Amphysvena (EUNE)
: Repeated scouting phase.
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: What did you get as your legendary skin?
God-King garen.... its a great skin the only "problem" is that I havent played Garen once in my life...maybe in aram if I had no rerols left {{sticker:garen-swing}}
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ordęr (EUW)
: EUW/EUNE ping has been unstable for over a year now.
Started playing League somewhere arround season 5... back than I had mediocre internet wi-fi conection.... ping was than arround 25-32 for me. Two years later, with the same conection my ping increased to aprox 45. After that and aprox 1.5 years ago I got optical internet with ethernet conection and I felt reborn, ping went down to 27-35. Currently, with no changes to my internet conection I am playing at random ping every game, spikes are more intense and overall ping value is less stabile. My ping now does not dropp below 35 and goes up sometimes to 67 and is seems like its not getting better any time soon. And before anyone says that average of 45 ping isnt high at all, and that I should be happy - its not about that, its about beeing used to play at one value and than randomly beeing switched to 15+ higher. Not fun.
: same
Its fixed for 3 of us here in lobby , try now :D
: New Patch, can't log in.
Same and when I do log in , it says I cant play- play butoon is gray nor I can accept game invites... LOL...
: You are still completely ignoring the main point. Supports are worse at the game than their PEERS. So worse than players in the same rating. That happens because you need less skill to be in the same rating than some other role. You can have knowledge about many things etc but you don't NEED them to climb as a support while other roles NEED those things. That's why, on average, supports are worse than their peers because they don't have the need for those skills so they haven't bothered to learn them. Not all supports are worse but definitely most of them are. Let's use the wave manipulation as an example. Your adc NEEDS that knowledge while you don't NEED it. You can have it but it's your adcs job to know it and it affects him more than it does you because it's him that loses more from bad wave manipulation. Another example is knowing how match-ups on every lane are supposed to go. Junglers and mid laners NEED to know those things while support and adc don't.
What do you mean I dont need them to climb? Im playing versus 2 players in lane, I need double knowledge for my lane matchup, for myself and my carry while mid primarily learns his 1v1 lane. Supports also roam mid and roam with jungler if they have any brain left inside, only lane that support may lack knowledge is top, but thats optional per player. Dont talk about wave manipulatin on botlane please, there are so many examples where if support doesnt know nothing about it, it will completely ruin every other wave that comes to the lane and will expose whole lane to ganks for 5 minutes straight, or will cost you 4 plates in one push. If you dont help your adc push it will delay his backing time and/or make your backs desinc which is REALY BAD, for a duo lane, also if support dammages back like minions while ad is trying to freeze, you are gonna get spam pinged even if you do it on accident... Also Im not ignoring your point, Im trying to explain my point of view, and reasons why I think we are all in the same shoes. Its LIKE saying I choose the easy way to climb, and saying that is just not fair, nor I think it is the truth.
: >Skilled at what? At the game? Yes. >You think support mains cant cs or what? That's only one of the things they can't do on the same level as their peers. >xd Put mid main on thresh and tell me if he is skilled enough to win lane? I'd actually rather have an autofilled support who mains mid than an actual support main. And i know mid laners can play supports like thresh way better than the thresh mains themselves. Seen it happen hundreds of times. >Its all about choosing lane and champion/s to main--- and if you are better than your opponent you will win games. No one ever claimed otherwise. >In the teamfights you have to be better then enemy team if you want to win it Yes >just because the role is less flashy doesnt mean that your support didnt deserve to win that game Again, no one ever claimed otherwise. >and that your midlaner is more skilled. Yeah it doesn't mean that, but the mid laner is most likely the better player anyway. >Different skillset is required for each role, sure my midlaner has the skill to kill enemy carry but I have the skill to stop their assasin to do the same, while peeling for your ass to get out after you get tripple CCed. Those things are actually more related to the kits of the champions instead of the skill of the player. A mid laner can also peel for his teammates if he has the tools to do in his kits (like lissandra). So... What part of your comment actually touched the topic of supports being worse than their peers (on average)? You were just talking about deserving to win when no one was talking about that. The enemy team also has a support...
