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: you provided the key reason " You have been negative on **Multiple** accounts " so you made how many accounts to PM i am assuming the same guy ? Also i am getting the impression you were not exactly honor lvl 5 before this incident. Just create a new account and reform. Tyler did it you can too :) GL and c u on the rift.
Since when this community, has become this sensitive? They permaban accounts with 0 investigation. I am not saying, cursing- flaming should be tolerated with no punishment, but the system appears to be a robot.(with 0 human AI) Is not fair, at all. I completely understand our fellow summoner. We cant even say 'noob' in this game, or 'darn it'..? (because it will hurt feelings..) I am sorry our world is hurting our feelings, not a game we love. That would be an other story i guess. The problem is, Riot is letting 10 yrs old kids sign up! NOT FAIR AT ALL! I Love this game, but Riot is gradually taking all the fun of it, always a 'refreshment' change to it, bugged servers, no good support, few random account perma bans, and the support of Riot always gets away from it. I cant even play a single game now 2 days before patch 9.12! 1 game without being disconnected and can't log back in, unless i restart my PC!! ( i have a cool pc with cool internet connection speed of 200mbps ) I still cant play a simple game! After all i get a 'leaver' after game. This is the most frustrating lack of RIOT'S service! We live in EU and cant play the game! Listen Riot, you need to care about 2 things: 1) Ban or delete 16 years of age accounts and below. 2) Fix and improve your servers and your support. PS.BE FAIR WHEN YOU PERMA BAN! OPEN YOUR EYES, PEACE.
JustClone (EUNE)
: I know, right? Lately, Rito balance team gets score of 10 on IQ tests, with combined efforts, and cheating with google. They will do the usual, %%%% up the champion beyond repair, and after a year they will start reverting shit to before, making it barely playable... Cuz the game is "dynamic", and players need to "adapt to changes". So brilliant that their foot will fall off...
Delete Diana OR GIVE HER MANA! Delete Diana OR GIVE HER MANA! Delete Diana OR GIVE HER MANA! Delete Diana OR GIVE HER MANA! Delete Diana OR GIVE HER MANA! Delete Diana OR GIVE HER MANA!
: same {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
{{champion:131}} <3
: Pray for Diana (patch 9.11)
Delete Diana OR GIVE HER MANA! Delete Diana OR GIVE HER MANA! Delete Diana OR GIVE HER MANA! Delete Diana OR GIVE HER MANA! Delete Diana OR GIVE HER MANA! Delete Diana OR GIVE HER MANA!
: as an Ex-Diana main, i hated her "rework" with the attack speed buff thing, it felt odd to play. I think she needs an overall kit rework like ezreal, it's a pretty brain-dead kit, Q, W, R, R, E
Riot is pushing players to follow the meta champs! That is A FACT! All i want from RIOT is to LEAVE DIANA ALONE! LEAVE HER ALONE! YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH WITH DIANA!! STOP! Is simply not fair. Boosting and giving buffs to champs that are already op, and destroying an already destroyed champion. WHAT IS THE POINT? Where is the burst now that everything has been taken away? You gave movement speed buffs to Diana realy? So she can run away from yasuo, akali, ekko, zed, Le blanc, Ahri? Now Diana has to RUN AWAY according to Riot. They humiliated the GODDESS OF THE HUNTING and THE MOON, the daughter of Jupiter and the Titan Latona, In Greek mythology, Diana was called Artemis. In case you did not know. What seemed to be the problem RIOT? Let us know WHY you did this! I think i know.. Some sort of angry 'pro lcs wannabe' youtubers that demanded from Riot to nerf Diana? Is that it? You want Diana fans to make a youtube video begging you to stop destroying this champion? Hopefully to get a bit viral, other wise they want care about few Dianna fans. NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I BEEN THAT FRUSTRATED WITH RIOT. GIVE DIANNA BACK ALL OF HER STRENGTHS YOU TOOK AWAY! (FIX MANA COST & PROVIDE REGENS & Attack SPEED ) This is also about the fans. YOU HAVE DESTROYED THE GAME WE LOVED YEARS AGO. YOU ARE MAKING THE GAME HARDER DAY BY DAY, PATCH AFTER PATCH, YOU HAVE TAKEN ALL THE SIMPLICITY AND THE FUN OF IT. NERF THIS , BUFF THAT... IS FOR REFRESH ' AS RIOT SAYS' WE CHANGE THE GAME FOR REFRESHMENT. YOU WANT FREAKS FOR THIS GAME. NOT HUMANS. CHINA, TENCENT 'RIOT', consider this: Delete Diana OR GIVE HER MANA! Delete Diana OR GIVE HER MANA! Delete Diana OR GIVE HER MANA! Delete Diana OR GIVE HER MANA! Delete Diana OR GIVE HER MANA! Delete Diana OR GIVE HER MANA!
: Pray for Diana (patch 9.11)
SHAME ON RIOT! DESTROYED DIANA! WHOs idea was this? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? THIS IS DISGUSTING!!!!!! I HAVE NEVER HATED RIOT MORE IN MY LIFE!! All i see is bad news for Diana! Over the last couple of months, some 'bug fixes' with Diana's dmg that you didn't know where it was coming from'. ? Are you serious? ( *as you said in patch notes) So you have destroyed her for good now! You never actually help Diana, This is the champion we loved, now you are taking her away from us. Until we stop playing Lol, will you be satisfied? RIOT WE NEED ANSWERS! (Patch 9.8 ' so called bug fixes ('nerf not a bug fix) this OP champion by its very nature) You compensate other champions with mana costs and mana regens, like Cassiopeia and many more. However, as you Riot may know, Diana with one ability her mana drops significantly, you made this champion non viable, and you are also frustrating us, Diana mains. Now you also took away some attack speed, there is no reason we can play our favorite champion. Maybe is just that you don't care off-course.. All you care is to sell skins, and impress the kids with your stupid cartoons. But you are just gradually killing a champion that many fans love. You just hate this champion..or you think is too dangerous for your 'meta'..? Whats going on? What meta when you RIP Champions? What kind of rework is that? SHAME ON YOU! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! REWORK DIANA BACK TO HER ORIGINAL ESSENCE OR I WILL QUIT THIS GAME AFTER 9 YEARS! GIVE HER ATTACK SPEED AND MANA REGENS LIKE YOU GIVE TO OTHER CHAMPS. WE WANT JUSTICE! LET DIANA BE RIOT, OR GOOD BYE!
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: Dia V adc lf supp to form a good bot with
Hi there, i am a support low diamond 5, :D I am very ambitious, and fun to play with.. i am an old Atari-sega-nitendo-gamer-nerd , 30 years old..etc.. I paused playing lol too, due to my high workload schedule, but now i want to get back in the game, and sure need some practice..! If u are interested, let me know..


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