RazerX (EUW)
: Yea I remember now. I think we could do with a lot more defensive options so you don't just build the same items every game and hope it's enough.
Indeed. Ironically, that was exactly Riot's idea when they removed the item too.. they wanted players to buy different kinds of defensive items for different matches instead of just the good old FoN. So instead everyone just bought Banshee and when it was nerfed everyone bought Aegis.. so much so that it wasn't rare to see 3 of those in a match. Diversifying item builds is a nice idea on paper, but it never works out well if it is done by removing or nerfing the top item. Another will simply take it's place, yet it is still the default method, unfortunately.
RazerX (EUW)
: It was Orb of Winter, but I just now noticed it was exclusive to ARAM. There is also an item called Force of Nature which was even stronger, but is exclusive to Nexus blitz.
Force of Nature was on summoners rift originally, with basically the same stats. It has been the go-to MR item of the first year for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, it was a bit too much in a season where the average damage was about 1/3 of the current season, so it has been removed very early on.
: The funniest moments in League of Legends 😂
The replays are not bad, but the built in comments make the video completely unwatchable. And yeah, every youtuber uses the kid-shouting-boom clip on a surprise instant kill, and it can be funny, but not on every single kill, especially not if they had over 2 minutes of a setup. Sorry, but this is really not my style of humor.
: So when are tank stats actually getting buffed?
Tank stats should not be buffed for one simple reason: only tanks, juggernauts and some bruisers can afford to buy them. Overall damage should be lowered instead, because the increase in damage caused the current power creep spiral. Nearly all of the common complaints about gameplay can be traced back to the fact that damage dealers have almost twice the damage output they had back in the start of season 6.
Gallóws (EUW)
: Racism
First, report calling is against the rules and it's completely useless anyway, since the system checks every single report that it receives. So don't ask people to report anyone, just do it yourself. That being said, racism is on the zero tolerance list, meaning that can be punished by instant 14 day ban or in more aggressive cases instant perma ban too. So yeah, Riot employees are required to take it seriously.
: A good player or a good person?
With the Diamond level player we will reach a point where his MMR is the average of the game, so we will lose 50% from that point anyway. But even ignoring that, i'll take 100 losses with a friend anytime without regret.
Vlad889 (EUNE)
: Right
So, 2 Nasus matches. Let's get into it. I'll start with Runes this time. Personally i'm not a fan of Unsealed Spellbook. It does give you massive utility and you used it a lot too, but if we are on Inspiration tree and Nasus, then my personal favorite is still Glacial Augment + Approach Velocity. There is something inherently terrifying in a Nasus running towards you with 500+ MS while you can barely get past 50 due to W+Rune. Also, while personal preference is important, you were up against lane bullies in both matches and you decided to go for utility runes on both trees? I also like Transcendence+Mannaflow Band on Nasus a lot, but as the main tree, both Precision and Resolve has runes for these exact situations. But what is not up to personal reference are the bonus stats you choose. For Nasus you went with +AS +6 Armor and +HP/lvl. That's a big mistake. The AS might be useful, but Nasus really rarely uses it effectively. You want AA resets with your Q, so your AS will not do too much in most situations. Still, it is at least useful, unlike the HP/lvl. That stat right there is just a trap. Let's math it down: 15-90 HP vs 6 armor The standard gold cost of HP can be calculated for example with the Ruby crystal: 150 HP for 400 gold --> 2.66 gold for each point of HP. This means that HP/LVL rune will give you 40 gold on lvl1 and 240 on lvl18. The same calculation for armor from cloth armor: 15 for 300 gold --> 20 gold per point. 6 armor on lvl1 is 120 gold. Armor is simply a better pick, especially against full AD champions like Renekton and Illaoi. It is also a better combo with the passive lifesteal of Nasus. If you want me to, i can detail the concept of "effective HP" here too, or you can just look it up. By increasing your lvl1 damage reduction vs physical damage by 3%, that bonus armor will buff any source of HP you have. --------------------------------------- Moving on to items: Again, like with Renekton, it seems to me that you have one favorite build and you follow it too strictly. The doran Ring as a star will indeed give you a lot of bonus mana, but if we combine it with the lvl1 E, wrong bonus stats and full utility Runes, then you find yourself in a situation where you are absolutely no threat to the enemy and you can't trade evenly, let alone win them before you get a couple of hundred stacks. And you will stack a lot slower too. Veteran Nasus players do have a fallback strategy of buying AP+mana early on and maxing E in match ups they know they can't win normally, but you are not doing that and you are not doing the standard version either. You want to play safe early on, which is a good idea, but you just give up the control of the lane for free. These two matches showed this perfectly: Illaoi made the same mistake you did in the last two matches i watched from you yesterday: she just pushed the minions hard and tried to mildly harass you under tower a bit, without having a chance to kill you. You stacked nicely and you ended up stronger than her in 1v1. Renekton on the other hand made you fight for each minion and because of your own build you had no chance to win those fights. **In both matches it was up to your enemy to decide if you will be strong or not and not you.