of course. Time will tell.
both kindred and reksai got hit pretty hard. Both reworks were basically hard nerfs in all aspects for them. If u get killed early and fall behind others with either of them u r pretty much done with the game. Reksai is too squishy to dive into enemy line atm. And I had problems surviving my own ganks... Kindred suffers from mana problems, low attack speed, damage to champions and mobility, high Q cd (sure it gets reduced in wolf zone but if cast outside u r dead meat), and extreme early squishines. I got 100-0 by gragas on lvl 3 in matter of seconds.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Twitch | Animated wallpaper
great job animating the splash art!! but music was pretty much garbage and unfitting of theme.
Happee (EUW)
: The Warren Kingdom Garen skin
next year in february or u have miniature chance to get him in hextech.
Ashqelon (EUW)
: Unrankeds matched in games of silver
Unranked players can Q up with pretty much any1 up to gold 1 afaik when doing their first 10 games.
Alize (EUW)
: Yes. I´ve tried both. Running it normally and as administrator and it won´t work.
well try other stuff from here since error 004 is user rights problem.
Alize (EUW)
: Problem with downloading the client patch
r u running the game as administrator?
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Old client will be auto-deleted in a few days.
i am pretty sure it will be deleted at later date than May 3rd. It just gets disabled at that moment so u cant run it but it still be there. Deleting old client is the last phase. Moving every1 on LCU is current phase and thats not final.
: Wait what ?! That's crazy, meanwhile I'm trying hard to get at least get one game as Xayah ^^
apparently unlike xayah who is constantly banned, rakan is mostly left free for the taking so u can get many games with him quite easily
alll9f (EUNE)
: cosmic blade yi
if it doesnt come out this patch it will be in next together with Darkstar skins.
ByTheBlood (EUNE)
: Question about the new Karma skin
u should probably try writing to Katey on twitter she should know stuff like this.
: Movespeed Rakan is FUN!
that electro swing music fits so well with him :D :D
YourSh4dow (EUNE)
: Highlights tab missing
Sooo highlights are up for me now on laptop. Hopefully it will be also on my PC when I get home.
: > [{quoted}](name=YourSh4dow,realm=EUNE,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=GFuZsFll,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-05T13:04:11.623+0000) > > Did rito mess up again? Probably. But maybe you actually need to have some replays first? Idk.
just played 2 games.. downloaded fresh replay and still nothing. They either fked up or its not available yet.
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Perilum (EUW)
: That is not how AA works.
I know how it works.. it makes objects less edgy and more sharp looking. Since u get edgy stuff only on low res or low details thats when AA shines most. Thus there is no reason to turn it on high res and high details.
Enjoí (EUW)
: Anti Aliasing Doesn't Work
if u play at FHD or higher u dont need anti aliasing at all unless u play with lower details than high. Its pointless to have it on. U might notice some difference when u zoom in but considering game pace and that its played from top view those changes should be barely recognizable at all.
Husker (EUW)
: Normal Draft Returns to EUNE
Umm I dont think that friday is good day to test this.... too much other activities on fridays afternoon / evening.
Hokuto (EUNE)
: Alpha Client - Gray Play Button When Watching YT videos
its happening mostly randomly. I entered the lobby then switched to collection and then loot and it got stuck too. Happened 3 times total yesterday. not youtube related in my case tho.
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: WTF Revel Red envelopes...
I bought 10 pack and got 3 legendaries and 1 epic from it + some other less mentionable skins. These are extremely worth it considered they drop good skins and dont drop anything else but skins and crafting materials.
HunQ (EUW)
: Bachelor thesis survey; takes 3-5 mins and you can even win a 20€ RP card
better put this on reddit if u have not done that already. This kinda stuff is free karma and u should get plenty of results.
: Adcs arent supposed to deal high single target dmg they are multi target dmg dealers and that without aoe becaude they scale on aa Sivir w makes a clumped up teamfught grest for her sivir has a slight steroid (as buff on w) and her w is also a jumping aa which crits if she crits Her late dmg is in the top half of the adcs but her dmg is mostly based on her w jumping
> Adcs arent supposed to deal high single target dmg > they are multi target dmg dealers and that without aoe becaude they scale on aa yea u never played adc then...
: Wait I don't get it,,, u mean she is bad in late?
yes. her dmg falls of hard and usabilty too. Since she has no CC and low single target dmg output compared to other adcs she is not suited for most team comps. also no offensive ult rly screws her up.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Why is sivir such a garbage
she is early to mid game utility pusher if u reach late game with her u r doing something wrong and she falls of hard AF with dmg.
Krkio (EUNE)
: Hextech Crafting
General "rules" for skins in hextech are as follows: shards of price 975 or higher should be dissed for essence shards below 975 are used to reroll. then it depends on if u want the skin for champ u play. Rerolling gives u 1 randomly selected skin and it can be any quality for any champion.
: > [{quoted}](name=Scrinnid,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=2y0PdLAU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-01T11:15:39.716+0000) > > Thats why people are outraged of draft removal in eune. Get 10 champs and play draft. Only thing you can do wowwowwow, you guys have draft removed?
normal draft was removed on all servers except NA, EUW and LAS and replaced with Flex Q. Rito announced they want to eventually remove normal draft even on these servers.
: What is best? Tiger or Pheonix on Udyr?
**Phoenix** * faster clear time (aoe dmg) * godlike when maxing early/mid game ( proc doing 200-300 dmg every first and third strike in cone around lvl 9...) * tank oriented builds. **Tiger** * slower clearing * better dueling power * single target oriented * dmg oriented builds.
: Snowdown chest loot in a nutchell
OR u can just look support page where its each day written what all u can drop.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Why are people so afraid to admit that Ashe DOES have a weak early game?
Its all based on that u get support (and team after lane phase) that can peel for u so u dont die isntantly. After that u just stack Q and kick ass to any1 who dares to close. Kiting as Ashe is also very important.
Koreean (EUW)
: So, do I? Have you heard [6.24 Mid-Patch Updates](
ITS A HOTFIX!!!! its changed server side not client side. Thus not updated tooltips. NOT A BUG.
Koreean (EUW)
: Ivern's Triggerseed tooltip is bugged
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} u must be new here right??
2Spicy (EUW)
: Next set of Pentakill skins
I doubt there will be next set of skins. Its a band ffs.
: Bought Elementalist Lux but didnt get border?
did u double check the end time for our server?? it might have been too late for u because timezones bullshit.
: yea u right sry... well E deals shield and damage too if used correct and it's always 60 mana too ... so i play better this way .. i don't even know how "Pros" doing it .. but i max q then E for that reason!
i see. wellp I havent tried her after preseason dropped yet so I might give her chance again.
: [BUG?] Zyra W>Q doing..nothing
where is your proof? screen or better video showing bug is necesary with this kind of thing. Otherwise its irelevant.
: Didn't got S- or S
well yasuo is highly popular champ so its hard to get S just by default. U most likely didn´t participate on objectives or didn´t put enough wards cant think of anything else.
: lel ty for asking.. i mostly max q first but some times i got 4 times q and 4 times e too.. for ori support i don't know many but personally i wouldn't play it so it's no for me .. ofc there will be players who will get some wins of it..but i put it on ali full ap mid category xD but np lel (check the full ap ali video i got xD)
>i mostly max q first but some times i got 4 times q and 4 times e too.. u didnt understood me aparently... I asked why u max E BEFORE W! In most of your clips u had E maxed but W had only 1 or 2 points in it. (so u maxed it as last.) .
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