: You wont get your account back , quit the act
You don't think I have realized that 6 months later bro? I get your idea though but maybe 3 or 4 days after the bans, 6 months is enough time to tell that I'm never gonna login again.
Waljkyria (EUW)
: ***
And then what? What's the point of being a "keyboard warrior"? I don't know bro but it's meaningless and I think everyone eventually figures it out
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archerno1 (EUNE)
: Have u considered playing roaming support like Bard or Rakan? U dont have to CS yet u can roam and influence game?
I was actually thinking of that myself as I just bought Rakan, but not much of a support player tbh. I'll see how it turns out.
Nolex (EUNE)
: 40 minutes game with so high score just wow.
Is that a rare thing?
: practice csing in practice tool or custom game. try to stay in lane more to farm and try not to roam as much. however, if your playstyle turns out successful for the rest of the team and game (with the roams) and you got good statistical performance by doing so, i don't see why you shouldn't continue doing it. of course you can improve on getting creeps in laning phase before roaming begins, im just saying you might not need to take every roaming opportunity you get if the opportunity to clear big waves appear.
I'll try that thanks mate.
: roam less, farm more...you already explain how you can imorive yourself
I have done that and I feel like this way I lost more games than I won. I can't balance it between roaming and farming you know?
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Freelaxx (EUNE)
: Noob Q's about cooldown reduction (cdr)..??
If you buy 10% CDR from runes you will notice that you have 10% CDR from level 1 which means you can only get 30% more. You can get more CDR items but the cap will always remain 40%.
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: Jhin Level 7, need info
Well the first step to getting an S or S+ is to have decent KDA and cs, which means that you shouldn't try to die a lot, and buy Statik Shiv because it really helps to get CS, of course Rapid Fire Cannon is the item to go but just get a Statik Shiv to get 7 because you can clear an entire wave with an AA and a W, that's what I did. My build is Ghostblade - Duskblade - Statik/RFC - IE - Last Whisper and of course boots. Best of luck.
: from another adc main(D3 atm) I would say lucian is really good. Looking at a champions winrate is not a good indication of how good they are. But ofcouse he will be bad at the start(for you) as you main jhin and they play fairly differently. But yes he is good =)
Thank you :)
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: Lucian is fine, but as a Jhin main you might not be all that comfortable with his play-style. Luci is fairly short-range and centered more around dashing around in combat, utilising his massive mobility. His damage is decent, but nowhere near the ridiculous crits that Jhin can inflict and Luci falls off a little in late-game. If you look for a strong ADC, why not give Jinx a try? I think she may be one of the best ADC's right now.
Yeah to be honest I'm in a Lucian or Jinx situation right now, I know Jinx is so strong but I figured Lucian is more fun right?
TTekkers (EUW)
: As an ADC main, I quite like Lucian. He's quite different to Jhin - he has a ton of damage and high mobility offset by low range and so requires you to really get up close to your opponent, but has the mobility to stay safe-ish and tons of damage. I still build Crit-Luci and have no issues with him falling off late, but his mid-game isn't quite as insanely OP as the new Youmuus build.
One of the reasons I picked Lucian was because he is different to Jhin, I figured it would be a fun experience, no? :D thanks
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: Plat 5 guy has low mmr?
Yeah I looked him up on Op.gg and it said "Welcome to Elo hell." :'D
Nar7ia (EUW)
: Some gold player on enemy team must have duo queue'd with a plat v guy and hence why you have in enemy team. This can mean either : 1) That plat v guy has a low mmr aka he is plat only for name but he is more like a gold player. 2) You have a higher mmr than avg silver 2 player. Either way , you shouldn't really worry much about it. If you face better enemies than yourself then yourself then view it as an opportunity to learn something new. Matchmaking is all dependent on mmr , when I was in silver 1 high LP I was constantly facing enemies as high as plat 3.
Okay thanks, thing is tho, all I want is to get to gold for the frame and rewards, this just makes things a lot harder. ;_;
PoglaV (EUNE)
: If you are silver 2 you are probabbly playing against golds as well..gold queued up with plat..
Does that mean if I'm plat I can get master players in m solo queue games?
: not sure, but i think if someone plays duo then this can happen
I was solo and I'm in silver elo, why did this happen?
PoglaV (EUNE)
: Gold can queue with platinum i think...
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duckarp (EUNE)
: I understand, but Mastery tokens aren't implemented to give you the option to farm free essence. Otherwise you don't ever have to use it to unlock higher mastery levels and instead just constantly keep disenchanting them. If you're good with the champion you could abuse it to get other champions very cheaply. But thanks for the downvote, always warms my heart.
Yeah but all I'm saying 20 essence each just go get some change for the people who are stuck in the same situation as me you know? Like why would I spent 1700 IP and get like 300 essence if I only need 20-30? As for the down vote that wasn't me mate.
duckarp (EUNE)
: Use IP to buy a random champion shard and disenchant that.
Yeah I know that I was just suggesting other ways you know?
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Gr8m8er (EUW)
: Happens quite often to me as well. All the posts online lead me to believe theres something wrong with my network but the game just has a ton of bugs and bad servers. But its ok since we have sashimi akali and pink zed right?
Hell yeah dude pink zed ftw, nah jk rito pls find a solution for this. :(
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soAlexander (EUNE)
: Friends are gone
This happened to me too, probably a server thing, should be fixed soon.
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Altiverse (EUNE)
: Firstly, yes, Ekko and pretty much every other AP jungler is somewhat weak early camp-clearing-wise, until they get their Runic Echoes. Are you taking W on level 1 with him? it's far better than Q, not only for its active (shield+stun) but rather for its passive, taking the jungle monster much easier after you smited it (Therefore... smite it early and not only as last hit. care that your leashers won't accidentally steal it ^^). Changing runes probably won't make a big difference, but I guess taking a lil' bit of attack speed runes, so you'll have ~8% additional attack speed (either from quints or marks) might make clears easier early. --- Looking at your mastery pages, you have only one Thunderlord page, and if this is the one you're referring to that you're using, then there definitely are a few quality of life changes you can make. * Firstly, change that Assassin into Runic Affinity, it's much better for junglers, especially if you're one that relies on blue buff. * Secondly, change Intelligence into Precision. Not only the magic penetration is quite handy since it's pretty hard to get any form of magic penetration except from boots, but also the early armor penetration can really help as a jungler that does use auto attacks frequently (tbh the first reasoning is more than enough to take this over Intelligence, even not as a jungler). * Next, changing Vampirism into Natural Talent is far better for the same reason (while Vampirism sounds like a very good idea to have sustain in the jungle, getting more raw power for faster clearing leads to less hits taken during a camp clear, so #profit from both aspects). * Lastly taking Feast instead of Double-Edged Sword *can* be handy if you say you're struggling early in the jungle, but it's not entirely necessary. Hope this helped o:
Hey thanks, I'm gonna do that. You helped a lot.
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: Snowdown shop disappeared, almost on every EUNE account
I charged the RP to get my Project Yasuo and the icon disappeared. I'm so frustrated right now I WANT THE SKIN RITO FIX THE SHOP ALREADY!

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