Viavarian (EUW)
: Even just running an illegal program without using any of its functions is sufficient for a permaban, so I'm afraid there's little chance for the ban to be undone. It's also normal for the bans to be handed out a few months after detection.
Remember about the BOTRK exploit? When riot addressed it, they said people who used it in normals were going to get permabanned, but people who used it jn bots will get a 7 day ban, which made me believe that there's a lesser punishment for trying it out in bots, because common sense. Although I didn't use that BOTRK exploit.
Riryz (EUW)
: you have to make sure every single bit of the program is deleted from your pc. if there is even 1 single thing of the program that automatically starts running when you start your client youre fcked. i would say contact riot support and explain your situation. thats the best way to get your account back. however i cant guarantee that.
Actually, I bought a new pc and had it for ~1.5 months, so that should mean I couldn't possibly have the program be the cause, because I didn't install it on my new laptop, and the old one got broken anyways.
Rioter Comments
Dezmero (EUNE)
: +1 I think we need to buy a skin so they can fix it. Rito needs more money for competent programmers. $1.628 Billion is too little for a competent programmer or bugtesting. Buy more skins, it will be fixed!
: And what happens if something goes wrong and the game becomes unplayable while the NA rioters are asleep... the patch would be monitored as it goes out and a couple of hours after to catch any bugs which spring up as the patch releases... they can't do that if they are asleep and you can't get a bot to do it. It might be inconvenient to the majority on EUW (even then though... I much prefer the patch to come out when does now as I can just set it to download when I go to school instead of it coming at lunch time and having to download it when I get back), it's gonna be an even bigger inconvenience for everyone if a game breaking bug turns up and no one is around to catch it.
then just hire insomniac Rioters damnit!
Infernape (EUW)
: Rek'Sai is perfectly fappable lol
You see, EVERYTHING is Fappable, it's just that some things are more Fappable than other things, and I wouldn't say Reksai is "perfectly" Fappable..
Solash (EUW)
: So I put Xerath in Undertale
Agidyne (EUW)
: Riot, will we ever get a cute league girl again?
What are you saying man?! I fapped to all of those except illaoi and poppy... yet (AND REKSAI)
DireXcon (EUNE)
: I like women like I like my {{champion:134}}, with **BALLS**
Niryn (EUW)
: "Glass cannon {{champion:201}}" just sounds hilarious to say out loud. Try it! :DD
: Don't add fuel to th fire
But if the fire dies out we freeze to death...
: its not like the first time that riot shows their inability to understand their own game. #thunderlords. But i guess change is good? #khazix. I feel more and more that riots balance team is about data sheet instead actually proper playing the game, like grinding it. I always felt like most of them are very similar to dustin browder from sc2.
> But i guess change is good? #khazix And look how that worked out for him.
: League has a lack of features compared to other MOBA's.
Yet it's the most popular. You do the math.
MrPista (EUNE)
: Jhin? Is anyone as hyped as me?
I'm really hyped cause he looks like the "V for Vendetta" kind of champions
Bombardox (EUW)
: Can we talk about kha'zix passive ??
Kha'Zix gets more powerful based on the unit he kills. Gromp/Rocks = extra health Red-things/wolves = extra AD Blue buff = extra maximum mana permanently Red Buff = extra AD (more than the wolves/redthings) Dragon = extra health and AD Baron = extra gold and AD Minions = a small amount of bonus EXP Champions = extra AD (increases based on the killing spree of that champion)
: To the first one: It means that now you don't have to use crit chance runes, so you're free to use anything else, which basically buffed Yasuo. You got free rune slots. To the second one: That's not really a big deal tbh. Dealing 190% damage permanently with 2 items is better than dealing 200% damage permanently with 4 items (it usually takes about 4 items for a non-Yasuo champ to crit all the time, except for Trynda). To the third one: Silver 2 is a low elo. Not for being rude or something (and I can't really judge because I don't even play ranked becauseof the crappy system, maybe with the dynamic queue), but just because you main a champion in low elo, doesn't really mean that you know the real strengths and weaknesses of a certain champion. Just think about diamond- "mains" - Yeah, they might've played some games with a certain champ, but they don't really have any real in-depth information about a champion's true potential. And also: Yasuo is fairly balanced, right, but he's terribly designed. He has a really toxic and antifun kit, and just because someone managed to beat an _<insert champion name>_ player, doesn't mean that the champion is fine as he/she is.