** Then your build: Triforce+Frozen heart is pretty much the standard build and they are obviously good. But personally against very aggressive bullies like Renekon i prefer to get more defensive stats early on to avoid being pushed away from the minions. I often rush Kindlegem+Glacial Shroud, because both of them are cheap and they give exactly the right stats i want. Combined with Undying+Revitalize+armor runes+Doran Shield, i can take a lot more harassment than your build does. Alternative build paths are worth considering at least. ------------------------------------ Gameplay I saw it with Renekton too, but now i'm fairly sure: you are either afraid of wasting your ultimate or you are trying to bate your opponents by using it too late. Don't do that. The moment you are sure you want to fight, feel free to use it. If you see the enemy jungler approaching you, just cast your ult, it is not wasted either way: either you use it all along your fight or the jungler turns back and leaves you alone: both are great outcomes for you. Map awareness: in the Renekton match, you are on blue side, you have lost your first tower and you are on the lane behind the frog. You hear the enemy just took the Herald in a match where you had a bad early start. Back away. Same goes for bot and dragon: if you hear these monsters dying, then there are enemies nearby and they will look for a lane to gank or push. don't be out in the open. Decision making: Especially in the Illaoi game, i think you could have won the match if you tried to split push. Three times in a row, you went to top lane, killed a single minion wave, then walked all across the map to the dragon pit to help your team in a fight. The first time turned out well, your team had the upper hand and you arrived in time: you got 3 kills out of it, so it was nice. But you didn't follow it up with a push. The second time you arrived too late, all your teammates were dead and you ended up dying for nothing. The third time you started moving too late already and by the time you passed the Baron pit 3 of your teammates were dead. This was the sequence where i think you lost your chance to carry the game. The rest of the match is just defending and slowly losing. But let's look at this from another angle: farm. In the first engage you were obviously strong. You could beat Illaoi 1v1 and you got a triple kill in a teamfight. So far so good. However, here are your CS at specific moments between these 3 engages: 133 @ 20:31 - You leave top to help at dragon for the first time. 143 @ 23:00 - after the fight, you take some minions and back. 154 @ 24:20 - you leave top again and die 166 @ 26:14 - your third engage, you move to mid and take 1-2 minions there. 176 @ 27:30 - when you get back to farming to again after killing Illaoi there. At 20:30 you are one of the strongest champions on the map. Then you average at 6 minions / minute for the next 7 minutes and all your power is absolutely gone and you are in no position to push anymore. At 23:00 you won a fight, 4 enemy dead, you have Nasus, Teemo and Ziggs at the dragon pit, the enemy has both bot and mid first towers up and you don't take either, let alone both? You are a decently stacked Nasus, you can take a tower in 10 seconds and your team (Diana, Teemo, Ziggs) can blow up minions all day to stall the enemy if needed. Be a threat. Both of my comments from your Renekton matches again: you choose neither a front line nor a sidepusher job. And you should threaten to take down any unguarded tower before the enemy can react. You aren't the reason why you lost this second match, but you could have won it.
Vlad889 (EUNE)
: If you can watch my last 2 matches,I'll be glad,and if you are going to try explain me what I did wrong in those matches,even better.And I win 16 LP,and lose 21,I'm in my worst phase of my entire season.
Two matches as Nasus against Renekton and Illaoi, right?
: They can't police their policies with something that was said or typed on another platform. It would be the same if twitter banned you for saying something in a facebook live video about a twitter post.
I don't exactly agree with you on this, but if it was just the case of a random small streamer, then i think you could make a good argument for your case. However we are talking about a professional here. Regardless of the circumstances of how she became one, she is one now. As such, she does represent the Pro scene of League and the League community in general so she can be required to act in a professional manner when she plays LoL publicly.
: New Morgana
Hm, i don't straight up agree with you here.. i think the old version had very little personality aside from being angry. Her posture was unique, but her movement was just bad and not stylized as you perceive it. Her model had no legs, only a tent for a skirt. She was just impossible to animate properly. On the other hand, the new design simply looks like something we have seen thousands of times before. She is full of details, yet very few of those serve any purpose and aside from her chained wings, none of them connect to her lore, her personality or her sister. By lore she is - - an opposite side to her sister, but an elegant dress is not the opposite to an angelic armor. - someone who did not fully agree with the task or the methods she was given. Her chained wings represent this, but only if you know that she did it herself. - compassionate, maybe to the point of it being a weakness. That's the source of conflict between her and Kayle and it would be important to see it. - a representation of redemption and forgiveness. I don't see either of it in the design to be honest. - currently hiding in the shadows in the capitol of Demacia, secretly helping those in need. Shouldn't she then have some kind of disguise that gets removed slowly as the game progresses? Don't get me wrong: the artists who worked on the concept art, splash arts and the modelling have really put effort into what they have done and i think they have done a great job. But i really like the new lore: it's rich, detailed, intriguing and so on. So i wish that the person responsible coordinating the project had directed the artists to use the lore a lot more. Right now it seems to me that someone told the concept artist to "give me a dark angel with purple colors" and the artist did just that, and far too late in the project a writer delivered an awesome story but it was too late at that point to adapt it. People put effort into this project and it's the management's job to make sure that the effort delivers the best possible results, and that is what i'm missing here, personally.
Vlad889 (EUNE)
: Can't win any match on rank and can't climb.I'm desperate.
