: katarina
For some reason i always liked {{item:3146}} on kata so it cool it's viable on her again. Overall imo her skill floor has risen and it's harder to do same amount of damage. I really don't see any reasons to go heal, kata needs flash. Though imo exhaust possible option instead of ignite, but kata needs ignite to finish kills. As far as build goes i try to do Hextech if i am doing good, and go for defences(Abysall or zhonya) if i am not doing so good. If it's against ad at mid i always go cloth armor first, simply don't see why not. At the end of the day the msot important thing about kata is picking a moment to jump in with the ult at the right time. Also try not to pick her against champs with easy stuns or huge bursts. Your best option is outmanuvering champs who rely on skill shots.
: The first penta of the year isn't the actual first penta... it's the first penta you got this year. The best Kat EUNE is just a flavour text that everyone got... for example I got best gnar EUW because my first penta was using gnar. So doesn't mean as much as you think, sorry.
I thought it sounded too good to be true, thanks for clarifying :D
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Hat (EUW)
: What this guy said, also I heard the system compares you to other Tf's in the same roles as you. So I am assuming if you were mid, it compares you to how other Tf's mid were. So with that logic, goingSoraka top you might get an easier S+ score if you do well. But this is just what I heard, I have NO idea if it's actually true, but I often play support and not always a possitive score but very often get A+ or S scores, so that would fit with the comment Enjutsu made.
I guess that makes sense. There must be quite a few good tf's out there. I guess same doesn't go for katarinas though.
: How do you get S+?
Went kata game after, got S- for 17/16/17. I am so done with this system.
: Don't be AFk for 5 - 10 min lol?
It wasn't really intentional you know "_" but does it factor into the score?
: Katarina
Ehh diana is annoyng "_" katarina got quite a few hard counters, but diana is that much harder to beat.
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