Oh boy... My point was that every single player is playing his lane the best he can, with the champion he mains ( preferably ), and knows things that are important for his lane ( if we are speaking about laning phase ) and his matchup. Where exactly can you pin point skill difference between support and mid in this example? We also have to know how to trade, when, our cds and enemy cds, we also operate with summoner spells, we also need to keep an eye for ganks both ways and set them up, we also roam and manage our minions to set up drake or good back timing... where is the difference? Why is your job harder than ours? The only difference is that supports do not cs. You have full right to disagree with me, as I do with you. Gl in games
: I mean, LS is right there. As he said, "support players are worse than their peers". Diamond is still diamond but don't think that someone who mains mid and someone who mains support are as skilled when they are in the same mmr.
Skilled at what? At the game? You think support mains cant cs or what? xd Put mid main on thresh and tell me if he is skilled enough to win lane? Its all about choosing lane and champion/s to main--- and if you are better than your opponent you will win games. In the teamfights you have to be better then enemy team if you want to win it, just because the role is less flashy doesnt mean that your support didnt deserve to win that game and that your midlaner is more skilled. Different skillset is required for each role, sure my midlaner has the skill to kill enemy carry but I have the skill to stop their assasin to do the same, while peeling for your ass to get out after you get tripple CCed.
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: Getting Hate for reaching Dia as a Support
Hello, Im fellow support main Dia IV from across the region, EUNE :) and Im here to congratz on your climb ... and to give my personal experience... - First of all - if you reached Dia on your own there is zero reason to be blamed for it on any level no matter which role you played. Period . - Second - if you decide that you will stay Dia IV 0 LP that is your "problem" and you have fully right to collect that juicy border even with 0 LP. Now honest talk, maining support requires different skillset than other roles, different mindset also. Some of the things that drew me into maining support are: - denying kills - ONE OF THE MOST SATISFYING THINGS in this game for me is making assasins life hard - enchanting skilled players - like playing piano but with both hands - winning lane - cuz the enemy support is autofilled and IT SHOWS - active items - using them properly will make enemy team go !??!?!?!??! - abbility to disengage - enchanters are usually fast and have lots of tools to make chasers flip their keyboard trying to reach you - carrying without getting kills - I really DONT NEED to pick up kills to feel good about myself, like many others have to do For the people that are salty about your rank, tell them they should start playing support role and climb themselfs out if they can... trust me THEY CANT. A friend of mine ( ex dia player, was in gold some time this season ) tried to climb with only support, he managed to get to plat IV - guy lost his mind cuz he coudnt handle supporting " unskilled players" that were ruining his games... POINT TAKEN. Wish you all the best
Atlas (EUNE)
: I just lost all my motivation to climb...
Ye it kinda suks balls, before ranked reset I was gaining like 19-21 Lp per win and loosing the same amount for loos in dia 4, and I tought - its fine, this is normal ( even tho I was gaining a LOT MORE lp per win in plat 1, but it makes sense, since I promoted to higher division ) and than ranked reset came and now Im winning 13-16 LP and loosing 18-21 LP. My winrate didnt change, I didnt chage, my playstyle and champ pool did not change... fun !