Hi, i also watched two of your recent matches. One against a Kayle and the other one against a Yasuo. You played Renekton in both. My short conclusion is that you seem to be doing quite a lot of things without realizing why you should or shouldn't be doing them. I mean no offence by this and fortunately for you, this is a problem that can be fixed quite easily too. So let's look into a couple of things: 1. Build In both matches you picked {{summoner:14}} as your summoner spell. I think that was the right choice. Yasuo has a naturally high kill potential and your ignite helps you against that, and Kayle is also late game carry, but unlike Yasuo, she has a pretty weak early game so Ignite is a great tool for shutting her down. But then you pick {{item:3077}} as your first item. It is a great item for Renekton, both for it's added pushing power and it's value as bonus burst damage and as an animation cancelling tool. However with Renekton you only want extra push against champions who either want to leave the lane or those who wants to control the minion wave and harass you while you farm. Examples: Shen, Pantheon or Singed generally want to avoid being pushed to the tower, since they can't use their ultimates efficiently if they risk losing their tower in the meanwhile. Or champions like Quinn, Vayne or Urgot are very happy to harass you anytime you move in to hit minions. Against these champions, Tiamat will help you to stay alive and farm, while you also prevent them from roaming. However against late game carries like Kayle or Yasuo (not that vayne isn't one), you generally want a kill potential. They will eventually outscale you and when that happens you will not be able to carry the match anymore. You have to win before they reach their full power and for that, you need to shut them down with kills or to deny them farm. And you can't kill or deny them minions by pushing peacefully to their tower. Against Kayle in particular, you killed her 3 times in the early game, but she never had a significant farm disadvantage. You just pushed the wave to her and she just farmed it all down. Then your first finished item in both matches was {{item:3071}} . Again, great item on Renekton, but in both matches you were against 5 champions who have absolutely no intention of ever building armor to begin with. Quite frankly a Triforce, a Shijin or a Death's dance probably would have served you better in both matches. And we are at the runes. Conqueror is a very strong rune right now, but it also need 5 hits before it's passive activates. E-AA-W-Q-AA, well, that's five, but by this point you want to back away unless you are going for a kill or your opponent decided to stay and fight. This rune served you well against Yasuo with your extended trades, but on the match against Kayle you never ever had a chance to use this rune to it's full power in 30+ minutes. Renekton is very versatile. Conqueror, Press the attack, Grasp, Aftershock and Electrocute are all very good picks for him, and i think that against a squishy ranged champions where short trades are most likely, like Kayle, Electrocute would have been way stronger for you. 2. Gameplay - Micro As Wandering Mist pointed out: it often felt like you are not doing things wholeheartedly. I think you are either considering something or you just get distracted or you don't really have a plan while you go in. You engage quick trades as a Renekton should, but you have no escape plan for a quick harassing and you are not aggressive enough for getting a kill either. You go in, cast your skills, then i honestly think i can pinpoint a moment where you are just there for a short while, waiting to see how your opponent reacts. Observing your opponent is important, but this isn't the right way to do it. Staying in plain view. You push the lane, the enemy is forced to farm under tower, things are not bad. But then you just stay in plain sight behind your minions. You play as a full melee, so unless you dive you are not a threat. But all this time, the enemy top, jungle and mid sees you and they know that you are not ganking, jungling, warding, taking herald or anything. 3 of your opponents can play safe because you didn't even step into a lane bush. 3. Gameplay - Macro By minute 20 if neither team surrendered, you need to have a plan and you must know your job in that plan. Renekton has 4 main job options: Carry, Sidepusher, Frontliner or Bodyguard. If you are strong enough to just murder anyone you find, then do so while you can and carry the match. If you have a good advantage, you can win any 1v1 in the match or escape most 1v2, then sidepush (if your team can stall for you). These are pretty straight forward. But in the two games i watched, you could do neither. Your other two options are either to protect your team's front line and be among the first champions in a fight or to stay with your carry and protect them from enemy mages or assassins. By the way you moved, i think you realized this, but you couldn't decide, so in the end both your carry and your front line teammates end up dead quickly. You must decide. It's ok to make the wrong decision, but not doing either is the wrong third option. All right, this should keep you busy reading for a while. Feel free to ask if you have questions or if you want me to watch another match. Have fun.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Nonono. It doesn't matter that Karma's carnation is the same as or darker than Lucian's. She doesn't have typical facial features of Afro-Americans, so she's automatically disqualified from the Diversity Olympics, even if her skin was so dark she could camouflage lying on asphalt.
Indeed. And that is how tokens and caricatures get to be designed.
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: We don't NEED it. If RIOT wants to make one it's fine but there is no reason to force it just so some special snowflake will feel like the game about magical beings hitting each other is inclusive.
Exactly what i was about to write. If Riot creates a dark skinned female champion and they give her a good design, personality, story and kit, then she will be welcomed by the community, just like every other champion before have been.
: Demolish
Yes, Demolish seems like a top tier rune at the moment to me. If you can proc it 2-4 times before minute 14, then you probably earned a free kill's worth of gold without adding any bounty on your head, so your advantage is permanent. However i don't think that it's overpowered in the same way as Dark Harvest was a couple of patches ago: if you are not in a situation where you can push early on or if your champion does not benefit from the Resolve tree naturally, then it it still not worth picking up on it's own. Still, it's strong enough to make picking certain support and top lane champions a more attractive option.
: i am not saying that this system does not work. i am saying this system works. and it is frustating for toxic people like me. because i really dont like boosting accounts to 30 levels to play ranked but i got 4 accounts banned and there are some other players like me so i gave them idea to make this changes about filtering chat or this game will die and even players that stopped playing for bans will never come back even if they got unbanned everyone realises that. BUT thanks for normal answer you are only normal adult here that took discussion seriously :) i only want system to change or i dont play it anymore.
Leveling up a new account after one was banned is frustrating, and it is probably meant to be frustrating as part of the punishment. While i understand that frustration might not be the best way to punish or reform people, you are still asking for a way to soften the punishment you would receive if you played again and you have not offered a deal that would benefit the other players here. It is clear to everyone what you would get out of your suggestion: you would be able to play League again, but what does everyone else get? More new players? No, because punished players who can return like you are old players. You asked everyone a favor here and you need to offer something in return.
Tautvizz (EUW)
: Patch?
I played a couple hours earlier and i just had to patch too when i logged back in. It's not only you. But i don't know what exactly changed.
Shamose (EUW)
: Haven't you heard. When Brexit eventually happens the UK is gonna disconnect the internet and float off into the atlantic.
