Dessem (EUW)
: > P.S. UR GAME SUCKS! Never a compelling way to get anyone to take you serious. If you're worried you get matched with children, try playing during times most children will be occupied, or asleep.
and when will that be? kids sit infront of their screen 24/7 these days
iamsobadbro (EUNE)
: Im scared I will lose my account soon, because what I get reported for is a joke
You should not be banned, just noticed a few bad words there but what can be expected? but what you should do is chilldown, why you play? seems like a negative experience for you to play this game, a lot of frustration and agony
: Seems the game is not my wave
your brain will start work better when you become a teenager, and you will stop doing stupid shit, right now your brain is very under-developed, from 13 and up it will be better, have fate dude
: How do you deal with players that have god complex ?
DonPodriego (EUNE)
: Queue times..
its painfully slow, i also stopped showing my pick before its my turn not to make kids quit because they think its a bad one
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: I don't think he wants sympathy.
then why post here? not like we can reverse his ban?!?!?! and i seriously doubt any kid here will take his case to RIOT and fight them for him?!
Require (EUW)
: ban appeal
u will get zero sympathy from here....
: Insane troll ratio.
trolling and bad behaviour is at all time high, just like riot wants it...chaos... worst community online? check
Dev G6 (EUNE)
: Banned for being toxic
> [{quoted}](name=Dev G6,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ENfheum6,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-12-16T12:40:18.838+0000) > > So let me see i got banned for evahhh for being toxic but trolls, feeders,afkers are still around and destrying other people games but your not banning em how is that possible? > > I dont care for the ban i got 5 accounts ';d "I dont care for the ban i got 5 accounts" You kids of to day have nothing else to do than fkk around on the internet? fkk, you dont give a piss if one of your account is perabanned, cuz u got 5 more?? I sure hope you bought them or stole them or something, if not, i feel sorry for you man, go out, meet friends, ride your moped, see some girls, get some fkkin sun on your pale skin ( yeah i know its winter, but you get my point)
: Chat restriction.
> [{quoted}](name=UberNickFTW,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ZTlXya8E,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-12-16T12:03:52.937+0000) > > So i got a chat restriction, For a reason. I was toxic and flamed some people. People are gonna hate me now, but im telling the truth. > > I am just bad with agreeing someone isnt playing the way i want him to play, and then i can be a little toxic. I fully understand riot gave me this, and i think its going to be better in those 7 games. People are gonna hate on me now, But i dont care. im just glad there is a system like this. > > Sorry riot, i will do my best not trying to be toxic ( not sarcastic). > > -Nick{{summoner:2}} so you want other players to follow your opinion on how they should play their lane/champ??!? Isnt that like you having your schoolteacher or even worse, your MOM following you around ALL days, telling you what to do and not?!? it will drive you mad kid......cut it..
: Well maybe with new champion select system it can work
: Kicking people in Champion Selection
I seriously doubt it would take much longer to get through matchmaking, and so what if it did?
: That feeling
I´ve seen that ONE time, I must have reported a 1000 unique players, discouraging
: love the game, hate the people
If there was an option to have ZERO interaction, I dont see their name, dont recieve or see ANY chatmessage, no pings, no nothing, I would take that option. Nothing positive have ever came out of communicating with anyone in this game.
jana (EUW)
: i personaly like new paths. i was playing ap {{champion:76}} for example mid lane long befor she got accepted as sutch. or {{champion:43}} jungle/mid, urgot top, ezreal jungle etc. but these where understandable choices at the time i did. and i did it most of the time in normal games. and if i did it in ranked games i did it only in elos where i was able to carry with it. i understand that you want to try out new things. but i dont see why mf should fit top lane. she is strong early but get chased down pretty easy especialy in the small top lane. without gap closer shes even a more attractive ganking target. if you would give me enought good reasons to pick her top lane. i can change my mind. so try.
yeah MF top was just an example...its the opposing of "new" ideas im against...
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DogIsGod (EUNE)
: Can you please surrender when we are 3v5 and 10 kills behind at 5 minutes?
these little shitheads have all the time in the world, no school, no friends, no family that cares for them, making other suffer through a obvious loss is a power they enjoy....i just stop defending where the other team attack, the go bot i just run top and clear lane....
Stell (EUNE)
: Sounds like you've reported so much for futile reasons that your reports are worthless
lol, 3-4 reports after each game is normal, so cut the bullshit dude
: Quick Question...
man up and just post...u get shutdown faster than you can press post though. Censorship rules this forum and your voice will get terminated fast
: My personal thoughts about players...
These ppl are the ugly, shy, dumb kids who being picked on in school and not being raised att all by their parents at home. In school, no one listens to them, bigger kids push them around, the girls dont look at them, and at home they dont have a voice, maybe older brothers bullying them, a mother and father with no work, or to much work, no one ever calls them ask them to go to a party or just hang out, on skype or whatever all they see is random kids mocking them. inside they are angry, sad and disturbed. They lock themselfs in their dirty rooms, turn on their computer and plays LOL all afternoons/evenings. They feel they finally have a voice playing LOL, they have a chance to get even, to fuck up the game for others, to ruin, destroy and create chaos like others do to them in their real life, it makes them feel good to finally have some control and power. They use this time to vent anger and sadness, creating a path of destruction for us normal players. By the end of the night, they still go to bed, a lone, still sad, maybe little less angry..
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Ichinose (EUW)
: Dear ranked game trollers ; now I'll teach you how to win the game easy ; *INSTRUCTIONS :* 1. Press ''ESC'' key , 2. Click , **QUIT** button ... nevermind the warning and click OKAY. 3. Go to **Control Panel** 4. Select the **Uninstall or Add Program** choice 5. Click on the **League of Legends** 6. Click **YES** 7. And uninstall the game ... Congratulations ; YOU SAVED ANOTHER CANCER **(ofc yourself)** FROM THE WHOLE GAME !
Just Uninstall Life......
: I hate these people soooo much soooo frikin much
fkkin animals these kids of today...bunch of mentalcases
: Dear People that troll ranked games
the punish system is a fucking joke, the only thing that work on these %%%%%%%%%%%%s is BANS, LONG BANS, 1st offence, 14 days ban second offence, booom ,permaban... why does RIOT want this assholes playing their game anyway, driving normal people out of here, this comminuty is a human cesspool...
Astarac (EUW)
: Threatening to troll in order to have you leave champion select
put in an option to kick out "top or i feed" or "fkk you I dont have a sup champ". a player who´s first comment is trying to force his way onto others can never be a good teammate anyway. i prefer not to play with that kid!! start a vote to kick him from team, all agrees? boom he is out and replaced by a waiting player from the queue. downside? might take a few min longer to start game. upside? everything....
: The chat
just kill the chat useless
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TreesRoot (EUW)
: Why is changing meta even in ranked a reportable cause?
First of all, you should not be allowed to report an enemy anyway, thats just bullshit, ppl just report good opponents our of spite....fkkk that
Zetherial (EUNE)
: Is EUNE Dying?
if you report someone you should not be able to teamup with the same kid 1 min later :( *sob*
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