Pelmorr (EUW)
: Diamond 4 lp gain and loss
Im pritty sure we all had ranked reset above diamond so a lot of people are crowded now in dia 4 and 3. They did it cuz at the beggining of the season LP gains were kinda bugged for some player and they climbed up higher than they deserved, so making ranked reset will determinate players who deserve dia and those who dont. Basically you need to win a bit more than you lose. Here Im gaining like 13-16 Lp per win and loosing 18-21 LP per loos. Not fun I must say but its duable kinda.
ban ryze (EUW)
: I need some advice (soloq)
People will listen to you more if you are, at given moment dooing well. Representing that you can do a good gank ( for example ) and making a comment afterwards will make more people listen like - " we are allright bot lane has a big lead now, keep farming " Also its really helpfull if you learn which lanes to keep ganking and which not, learn win conditions so you can prove your point easily. If the lane you helped get fed oneshoots and is dooing well you can use that as an argument to de-tilt your temates such as "our midlaner is pritty strong, lets try to help him stay alive so he can kill their vayne" - this way you are boosting teams morale, midlaner confidence and in the same sentence telling him what to do in teamfight. Typing GJ and WP after your temate secured clutch kill is also beneficial for the long run. Even if you didnt see play that he made. My general point is that you really have to mean things you say and be positive yourself. As a main support that is kinda part of my role, and its not really easy, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. But if that means I will winn 2 more games out of 10 Im here to collect. Good luck
: LP Gains in D4
Same experience over here ... losing 20+ LP and winning barely 15 if not less in D4
Mada (EUW)
: He just has too many damn passives: Double crit Free shield Gets reported at the end of the game Game with him in the enemy team can only be remembered if he's strong Game with him in the enemy team can't be remembered if he's weak Game with him in your team can't be remembered if he's strong Game with him in your team can only be remembered if he's weak Talker
Pretty accurate if I might say so.
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: Clash
This is beyond tragic.... and it gets worse with each "delay". People don't raise their hopes anymore for this mode but still, when it fails it feels bad man.
: CLASH: ADC Looking for team
Clash is cancelled bro... again xd
: Truth be told, a lot of people start finding that playing support is like the most easy role in the game. I play a lot of top lane, and i can say i consider myself decent, but if i want to climb quickly i just take support and fill. - You dont have to worry about farm. - You either poke the enemy or protect the adc whenever needed. - Most items have a lot of utility for you and the team, and arent too costly. - And most supports can sometimes just outright 1v1 champions because of how much damage they can dish out. I still remember i believe it was Dopa/Apdo ( look him up ) saying that the easiest role to climb in league is Support and i can 100% support (see what i did there) that opinion. Sometimes when i duo Q with a friend i just pick morgana, max E, and keep shielding him after he leaves top for teamfights. And it is literally dumb, nothing can stop him, cc does nothing to him, my shield heals because of athenes, i have a redemption, and if i land my Q's he is literally free to do whatever. It's braindead and its easy. Also for some reason Sona is hella strong right now, 5 games in a row all wins, i love mashing my keyboard. {{sticker:sona-playing}}
I woudnt say it is easy, but it is the easyest to adapt to after maining other roles imo. Maining support requires different skill set than any other role does, if you take is seriously ofc :) . Once you learned how to CS, trade and roam as another role in elo you are in, its smooth transition to support shoes, but learning role as it is from scratch in diamond elo isnt really simpe, just like it isnt for any other lane.
: A lot of those people repeat mindlessly what high elo players say, ranked doesn't matter in preseason indeed for challengers or high diamond players since they will not get placed higher than plat 3 (as far as I remember) thus they don't need to tryhard as much as they have been doing all season long, on the other hand low elo players have to keep working on their mmr as much as before if not even more for a better placement next season. Others just use it to justify their bad performances in the game, gets soloed 10 times in lane then be like "haha it's just preseason" lol
DoDo senpai (EUNE)
: Looking for clash team , DoDo senpai , challenger 508 lp
If you cant find any higher division team, we are plat5, dia 5 x2 and dia 4, and we are looking for midlaner, add me on this acc . :)
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: How did you start?
After quitting another game, a friend told me that I have to choose between Dota and League and that we are "moving" there :D I remember chosing League cuz graphics were a lot brighter and more defined to me at the time. Played Ashe and more ashe till I eventually realised that my call was supporting and not adc. I was really stupid, was shooting Ashe R trying to dammage nexus.. god pls....