Somehow i'm sure that at least a single digit percentage of voters actually wanted exactly that.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zanador,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=oNN8k3sP,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-03-08T21:54:49.795+0000) > > "If it is not acceptable to rob people, the why was i able to get into their house and steal their stuff?" This is not right and i will tell you why. you tell me that for NATURE it is not acceptable to rob people? are you sure mate? i am sure that for NATURE there is nothing that tells me to dont rob anyone and then i am able to steal also :) you are misleading the discussion. i realised that discussion on boards is shit there is not logical and real discussion anywhere everyone acting big like they are better than someone else. you just read me morals here. THERE IS NATURE WHERE I CAN ROB AND STEAL who said that IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ROB? I AM SURE IT WAS NOT NATURE......... OH sorry man GOVERNMENT is not the thing i am talking about(Government tells me that it is not acceptable) in this game RIOT IS NATURE COZ THEY created game . GOVERNMENT ONLY CLAIMED LANDS AND THAT IS IT THEY HAVE NOTHING CREATED they only claimed things that already excisted .oh sorry man you are wrong. i did not want to go deep but i MUST because i dont need hero statements here i am 100% confident when i am talking and even i prove my words
So you follow social libertarianism then? That's an unusual one around here. Still, your counter argument is faulty. It's not nature or the government that makes robbing unacceptable, but rather society. And if you have access to internet to post on the boards or play games, then you don't live in nature, you live in a society. Go ahead and start stealing from your neighbors and see if the government gets angry before them. Riot isn't the government in a libertarianist view anyway, since in that school of thought, government and authority are questionable since they basically just took over things the people owned without adding anything substantial, but Riot has _created_ everything around here. You are on their legitimate property. But still, Riot only enforces the zero tolerance list on their own. And they are required to do so by the actual governments and international laws. Aside from that list, all of the rules were set up by the people, by society. If the players decided that they won't report people for calling each other's mothers names, then Riot would not punish it either. Your whole counterargument is misdirected so my original points still stand: You are trying to deflect responsibility and attempt to promote a dysfunctional system while by example you are showing us that the current one is doing it's job.
: Chat Restriction/Toxicity/Ban discussing things/ ONLY +18 players
>3. I have question to riot. if it is not acceptable to flame in game then why do you let me flame and insult players? "If it is not acceptable to rob people, the why was i able to get into their house and steal their stuff?" Then you talk about simple text filters: >i Typed this TEXT you actually let me to send it to the player. i am learning informatics i know very well how algorithms work i know you can create way and dont let me to type that type of words in chat but WHY do you? problem will be solved if my INSULTING text will be deleted like nothing happend and THAT IS IT riot. trust me this is much better than your system. If the only way you know how to insult people is to type curse words, then i got to say that i've met more creative buckets of water before. -------------------------------- All right, time to put sarcasm aside. The first problem is that your whole post is a major deflection. You admit that you are doing something bad, but you insist that the fault lies with the system that enables you to express yourself. That's a textbook case of deflecting the responsibility. The other problem is that you imply that simple chat filters would be a solution. But in reality it has been proven that chat filters and chat restrictions are very ineffective at handling toxic players and too often these methods turn verbal toxicity into action based toxicity like trolling and feeding. I can point you in the right direction if you are interested in reading more about that subject. In the end i would just like to comment on a few of your sentences. >Reasons i got this permanent bans are same on 4 account. I was flaming players in game > I AM SAYING AND ADMITTING I AM TOXIC AF >i will NEVER play anymore trust me AND ONLY way i might play this game is if restriction system is changed I think this shows that the system is working as intended. It might be slow, but it will eventually reach the desired result. Have a nice day.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: OK, I'm lost. >On the matchmaking side, we’re happy with how positional matchmaking—not to be confused with position ranks—is working. Queue times have improved for many players and off-position win rates have gone up. On top of that, primary position rates have improved, and in many cases, autofill rates have gone down. What the phuck is "positional matchmaking"?
The theory is this: if you are a plat top laner main, but you are only silver level support, then if you get autofilled as support, then you will be matched as silver instead of plat. That way people can't say "oh i'm autofilled", because they will be matched in a sufficiently lower rating then. Positional Rank on the other hand just meant that if you don't main only one role, then you have to grind ranked up to 5 times more than the others. One of these two ideas at least sounds good on paper. :) Anyway i'm glad we didn't have to repeat the whole DQ misery again and Riot listened in time.
Sevje (EUW)
: Ranked matchmaking should be based off of rank and not MMR
So you actively advocate for worse matchmaking because it looks better on paper?
þump (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zanador,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=182p9ARa,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-03-08T15:08:35.382+0000) > > tl;dr: > > Guy in Silver 3 had bad teammates and some toxic ones, flamed back at them, got punished. He then comes to the boards, calls teammates trolls and suggests new systems to be implemented: leaver buster, afk buster, chat and ping to be monitored. All of which are already existing. No new methods or ideas detailed. It is exactly that as mentioned the old system is simply a static. It should be more dynamic. Theres numbers of methods to improve. " Already existing " is true, but having static features of which are already exisiting does not help when you have dynamic amount of gameplays and users. Take a look at dota for example, they have same systems but way different methods. Fyi; the way the old system works is static and any other programmer would agree to that, you can see it based on how the system works and reflects. A littlebit of dynamic input is better for the whole community.
Look it up, or ask for links: the systems already have dynamic input. Aside from the zero tolerance list, the IFS does not just search the chat log for key words, but rather it looks for often reported behavior. The whole community's input determines what is punished and what is not. It's definitely not perfect, but still way more complex than what you give it credit for. Dota's system, the Prisoners Island has been suggested many times over the last decade, but both Rioters and the community were against the idea. But i don't know much about how they handle reports so if you know something about it that's worth discussing, then feel free to mention it.
Smerk (EUW)
: tl:dr?
tl;dr: Guy in Silver 3 had bad teammates and some toxic ones, flamed back at them, got punished. He then comes to the boards, calls teammates trolls and suggests new systems to be implemented: leaver buster, afk buster, chat and ping to be monitored. All of which are already existing. No new methods or ideas detailed.
: List of champions who are C A N C E R to lane against
Most of the champions on the list are quite easy to deal with once you have learned the play style that counters them. They are annoying because you can't use your natural style against them and you are forced to adapt. If you can adapt, then this list will shrink substantially. If you can't, then you are in for an uphill battle any time you start a match anyway.
Kaimeraz (EUW)
: Take responsibility for your own actions Riot
All right, so they are easy to detect. Then please write down the exact methodology for doing so here. It's that simple.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Does someone banning your hovered champion fall under trolling?