> That's not really a big deal tbh. Dealing 190% damage permanently with 2 items is better than dealing 200% damage permanently with 4 items (it usually takes about 4 items for a non-Yasuo champ to crit all the time, except for Trynda). well, that IS the point, it is his PASSIVE after all, if it didnt give him a sort of advantage then it would be entirely useless, that -10% damage is just there to limit it's power.
: Who were Sona's Parents? (Theory)
{{champion:103}} X {{champion:64}}
Squaid (EUW)
: Boards users IRL. #PostYourPicture v.3.0
This is the youngest picture I can find of myself Now I'm just an ugly fat **** :D
Squaid (EUW)
: Pics where you're grown up xd
: Guys, grow up.
are you implying that females cant grow up?!
: I Got Diagnosed With Depression AMA
-- describe how you think -- what do you think caused your depression?
: The cunning tree needs a rework. Maybe Thunderlord should be where Deathfire Touch is at the moment. I don't know what kind of purpose Riot had in mind for each tree, but cunning feels like "must have" for almost everyone. Supports take it anyway for the gold and probably the mana and CDR. Supports who use Thunderlords I think some of them should use Windspeaker's (Janna, Soraka...) or the resolve mastery with the name I forgot, you know that protection thing. Bond of iron? Bond of stone? Something? {{champion:432}} hit and run, 1 auto + Q procs thunderlords {{champion:53}} he just wants to grab you once and then burst you.... quiet obviously he should use thunderlords {{champion:37}} probably like bard? empowered auto attack counts as 2 attacks for thunderlord? didn't play her in a while some sonas want to "carry" with their poke, others are just supporting, she could easily do well with windspeakers {{champion:412}} with thunderlords... nope I don't think thats nessecary
yo just think about {{champion:63}} ... 1 ability = 1 thunderlords proc
Emillie (EUW)
: I'm already using the japanese voices for Ahri.
damn i would be embarrassed to play as Ahri with that voice with someone nearby..
: @Elepole Maybe it's the shadow of Jihnn, but in these 4 pictures you see the same shadowy figure 4 times in a row. What does these shadowy figure means? Is it Jihnn? or just the same shadowy picture cause they are too lazy to change the shadowy background?
iHeyt (EUNE)
: His longtime friend, Singed Singed, devised a powerful formula. The recipe called for three critical components: silver from the Shadow Isles, the fang of a Balefire dire wolf, and the heart of a celestial being. Warwick tracked down the first two in short order, but the third proved a much greater challenge. He traveled to Ionia to trap Soraka Soraka, a creature believed to be a child of the stars, but she discovered his ploy and drove him away with powerful magic. Unable to tolerate his failure, Warwick returned to Singed disfigured and furious. He demanded the chemist's incomplete potion, but Singed warned him that the results would be unpredictable. Ignoring his friend's warning, Warwick drank the concoction. The brew transformed him into a creature both man and wolf, infusing him with raw strength and heightened senses. Exhilarated, he immediately began testing his newfound power. Each day his instincts became sharper, but his human half slipped further away. He could feel himself losing control: though he always got his prey, he often failed to bring them back alive. Now he seeks the blood of Soraka to stabilize his transformation before his mind gives way to the feral urges of the beast. I messed Warwick story a bit but it was something like.. 70% right xd
you kinda over-explained it but yeah, this is more accurate xd
iHeyt (EUNE)
: As I remember Warwick was scientis that was buddies with Singed, they made potion that transform into OP wolf. Soraka got mad, cursed Warwick so he will be always in the body of Wolf
uh.. your story has.. alot of flaws.. i dont really know which one to point out first..
diaa (EUW)
: ORIANNA HAS SUCH A SAD STORY :( + A question..