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: While i don't agree with such toxicity, but i gotta say that what he said is not wrong, because the website is literaly linked at the very top of the main event screen. Hopefully the arrows will help you find it
Yes, YES, I know its quite obvious... I somehow missed it. p.s. arrows are indeed helpfull, thankyou.
: Hey there, I don't know if you found it already, but you can check it out [here]( More Missions will come next week. Have a good day!
Yeah, I did, thanks for help anyways. Same.
Vulpine (EUW)
: I feel like every event whole bunch of idiots come out from their caves and spam forum with "not working missions" posts, like it's hard to read 1 article about the event. Does your brain hurts from looking at letters? C'mon ppl, you can better than this.
Well If I found the article I woudnt be posting this "question" right? And I still cant find it even after you told me that article exists... sooo BUT its nice to see that my stupidity is answered with passive-agression, feels just like solo q :D Seriously tho, I have to search for that article now... good advice dude
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Nakoruru (EUNE)
She is lovely indeed {{sticker:sg-lux}}
iSneez (EUNE)
: Finaly :D
I have 17 od them and Im still waiting for cool support skin to be released.... I dont really play Alistar so... guess I will be stuck waiting.... Allready got myself Vayne skin cuz Vayne is life but yeah... lots of money spendt... I maybe have regrets, but we wont talk about that now xd xd
Atlas (EUNE)
: Are you good at league?
Plat 1 and no, Im not good, in fact I play avegare I would say. The only reason I got to high plat is by having a good micro, my macro suks balls thats why I cant get pass diamond and climb higher.
: I can see where you're coming from, and I'm not saying that's completely wrong either. I just feel like the timeout should be a lot longer.
Probbably should yes, but since I dont play normals at all ( exept urf now and aram when im tired ) I dont really have expirience with many dodges, one per every 10 games,... I would say..
: Unlucky day for what? For rito servers? Can you read? Git gud then with your advices.
Guess you cant read irony xd and yes it is unlucky..
: What's happening today?
Unlucky day, take a break you wont win if you are on loosing streak. Better luck tomorrow.
: Champ select dodgers need to be punished harder.
I wish someone from my team would dodge when we have shit team comp and enemy team has a great one in solo q.... to be honest. I dont mind waiting if that will make my chance of winning higher.
Paper1 (EUW)
: Near impossible to climb
Im a fellow support main from EUNE, and curently Im stuck at Plat 1 xd. I was in Dia promos 3 times this year...I think, failed them all... My point is that my MMR was pritty decent for Plat in multiple periods of time and I was mostly matched with Dia 5-4 while in and arround my promo. My honest opinion is that attitude is THE WORST in that elo. No elo gave me this much AFK.s and ragequitters. People straight went afk cuz they died 2 times in lane in hard matchup, while every other lane had significant lead. People argue in chat so much that even if I mute them it frustrates me seeing them standing in one place and knowing they are still typing and dooing nothing ingame. It bothers me the most that I know that my team is capable of dooing good things, smart things but they just refuse to listen, refuse to group, ward, PUSH while 4 enemy temates are dead etc. I usually win my lane hard, if not kills-wise than CS wise. I make sure that if I get camped and give up a kill I lose my lane gracefully, not giving more kills and not taking risks, I understand what it means if we both died in lane 2v2 and I play arround it later, I dont cry for jungler help if I lost lane 2v2, and I certanly do not blame my midlaner for not calling SS when we had no wards on the river. But most of the time I really feel like Im the only one with that mentality. If I look at my mistakes at the game, most of my deaths are by : 1. trying to ward baron 2. trying to deffend our vision 3. trying to help my fellow assasin temate that went 1v3, 4. misspositioning in teamfight But there is no reward for me playing consistently, games that I win are either full stomps by every single lane or just straight out better teamcomp that knows no counterplay and I genuinely feel like my laning phase does almost nothing to contribute to our win condition. At the end I really dont know why do I want to get to Dia... if the games will be like this...that isnt really worth of my time.