Well, the question is just a bit too vague on it's own anyway. Is using Anivia's W trolling? On it's own no, but it can be used that way. Is picking Soraka trolling? No, but if you picked her into jungle, then it might just be. Is picking Yasuo trolling? Yes, but the real question is: which team will you end up trolling, because one of the answers is acceptable. What your team said and done is definitely not the friendly, team-oriented behavior that is encouraged normally, but it's not trolling. It does show a lack of communications skill on their part tho.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Does someone banning your hovered champion fall under trolling?
Hover a champion you want banned and you might get two bans. :D
Remör (EUW)
: Learning Top Lane
On top, there are two things you must keep in mind more than anything: What you can do at the moment and what you must do in the long run. A lot more than on other lanes, on top there are match ups or situations where the best you can do is to watch the minion wave from a safe distance for example. If an ADC get into a 20-30 minion disadvantage, he effectively lost the lane and will need 10+ minutes to catch up or his team to carry him hard for a while. On top if you get into a 20-30 minion disadvantage, you might be in a big trouble, or you might just have an asymmetrical match up. This is because of the second question: what must you do in the long run? For example if you and your opponent both picked juggernauts or heavy fighters in genera, like Garen, Darius, Renekton or Illaoi, then you probably want to get an advantage on the lane, and then either push that advantage further or turn it against the enemy carries and give them hell in teamfights. But if you play a tank, Maokai, Malphite, Poppy or Mundo, then it is very common to have a weak early start and if you try to force yourself to keep up with the farming, then you just lose focus of your main objective: to keep up with leveling and be ready for teamfights whenever they happen. Know the main job your champion must do and focus on that.
: Want my unmasked Kayle skin back... :(
As far as i know, the Unmasked skin got turned into the Exalted skin. Fun fact: that one skin is not exactly Kayle, but rather her mother. A similar thing happened to Crimson Akali, which got turned into Infernal.
: "Angela will also lead the recruiting team in driving inclusivity in Riot’s hiring and talent sourcing processes." I'm sorry but can someone explain to me why it's now acceptable for race and sexuality to matter when it comes to getting hired? Call me old fashioned, but I always thought you should hire the person best for the job, not the person who just happens to have the right skin color... If they're the best people for the job, I couldn't care less about riot only hiring nonbinary pansexual asians, same as I wouldn't give a damn if they only hired straight white men. This weird inverted racism just shouldn't be a part of the decision making process when it comes to hiring people... Eh I know I'm probably overreacting but still, this kinda stuff just rubs me the wrong way. Color blind mode optimization would probably be done in a more technically oriented part of the company. I'd assume her role is mainly directed towards the internal affairs of riot, but as far as it pertains to the game itself she'd probably be working together primarily with the punishment systems team and maybe also the event/story/skins departments.
I think this all comes down to the method they will use in practice. Everyone here knows the wrong ones: hire based on minority quotas, ideology or political affiliation and you end up like Lucasfilm which made the impossible into reality: two Star Wars movies in a row failed and a third one is already in trouble. However there are legit and not forced methods that help the hiring process in general and they should result in qualified people getting hired with the added benefit of more overall diversity. Examples: 1. Blind CV reviews: have someone to erase the gender and race indicators from CVs before the HR department reviews them. Leave only the experiences and qualifications and make the HR decide based on those. 2. When possible, increase the length of the selection phase of the hiring process. If HR has no time to go through the applications properly, then they are more likely to make a biased (towards either side) or a random (and random in the usa means 80% chance to white) choice instead of a well informed one. Just give them the time and manpower they need to do their job. 3. Advertise the job opportunities properly. For example, if Riot would only advertise hiring people on their own website, well then 80%+ of us here are men.. they would need to advertise somewhere else to reach all the talented women as well. Simply casting a wider web can help with both quality and diversity. These were just the ones off the top of my head. In theory all of them are reasonable practices that improve the quality of the new recruits with the added benefit of leveling the playing field for minorities without enforcing an ideology or agenda. Riot has a lot of options in front of them now, and i hope they pick the right ones.
: Your performance is already determined. Wow people comment on this and shouldn't be. The end of game report shows a ranking for your game performance.... So stupid... Just base LP on that and it's simple.
Have you read any of the counter arguments we wrote here or did you just skim through them? The intention behind the topic's suggestion is very nice, but in practice it would make League a lot worse.
Turbando (EUW)
: this thread was a bit of a joke, but, seriously... wouldn't you be happy if none of us had to deal with teemo?
I refuse to choose the easy way out instead of our main meme. :)
: Exact definitions for those terms are totally irrelevant. Ok. Instead of those terms let's talk about people who want to give their absolute best for the game and people who prefers having fun. And by giving absolute best for the game I mean that you do everything you can to win. You don't pick Yasuo if you aren't good enough with him (no matter how fun you could have playing Yasuo). You play tank if your team needs a tank. You don't give up because you don't feel like playing anymore. You don't give up if you lose your lane. You get your satisfaction by playing well. You are willing to improve. I'm not sure if I'm failing to tell you what I'm thinking about this thing but...
But the exact definitions are the key here and they reveal the impossible nature of your suggestion. I get what you are saying. But in theory the game mode you describe was what the ranked ladders were supposed to be. And if they were, then you wouldn't be writing this thread. In season 1-3 if you couldn't play at least 4 out of the 5 positions you weren't welcome to ranked. Hardly anyone mained a champion or even role, everyone adapted to the needs of the team. Then the mindset shifted and most people thought that "giving their best" mean "playing their best champion" so we gradually ended up in the current scenario. And if you don't want your queue to end up exactly like the current ranked ones, then you need exact definitions and a strict way of enforcing them. Just people agreeing on the idea is not enough. Literally everyone agrees to the summoner's code when they create an account, but a lot of them will still be surprised when they can't do whatever they want wherever they want to. So your job is either to figure out the details for yourself or to take a step back and ask people what they think "tryhard" means and start gathering support from there.