{{champion:112}} A man who worked hard on a great invention ({{champion:53}} ) but in the end, someone stole from him and took all the credit for it. He went mad with revenge and grief, and decided to abandon humanity and evolve to a greater power, abandoning all his human emotions. if you think about it, {{champion:61}} and {{champion:112}} are the exact opposite, one wants to become human, while the other wants to become the perfect machine.
: This made me feel bad..
can anyone tell me what she/he/it said? you removed the pictures, you could've just censored the name, im just curious is all..
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Whoever invented Nautilus
thanks god he's underplayed..
: Battle Bunny Riven Speed Art !!
nice, you drew her "personality" perfectly :D
: Zed is alive
better plot twist than MGSV
: [Skin Concept!] Elderwood & Aurora Kindred
the aurora... it would look amazing
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Which champion has highest skill cap? [POLL (with only 10 choices tho)]
Azir. it's just really hard to control his soldiers while making sure you dodge enemy skillshots since you cant use them while moving..
: The moment when...
I KNOW YOUR PAIN I FEEL YOUR PAIN BUT.. i didn't experience your pain! and that is for the best, as i watched the movie on day one (well, day 2, because i was supposed to watch it on day 1 with a friend but that baka didnt show up, and i ended up being late for the movie, so i decided to watch it the next day instead of missing its first half) however, no one should feel that pain and agony of getting that amazing plot spoiled, and anyone who sympathizes with those criminals shall be decapitated so they never see another star wars movie ever.
: I wont upvote :P
The thug life chose you.
: I've seen ad's like this on a porn site. Alot.
Those "get a bigger natural-condom" ads really disturb me.. I mean it's targeted at a male audience why the hell do you show us a wiener?!
HellSoda (EUW)
: Riot HATES Him! Learn how he got Diamond Elo With this one simple trick!
I gotta be honest... > Riot HATES him! You nailed it xD
LightTrack (EUNE)
: Those are 2 different cats and the hand is copied and flipped in the second picture.
: My dyslexia makes finding out this spelt *cool* so much harder. That and partial colour blindness! :3
see, its a nice trick i learned in a book about brainpower or someshit, you just focus on one kind of colours till it stands out and then you can read the word, in this case focus on the Ahri icons, im not Dyslexic tho so i cant really say that i know how you feel.
PepijndM (EUW)
: thol : l : l o ? xD
its COOL, jeez, lol.
: > [{quoted}](name=Skylinez33,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=L14EP1AH,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-10-30T15:00:50.662+0000) > > Why not Reload his Cigar back to its place ? Jokes aside, if Riot would give Graves the cigar back, he would be disabled in certain regions. :/
what if they dont give him his cigar back in those certain regions.. #problem solved
: Fiora...
Not even hard CC counters her, she'll just parry it.
: zack stupid op champion
when Zack gets nerfed i shall get to gallenjour but rite now im in metal V gg
: Feeling generous (Free skin!)
1) {{champion:8}} Soulstealer Vlad 2)The game itself, it gets pretty fun and never feels repetitive (or at least for me, that is.)
Approved (EUNE)
: New borders are awful. Just dont make it official please
wait, Bronze gets a border this season?
Sarokh (EUNE)
: Holy FUCK so ugly borders :S is the diamond border the reward i will get? .................................................. riot just keeps getting worse at making designs (borders) and icons... never wanted to use my plat icon this year, it was so ugly, and now they're gonna make the 2015 icons and borders even uglier
: | Caitlyn trap | keychain | handmade |
: When the servers go wrong... Things like this happens
Other things happen too... hehe..
Pentium2 (EUNE)
: What is the n word? Nice? Neat? Notable? Naive? Naked? Naruto? Nation? Natrium?
New York. worthy of at least 7 months of ban time.
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