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: Y I K E S, honestly in my opinion if you get bugsplat you shouldn't loose LP aka can get the LP back with evidence. but sry for you my plat 1 80lp friend, truly Yikes
Idk man, this suks balls, Im still at reconn screen, it says that Im playing the game... I dont even have LOL open.. and I restarted my PC 2 times allready... YIKES INDEED
: Bugsplats are actually usually issues with your computer, not the internet connection nor Riot's end {{sticker:sona-playing}}
It was : Conection problem not actuall bugsplat, but yeah... I have no problems with my internet... sooo Imma stay salty now... btw it still keeps me hostage in reconect screen... much wow
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: Unpopular opinion: this meta is fun!
As a support main Im suffering a lot from recent changes, my adc-s are trying irelias, mordekaisers and pantheons bot, trying to find their new "mains" , and I can clearly see that they cant fully play their choosen champion, because they are ADC mains. I took support as my main role to support marksmen, and learned those matchups really well and now I just lost at when I can play agro and when not. And one might say that I have to adapt and keep learning but If I wanted to play fking toplane and know that matchup vs mine I would be maining top not support. When the laning phase is going on I have no clue when is save to go all in any more and I keep loosing trades that I shoudnt have in the past, just because people are playing urgot-pyke, and even If Im familliar with their kits I cant predict exactly how our all in is going to end. That suks balls. Also I cant notice any more when my adc is strong, because if he picks something that relies on building heavy crity late game never comes, it doesnt exist any more. None of my support pool champs can stop rampling mastey yi. People are so mad and frustrated cuz they are getting oneshooted all the time, and new items are abused by assasins more than actuall marksman. I miss supporting skilled vayne player, twich player, tristana one etc. Not to mention that next patch whole enchanter class is going to be hard nerfed, also their core items. Thats not fun for me, or my adc-s that are still trying to win with their 3-4 year champion pools.
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: Anyone with good knowledge regarding diets/eating properly?
Im just gonna leave my toughts here, and I will be more than happy if any of those reach you. First, I know a bit about healthy eating, I was training more than 10 years so my diet was written and changed by professionals to reach my goals in life, after active part of my life ended, I went trough some rough periods where I coudnt find right way to eat normaly. I was either chubby or skinny, my skin was terrible, and the worst part I felt like crap. Im now 28 years old. After years of "struggle" with my weight and feeling of beeing tired all the time, I decided that I need and have to change something. Changing is hard, getting out of your comfort zone is even harder, but most important thing is that you keep trying, for noone but yourself. About food..... On a daily basis your body needs following, ( in that order ) - 1. CARBS 2. PROTEIN 3. FAT - You dont have to call breakfast - breakfast ! Let it be your 1st meal in the day, and let it consists of CARBS. Google what healthy carbs are and choose something that you can eat every day - Lunch shoud provide PROTEIN to your body, that means meat, lean meat like chicken, any types of fish or beef, steaks. - Dinner is for FATS like all types of nuts ( almonds etc ), cans of tuna with olive oil, salmon, even bacon. Most important tip is to learn that not all types of fast food are bad for you. For example you can order burger from restaurant that serves beef burgers where you can see meat in it, you can order salads with chicken breasts in it ( dressing isnt very healthy but it wont kill you xd ), fries that are oven baked are much more healthy than pan fried ones, tuna salads with eggs and corn, restaurant currys with beef and rice, pasta with chicken and vegetables.... I can go forewer. Most important is to kick out highly processe food where you cant see ingredients! Just try to change ONE meal for begining, just one, and replace it with something that is tasty for you but also healthy, if you like the idea after a month change another meal in your day and so on. There is no siece in this post, just personal experience during my life. And, NO eating once per day isnt healthy, but this post is allready too long, so .. good luck mate :)
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Weïk (EUW)
: Creation Team Clash - "Request in Progress"
I didnt even get the SMS, it is just stuck at " request in progress "-- sigh
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