: I honestly can't believe you are taking this thread seriously.....
I take these threads as thought experiments. Sometimes the obvious or self explanatory can be quite difficult to explain if you never practiced how to do it before. I also consider answering any question seriously, no matter what i think about it to be quite a useful skill in life. But putting all that aside, on the boards i tend to criticize players and Riot a lot for not putting in the effort of thinking through the consequences of their suggestions or actions. So i think it's only fair that i too, think my answers through, no matter how big or small the subject is. I can still be wrong, but at least not for a lack of consideration. :)
: Patch 9.4: Nunu disappears from map by Knock up from Rek Sai (EUW)
A relatively rare, but recurring bug. It's been in the game since the very beginning so i don't see it being fixed anytime soon, unfortunately.
Turbando (EUW)
: What the hell is the point of ranged toplaners?
Well, for one, they exist because it's pretty much impossible to prevent their existence. Right of the bat, you'd have to completely delete Urgot, Teemo, Quinn and Jayce. Once that's done, A couple of champions would have to be nerfed into the ground so they are not usable anymore. The list includes: {{champion:69}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:8}} Now as a third step, we'd have to make sure that the other range champions would not fill this power vacuum on the top lane, so let's just nerf some more into oblivion too who would be in the first round of going to top after the first two steps: {{champion:103}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:142}} So either we effectively get rid of almost 30 champions, or you consider the possibility of ranged champions being on top is part of the balance and playing against them teaches you valuable skills like map control and teamwork, since it's pretty much your best option to work with your team to end the laning phase as soon as possible. But that's just an idea.
: Question about ''Next chest available in xx hours''
Available chests stack up to 4. When the countdown reaches 0 you get +1 available chest.
: Why do tryhards have to play with casual players? Give us tryhard queue!
Simple: we don't even have a definition of "tryhard" and "casual", so how would we make a big enough queue for them? To begin with, there are no true casuals in League at all. League is a MOBA and that means getting through the very basics will take more than 100 hours of learning and practicing and you aren't even promised to have anything rewarding for that. In that time you could finish a dozen other games and be celebrated as a hero each time. So who is a casual and who is a tryhard? When we are discussing topics like this, everyone has a general understanding of the concepts, but to make a queue we would need precise definitions. And it's easy to find 10 people with 10 different definitions. So which one will we use? We could use yours, after all you started this thread, but if others do not agree with you, then they will not see your queue as viable tryhard queue so you won't have enough players.
Febos (EUW)
: Dead? Then why do we have ~10 discussions in the last hour? That's like 1 discussion every 6 minutes ("dead" hour in EU btw). Sure, NA has a lot more discussions/hour, but people like you forget EU is split in multiple boards: [Italian](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/it/), [German](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/de/), [Spanish](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/es/), [French](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/fr/), etc. If you aggregate all of those, we've probably as much, if not more, discussions/hour compared to NA. Besides, more =/= better. Also, your definition of "necro" is off by a long shot. Most of the "[Recent](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/)" tab has discussions from the last 2 days.
But we are kind of experiencing an out of season Harrowing now with medium level necromancers bringing year old threads back. I wonder how that happened. I only browse the boards periodically, but i don't recall something like this happening in a long while.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: When and why did League games go from somewhat normal to super oppressive?
Short version: Riot attempted to improve a lot of things without digging deep to fix the roots of the problems first. Being pushed by time, old foundations, popular demand and even their own employees, they prioritized short term band-aids instead of long term solutions. --------------------------- Long version for those who are ready for a wall. I'll try to keep it short, but i usually don't succeed in that. So, let's go back to the beginning of season 6. Riot is just about to hit their first major catastrophe: **Dynamic queue**. It was a half baked idea which caused problems for every player in the game. It was also a project Riot was already developing for almost a year by that point and would take most of Riot's development power throughout season 6 too, considering how often it had to be hotfixed, tweaked, reworked and eventually scrapped. Riot also had to remake the Ranked system again for Season 7, so for two years most of their resources were thrown out of the window. Then along comes a new champion: **Jihn**. While he is fun to play, his stats were a problem, especially early on, and even tho he has been fixed and nerfed a lot since then, he still set a new precedent. He was the first ADC who could consistently land 1200+ hits. Before that, if people wanted to see crits over 600-700, then they either had to look for a GP Q or Cait's headshot to crit. Because a typical ADC build looked something like this: {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3163}} . Keep in mind that GA gave Armor+MR and no AD at all. So overall an average ADC bought less than +200 AD at full build and getting more than 50-60% crit chance was considered to be a risky build. Add to this, the introduction of {{item:3094}} and the new **Double-Zeal** meta. The average damage an ADC could deal significantly increased. This in turn meant that tanks and defensive champions had to be able to take this new level of damage, so they were promptly buffed. A band-aid fix. And everyone remembers the next step: While ADCs could still melt Tanks, the other classes simply couldn't deal enough damage against them. Thus rose the **Tank Meta**. And everyone hated it. From the average player, who couldn't deal enough damage with their fighters or mages to the youtubers and streamers who couldn't make their favorite "OMGLOL 1SHOT" videos to the Riot commentators who were forced to talk about boring things like "long term advantage" instead of flashy kills every half minute. This had to be changed. But instead of leveling the playing field, lowering the defense of the tanks and the damage output of ADCs, only the former was implemented. And so came the **Assassin Meta**. Tanks are mostly out of the way, Duskblade is amazing and ADCs, while super strong, still provided an excellent target and a fix job for Assassins. For a glorious few months Summoner's Rift turned into Hunt of the Blood Moon. All right, but how do we move on from Assassin meta? Well, the normal answer would be to buff tanks, but that was so universally hated that Riot didn't dare to attempt it again. Thus Supports have been buffed. But strangely enough, mostly their damage output and damage buffs have been increased. Time for the good old **Ardent Censer meta**. Where a good duo bot can and will carry a game without problem. And so we have been through a full circle and the ADC damage output once again increased. -------------------------------------- I could go on, and expand into how a lot of other problems came from this spiraling damage-creep, but for now i think i've made my point: Riot had to make a lot of decisions since start of Season 7 and each time they made an ill-informed and rushed choice. They were forced by players, by time and for a long time they didn't have the resources they needed due to their own mistake.
