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: You have any weird lag spikes!!? UPVOTE & COMMENT
I guess I am a bit late to the party but I am experiencing that same connectivity issue.. -ISP: Vodafone -Normal Ping (in-game): 85-98 MS -Latest Ping (in-game): 300-500 MS -Consistent when in game -Tracert Run Results: Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms 2 15 ms 17 ms 14 ms 3 15 ms 14 ms 15 ms 4 77 ms 78 ms 78 ms 5 73 ms 73 ms 74 ms 6 70 ms 70 ms 70 ms Trace complete. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will be sending a support ticket as well..
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Husker (EUW)
: Squad Goals for Season 6?
I am currently in Gold III as well, after being placed in Bronze V at the beginning of the season.. Definitely Platinum next season. Heck why not even Diamond? B)
: All Egypt Down ? ( EUW )
Hey, friends.. Vodafone is my internet provider.. And I am not facing any of the above mentioned problems, besides the usual spikes in ping and drops in FPS (perhaps a new server for MidEast might fix this?). It seems that the problem lies with TE Data as the majority of the those suffering from these disconnections are TE Data customers. I suggest switching to another ISP all together just to avoid installing unnecessary software programs or going through technicalities the majority of us may find hard to follow.
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Is it impossible to climb the ladder from hell?
If you can dream, you can achieve... Simple as that. I first played ranked shortly before Season 4 ended.. Got placed into Silver II. Was ecstatic about it. However, I was unaware that Season 5 pre-season ranked games will be seeded into Season 5 when it first begins.. And so I trolled and ended up falling to Silver V. Thought it was no big deal. New season, new placements, new rank.. Right? But that was not the case. Back in January of this year when Season 5 ranked games officially kicked off, I played my 10 placement matches. Was expecting to be placed in Silver again but, lo and behold, I was placed into Bronze V.. Yes, that's right. The most fked up division of all the ranked system. Not surprisingly, I was depressed.. From Silver II straight down to Bronze V. When I would play a ranked game, I would immediately notice the difference.. WORLDS difference. And so throughout this year, I ground so many hours and games till I finally reached Gold IV (If I had more time, I could have reached Platinum as currently I have very high MMR).. Yup. That's it. From Bronze V to Gold IV. It's all about dedication and passion.
: I play on both servers and just to mention my experience, I found EUW to be harder on a level. Like, I've been stuck in plat5-3 all season, but easily got to dia on eune. Though, as I recall, my lower s1-g5 experience in EUW was much, much better when I was in that level ~2 years ago (when I transferred my old acc there). Much more flame free and more undetstanding, english speaking players. Could've been luck, though.
Hmm.. Ranked system is messed up. I mean I do not have Faker mechanics, but Silver I is shit. Ehh.. Guess I will have to play more. Thanks anyways.
: The grass on the other side of the fence always looks greener... ... because its fertilized with BS. I know a guy who transferred from EUW cause he was tired of noobs, afks and... wait for it... "polish noobs". Then I told him it is the same in here and he was a sad panda. But please, go ahead and transfer. I am already laughing cause I can see your face after a week or month living your dream on EUW :-D
Bahahahaha.. That metaphor made me chuckle. I thought I would be leaving Polaks here on EUNE to a 'Polish'-free setting on EUW.. Guess they're everywhere. LOL! And hey, what's wrong with dreaming, mate?.. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. ;)
Chobro (EUNE)
: ***
Most of my friends are on EUNE.. But I could not care less. I just want to reach Gold I - Plat V. :D Thanks anyways.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Once you transfer, don't forget to put on some rose colored glases so you don't regret wasting your money.
Bahahaha.. I highly doubt I would be needing one. Perhaps you should be the one getting the glasses for all the **** here on this server.
: I've played on both sides... I went to EUNE on my smurf to try to get away from ping spikes. Returned the smurf to EUW when my main account went Gold V and I wanted to duo with my low silver friends. From my experience both EUW and EUNE are as bad as each other. You will hear some say one thing and some say the other. Those are just people's personal experiences. There are a ton of people in both communities and within each ton of people you will have the smart ones the dumb ones, the friendly ones and the rage ones. If you have the money to blow on a transfer then by all means give it a try but in my opinion I don't think you'll find EUW any more welcoming than EUNE. I say if your ping is below 40 all the time stick where you are. It's soloQ... rely on yourself to win not others following yours or other people's tactics. You may think you have a winning idea but unfortunately chEeseLicker456 doesn't know you so why should he or any other summoner trust you over their sure fire strategy of backdooring the nexus at 1:55? The only person who will help you climb is yourself.
I understand your point here, friend.. The thing is if EUNE is much better than EUW, then why do most LCS players play on EUW, ha? And yes, I am well aware that both communities have the good and the bad but on the overall, EUW has a better environment, I believe. And yes, I do agree that one has to rely on himself to carry games but when you're a support main like myself, things tend to get much more difficult when your ADC can't farm or doesn't clear side waves when securing an objective, etc... Much ignorance. :D
TheGauntler (EUNE)
: No, Eune is same as EUW from what I have heard recently aound in the forums.
Dude, you're Lvl. 10.. Wait till you reach Lvl. 30 and see what the players are like in ranked.. If I were you, I would leave this account and create a new one on EUW, for your own sake. Ahahaha.
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Glasdir (EUW)
: Done with ranked.
A lot of the those I play with consider me 'toxic' and a 'flamer' for telling them that they suck.. Well, here is the fact, kiddo: The majority of those who play ranked games have zero tolerance to noobs, myself included. If you suck, please don't play ranked. Simple as that. Want to improve? Practice in normal games. Not so hard, is it?
Tuzzee (EUNE)
: Matchmaking with 3 unrakeds
Ahahaha.. Life is harsh, dude.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Why i dont enjoy playing support ? and why do i evade it ?
It's a matter of personal preferences.. A support is the guy behind the scene, without whom an ADC is nothing. {{champion:89}} carried me out of Bronze V. <3
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