: What's wrong with Riven players ?
The problem is simple: Riven has a very fun micro-oriented play style. A lot of people pick her because of this. But good Riven players are the one who see the macro game and know how to have an impact on the match outside of their lanes. So players who pick her up just because it's fun to do combos with her will usually end up winning the battle and losing the war.
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
: actualy i see autofiled trolls aloot (sometimes one game after another)... and they didnt force noone to trade.... they ask you once.. if u dont agree they still troll there and there is nothing you can doo! i often find myself bot lane with no support cos he troll pick and goes straight to mid or top lane! So @ the end im bot feeding enemy and loosing the lane cos im alone and my "supp" is mid along the real mid player or top. And by the way.. you WONT NEED AUTOFILL at all if u implement this system. U cannot obtain a role in wich you LACK the champion for Every player will pick theyr lane or role since they have theyr champs for it.
>And by the way.. you WONT NEED AUTOFILL at all if u implement this system. U cannot obtain a role in wich you LACK the champion for Every player will pick theyr lane or role since they have theyr champs for it. Without autofill, on certain rating at times it took people an hour of waiting to find a match. You are now telling me how often you see autofilled people in your matches. Think about it: each of those matches were one where the system didn't find anyone who wanted to play support. That's how few support players there are, especially in lower ratings. At this point, autofill is a necessary evil. Without it we can't have role selection unless people start playing support on their own. That includes you too.
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
: i play the overheal branch to test and i dont play it for long. just try to see what makes jinx less squishy.
This was briefly the meta over a year ago, but only because there were items like the old version of Face of the Mountain (hp-support item) to back it up and all of them combined gave ADCs a considerable amount of protection for little investment. It is a very good thing to thin for yourself and to test builds on your own and you even looked into a solution that was very nearly good too. For that you have my sincere support. But at the same time you did test a new build in ranked, which is generally considered to be a bad move at best and trolling at worst. And even with the Overheal build, the Legend: Tenacity does not make sense. Both the attack speed buff and the lifesteal buff are incredible on ADCs and both of them are very strong in combination of Overheal. But going past the runes, the Teleport-Ghost still does not make sense. Flash is way more versatile for ADCs than Ghost, and it can save you from a lot more bad situations. And Teleport is only beneficial if both you as a player and your champion are good at controlling the map, and Jinx is simply not that champion. Otherwise you just have one less summoner spells you can use in combat. I've watched one of your matches and i saw how you play. Right now you have a decision to make: you can keep blaming your teammates or anything else you wish and stay in iron or you can start improving yourself and climb. Being in iron is not a problem on it's own. But if you want to get out of iron you must focus on yourself more. If you are willing to do that, then i can offer you some further help to improve.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I actually do think that adding a champion mastery requirement at 4 to be able to play a champion in Ranked would not be a bad idea overall. I think it sucks when you get a team mate that says "first time Graves", proceeds to feed his ass off but you can't do anything about it because playing badly isn't punishable.
While that's true and first timers in ranked have been a problem since the very beginning, a mastery requirement would cause more harm than good. Imagine this: Support Zed, because an OTP Zed player intentionally didn't level up any of his supports. How many times have you seen autofilled people try to force someone to trade with them by BSing about how they "don't have any supports" or just "can't play them"? A mastery requirement might mean that they are right, and i don't think a system that validates these guys is beneficial to the community.
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
: Lets see what RIOT thinks of this!!!!!!! Ranked games only with MINIMUM LVL 5 champs and ABOVE!!!!
Bad suggestion. Also: >FED UP OF TROLLS THAT PLAY RANKED GAMES WITHOUT MASTERING THEIR CHAMP. You main Teleport-Ghost Jinx on bot with Grasp of the Undying as your keystone, with demolition and overgrowth and from Precision you pick Overheal+Legend: Tenacity? You might want to reevaluate what "mastering" a champion means to you.
Nightmare Zoe is her default skin. I also voted for demonic.
: Its great to see this has become such a popular topic. Delighted that most agree w/ my point #1. You mentioned that point #2 would result in safer plays and boring games. I don't see this at all. People who do take the risk and it pays off, will earn more points because their K/D ratio will be much higher. And those who take the risk but aren't successful will be encouraged to switch to a more safe play until they stack to keep their K/D at an acceptable level. Think of it this way... 4 members of the team have the following stats: 1/5, 2/4, 5/3, 10/8. The fifth member has 0/15. If you average the contributions made by the team, 0/15 is most certainly an extreme outlier. There is no excuse for it sorry. You can't die 15 times standing under a turret in that game. You would think that once they hit 0/5 they would drop their hero complex and focus on building and contributing in other ways -- like clearing lanes and increasing vision score and focusing on assists. I'm not saying that the whole point system has to be on a curve like mentioned above -- should be considered, but could require complex development. What wouldn't require complex development would be simply looking at the extreme outlier players only. In our example above, if the team won only the 0/15 player would get less points than the rest of the team. If they lost than the 4 players lose less points than the 0/15 player. Does this make more sense?
And you know who usually ends up with with 0/15 in matches like these, aside of feeders and tunnel visioned 1v1 fighters? The supports who put their heart into saving the ADC no matter what. The supports who go into risky areas in order to ward, because they know that vision is worth the risk, and if they can find the jungler, the team will get vital information. But i guess those supports can just go to bronze or leave ranked. They are clearly should not be rewarded.
Torkl (EUW)
: Match history leaves very little clues to what actually happens in a game... Maybe toplane just got counterpicked or camped? Maybe his jungler came there and died and didnt clean up his mess, gl laning vs doublebuff first blood whatever monster u meet :D This game is so much more then a scoreboard imo..
That's completely true. But i think everyone here have seen at least one guy complaining about trolls and AFKs in his team while he was 1/30 with mobiboots+tear at minute 25.
: Cant reply rn but take this quick commen. My system eliminates boosting, and usually a player with these bad stats that i mentioned will usually not have the things you listed if they do then they are doing something wrong and anyway the current system does not determine those anyway and it inflates and deflates people causing mixed ranks in one division. And in the current system will gain same lp as everyone who tried hard and carried.my system makes sure you can climb regardless of teammates playing bad.
I'll read your full reply when you have the time for it, but until then i'll reply to this short note. First of all, your system does not eliminate boosting. It makes boosting slower, i won't question that. But climbing will be still possible with bad stats. Otherwise if we tune this system in a way that makes climbing without good stats effectively impossible, then once again we face a situation where smurfs, premades and trolls have a much higher impact on an individual's ability to climb. >my system makes sure you can climb regardless of teammates playing bad. No, your system makes sure people with certain play styles will climb regardless of their teammates. Let's look at an example: The two junglers meet each other around lvl5-6 on the top side river. The red top stays to push while the blue top decides to move to the river to help his teammate if needed. Red jungle sees this and he stays ready to escape and eventually flees the scene. Now the blue jungle takes the crab and the herald, while blue top stays on the edge of the river to zone the red top from both the tower and the herald. Summary: **Red top **farmed and dealt a bit of damage to the top tower, so his stats are looking nice and with the gold bonus he will probably have the upper hand on lane for a good while. He should get **bonus LP**. **Blue jungle** won a duel, took two objectives and ends up destroying one and a half tower with herald on mid. Well done, **bonus LP**. **Blue top** however just wondered idly on the river and stopped farming. After all, responding to calls for help, zoning out enemies, covering for objectives and keeping the escape routes safe are not numerical stats. He should **lose LP** for his actions. And this is why i don't support your suggestion. In ever match people face dozens of moments where they have to choose between keeping the power to themselves or distributing the power they gained among their teammates. This is a lesson everyone has to learn who wants to climb over silver. Your system helps people to climb who have not learned a basic lesson about teamwork.
: Definitely should not be based on kda alone, the system should take the average, healing, shielding, damage, damage to turrets, damage to objectives, wards, vision score, kills, assists, deaths in early (so pre 10 minutes) and cs. Once you take all of these factors together you can give the player a rating, this rating will determine how well the player performed each player in the game gets a rating that goes from 0 to 10. I cba to spend 3 hours doing riot's work, but you can come up with a formula that makes it so that there are 4 situations: 1. You win and play good = you **gain **more lp to award you winning and playng good 2. you win and play bad = you **gain **less lp to penalize for playing bad 3. You lose and play bad = you **lose **more lp to penalize for losing and playing bad 4. You lose and play good = you **lose **less lp to make sure you get rewarded for playing good but penalized for losing Ill post an illustration that I came up with : https://gyazo.com/88fd9972aa4e305e2c37390947db9b7a The numbers are the change in lp and the lines are how good you played so a score between 5 and 10 is green and a score between 4.9 and 0.1 is red. I would love to make a neat graph and even come up with calculations for the way the score would be awarded but I am not getting paid for this so fk that.
Something like this is used in determining the performance ratings after the matches. And a stat based system like this is perfectly fine for box hunting, but it utterly fails at determining a player's skill level. This has been a well known issue with the performance rating ever since the beginning. The problem is simple: there are tons of skills a computer simply can not accurately measure and most of them are far more important in determining the performance than stats, especially in higher ratings. Examples: 1. Decision making. Sure, you took 3 kills a dragon and a nashor, but you could have ended the game instead. Your stats are looking nice tho. 2. Leadership and shotcalling. What's the difference between a match ending with 2-60 when everyone is running around like headless chickens and a victory? Often just a good leader. How do you count that? 3. Teamwork. Because good leadership is one thing, a team needs 4 people who are able to follow others than themselves. How do you quantify a player's performance who stopped following his own instincts and started listening to his teammates? Just take a look around the boards and you will find tons of people who would sacrifice a goat every day for teammates like this. Yet a computer can't measure it. 4. Micro management. I don't know about you, but if i play tank or support, i'm ready to take a Nidalee spear in the face to cover for a carry. The computer has absolutely no way of telling if that spear would have hit someone else, so i'm just lowering my stats for potentially no LP gain. A stat based system discourages self sacrifice. 5. Aim and Dodge. Prediction hook from Thresh? Stealing a Nashor with a skill shot? Sidestepping an insta-kill combo from Zed? The computer simply asks: what are those? 6. Communication and Trolling. If player X got player Y tilted, then because of the actions of X, the stats of Y will suffer. Should trolls have more power? A purely stat based system would say yes. 7. Jungle pressure. How do you quantify it? A good jungler does not even have to go to a lane too often or at all to apply pressure there and help his teammates. But again, lane priority and jungle pressure are skills that do not directly translate to numbers, but rather increased power for the other teammates and victories. 8. The Opposition. Have you seen the end of season stats? In a lot of cases, people from gold to challenger have similar CS for example, and it is not hard to find bronze players with higher KDA stats than high diamonds. Again, the solution is simple: getting 30 kills against Bronze is easier than getting 5 against Masters. This list is by no means complete. As you see, several key abilities can not be measured by a computer, yet they are vital for the team. A computer simply is not able to measure even half of the skills a player has, so just following the numbers would end up in bad results. The idea behind your suggestion is nice, but the technical limitations would render your system absolutely broken.
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